Is #4 too early

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by 31hammer, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. 31hammer

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    Is #4 too early to take Julius Jones
  2. Joshmvii

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    I'm a complete cowboys homer, but I say if LT, Priest Holmes, and Shaun Alexander are gone, take Julius. He's going to be a stud, and Parcells loves to run his backs. Even last year when he acted like he was going to give Julius a rest, he never did once he was healthy.
  3. Jerruh

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    I say 4 may be alittle early. I did a draft today and he dropped to #15 so you may want to get a "marquee" player like Manning or LT and hope he drops to your 2nd pick. JMO
  4. Mr. Fantasy

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    Yes. #4 is too early.
  5. jcollins28

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    Plenty of people taking Priest holmes at #3 which is way to early for a guy who is going to get hurt. If Holmes can be taken in the top 5 then get your man JJ at 4 and be proud! Also grab Larry Johnson you will be thanking me later.

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