Is age the main reason some on here don't want Kiffin?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dragon_mikal, Jan 10, 2013.

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    serious you put any of that on the penalties left by Bush and carroll?...,,,,I mean do you really think the Kiffins had a shot there after that?
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    If we play Cover-2, Carr will be up in press some, then drop into his zone after jamming his man and releasing him to the safeties. I'm not sure where the idea comes from that Cover-2 corners only play off-coverage.

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    I live in LA, went to USC and saw every game the Kiffin's have coached there.

    His struggles weren't for a lack of talent. Sanctions or no, USC has 5-stars at every position. Certainly enough talent to not get shredded left and right like his team did.

    The game has simply passed him by. There's no shame in that. Offenses have innovated a lot in the last few years. This is the defensive equivalent of dusting off Jack Reilly/Ernie Zampese and trying to bring them back to run the offense.
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    I'm not just talking about '12. Again, look at the numbers. He is one of the more effective interior rushers in the league even if you exclude '12. Google Jason Hatcher pass rusher and you'll be surprised the company he keeps in that regard.
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    Correct. To think there isn't any pass rush from anyone on the defensive line is a fallacy.
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    I'm kind of curious as to where Crawford will eventually be at physically once he fills out. I think his frame has a lot of ability to add weight, and he's very much a work in progress in his physical development. It's not like his background is 4 years playing at Southlake Carroll HS and then 5 years in Saban's strength and conditioning program at Alabama. Wouldn't be surprised if he's a 3 tech, or maybe even 1 tech a year or so down the road.
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    If it was Lovie Smith I would have no issue.

    It's not about his age so much that he has not been very successful as of late.

    Now that Bears defense has been a bruising turn over creating machine for years now.

    Steadily 1 of the top 5 defenses year in and out and the driving force of that team.

    Lovie's a stud DC who would not get out game planned often, nor whipped on play calls. Would be the one out planning and whipping.

    Lovie is also a very good HC.

    Kiffin was a good DC and I think the game has passed him by.

    I think Jerry is trying to wrestle up some old men that used to be to collectively take 1 more shot to prove they still have it and close it all out together.

    He spent the $ but it's always had to be about Jerry. It's more so now than ever.

    His kids want the inheritence and therefore will only embrace his wish.
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    Yes ....... its his age.
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    This is how I feel, as well. Kiffin’s defenses, from his last days in the NFL on, have been in a steady decline. You want to pull a guys up from the college ranks—ok, but at least get someone on the upswing.

    From previous post:

    ...Consider that, from 1955 (when USC started keeping official statistics) through 2009, no USC team ever allowed more than an average of 386.5 yards per game. Then came Coach Lane Kiffin and his father and defensive guru, Monte. The Trojans allowed a record average of 400.0 yards in 2010. That average dropped to 374.8 last year, but now USC opponents are averaging 406.4 yards per game. USC could well be on their way to breaking that dubious record for a second time in three years. The Trojans finish the regular season with three opponents who average more than 400 yards per game this season: Arizona State (457.8), UCLA (514.9) and Notre Dame (404.4). It’s actually USC’s run defense that has taken the biggest dip so far. USC opponents averaged 128.2 rushing yards per game in 2009, 140.5 in 2010, 111.4 in 2011 and 156.9 this season. In terms of pass defense, the numbers go: 212.3 in 2009, 259.5 in 2010, 263.3 in 2011 and 249.6 this season. For the sake of completion, points allowed per game goes: 19.8 in 2009, 26.7 in 2010, 23.6 in 2011 and 24.2 this season.
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    Basing your opinion on Monte Kiffin on what he did in college is flawed in my opinion. Just because you are a good coach in college doesn't mean you will be a good coach in the NFL and just because you were successful in the NFL doesn't mean you will be successful in college.
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    Cue Charlie Weiss.
  12. Denim Chicken

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    IMO, I think it’s flawed to totally ignore what he’s been doing for the last 5 years. College or NFL, it’s still football. If he can’t get his defense to improve year over year in college, what make you think he can come in and fix Dallas in a year? Also, look what his defenses were doing in the NFL before he bailed for collage. The FO his basing their opinion off of his legacy, not the recent reality.
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    So if Nick Saban left Alabama to coach the Eagles and after four years was fired without having a single winning season and decided to go back to college you would think twice before hiring him? Or if Andy Reid decided to coach college ball instead of KC and left after three years of subpar football to go back to the NFL you wouldn't consider him because of his college resume?

    College football and the NFL are two totally different animals.
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    So Garrett had no say in this hire, right?

    Kiffen is a pretty good coach and actually has a resume that isn't pathetic like Ryan's.

    It wasn't my first choice, and I really wish we were going in a different direction here as far as our D guy goes, but I can't deny that it's still a pretty good choice for the team.
  15. Denim Chicken

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    There are a few diffences in your comparsions, but I would not hire Andy Reid in the NFL right now—forget if he went down to college first. He has been losing and his team quit on him; that’s not what I’m looking for in a leader. As for Saban, he is a HC not a DC. His expertise is in recruting, not so much the Xs & Os, so the serario is not comprable in my view.
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    I'm not a big fan of the Cover-2 as a base defense, I read where he said he would not force it on Carr and Claiborne, if that is the case then why hire him?
  17. dragon_mikal

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    I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.:)

    I think Andy Reid is an excellent coach but isn't all that great at evaluating talent. I don't think they Eagles quit on him...I just think they aren't a very talented football team.

    The signing of Mike Vick was one of the biggest FA blunders in recent history in my opinion.
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    no. I am not sure if the NFL has moved on from his cover 2 schemes which was his schtick. can he be just as much of a master with other 4-3 schemes

    also, I don't think we have the right personnel for 4-3 and would need to draft and sign FAs and the team learning a new scheme.

    it will take 2 years.

    and then if we fail next year. JG is fired...and we are back to coaching search.

    we are a 3-4 team. we need to ride it out with JG.
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    The problem with Kiffen is that he is not an answer for a long term direction. Dallas just wasted two years and a draft trying to field a defense for Ryan's 3-4. I wanted to go with the 4-3 for years and I am glad the team changed. The two years wasted and the resources are what bothers me. Kiffen is not going to run the defense that he is famous for because he is going to coach to the players strengths. Why not get a coach that runs more man to man coverage with the 4-3 defense? Just how long will he be here anyway? Jerry will ignore the oline again to pour resources into another defensive system when the DC may be gone in a couple of years. It is not just the age that I question with Kiffen. It is the fit with the players that are on the roster. Fit may not be a problem, but another offseason will pass with too many resources being spent on another coach will be a problem. I think this next season will be a waste and Garrett will be gone. The team will have to do this again. This is not progress. I would rather see Gruden come in with Kiffen and just start fresh without the wasted year. Another wasted year in Romo, Witten and Ware's careers. There are just too many unanswered questions.
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    I think the difference is how his defense is getting exposed. It isn't college vs pros as much the newer spread type offenses vs Cover-2 where they flood the zones and overload the safeties and CBs. It didn't work well vs those teams. Since he was in the league 5 years ago it has become a much more pass happy league with teams spreading it out and teams like Washington using the read option. Teams like Washington, Carolina and some others can give the Cover-2 fits.

    Now I'm not saying he isn't smart and can't adjust. I'm just throwing out why people might have concerns after his college stint.

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