Is a Bidding War For Mike Zimmer Brewing?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Bengals to open contract talks with Zimmer [​IMG] 1/9/2010 1:53:12 PM

    Steve Wyche of reports The Cincinnati Bengals will open contract talks with defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer next week in an effort to retain him. Zimmer’s contract is set to expire and a source with knowledge of the situation said the Bengals want to try to persuade the sought-after coach from taking a job elsewhere.

    According to a source, the Washington Redskins are interested in hiring Zimmer to join new coach Mike Shanahan’s staff as defensive coordinator. If it becomes a bidding war, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has shown the willingness to pay what is needed. The Bengals tend not to spend excessively.
  2. thewireman

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    Wasn't Mike Zimmer a DC here? If it was I seem to remember the Cowboys defense sucking while he was our DC
  3. zrinkill

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    We were always a good defense ...... just people did not like his scheme.
  4. Idgit

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    Maybe you read the board here too much at the time.

    Or else it's just awesome how much he's learned in the last two years. It's very hard to say.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    His defenses had one good year. The rest of the time it sucked. I guess people have forgotten them giving up 2 200 yd rushers in one season.
  6. Aikbach

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    His defenses were good in the 4-3 scheme, always in top 10 with the exception of 2004. he is not a 3-4 schemer however and 2005 showed that.
  7. ninja

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    After the rookie QB Sanchez just gave Zimmer a beat-down, I don't think Zimmer will be very much in demand. He'll be lucky if Cincinnati keeps him.
  8. Hostile

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    Dream on. :rolleyes:
  9. king a

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    After today I doubt it will be that much of a bidding war I actually think he is a pretty good coach though.
  10. HeavyBarrel

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    Those MZ Dallas defenses just weren't very talented....
  11. dbair1967

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    Please Lord, let the Redskins hire Zimmer and pay him a huge amount.

    His defense was awful again today.
  12. Manwiththeplan

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    Doesn't really matter to me how much he gets paid, it's not like Snyder is hurtin for $$$. However, today is exactly why I wouldn't mind them hiring Zimmer
  13. BeWare94

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    As long as WE don't get involved in said bidding war, I'm fine.
  14. ninja

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    What do you mean? Do you think Zimmer called a good game as defensive coordinator vs the Jets?:confused: Everyone knew what the Jets' game plan. Cincinnati's defense wasn't even prepared to stop what everyone knew the Jets were going to do. Zimmer had no answers even against a rookie QB.

    Zimmer is nothing but average. I hope the Skins hire him.
  15. jcollins28

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    The thing I recall about Zimm's D was the late season collapse that seemed to happen every year. He also seemed so reluctant to give up the big play that he allowed teams to just grind on his D all the way down the field.
  16. newlander

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    meh, I like MIke as a person: great guy. AS a DC? not so much.......
  17. Idgit

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    The freaking Bengals were in the playoffs *because* of their defense. Mike Zimmer did a great job this year, as he does nearly every year. The Bengals want him back, and the Sk*ns are interested in hiring him away. Those of you with an axe to grind against the guy are as wrong as you are on Jason Garrett. Deal with it and stop pretending a playoff loss to another good team means otherwise.
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    Top 10 of what?


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