Is Average in Big D the 'new normal'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by panther1012, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. panther1012

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    For the last few years I have often wondered how and why the Cowboy organization has seemed to just accept average performance. We have not made the playoffs in three years, or record since the late 90's is about .500 and we have a fan base that has resorted to defense of one guy or the other on these boards. What happened to this organization over the years? Folks, we have seen the 49's, Redskins and other teams rebound from below .500 records to make it back to the tournament. In other words, these teams have completed the rebuilding process and we , during this same period, seem to be stuck in neutral. I don't know about you but I'm not happy with this team since the 90's. I have sometimes hoped for a complete collapse of a season because it may be the only thing that humbles Jerry to his senses about moving to the backstage and getting a FULL-TIME GM in here.

    As for Romo, it is now clear to any honest observer that he really struggles with big time moments and his decisions are really very similar to his idol, Bret Favre; who was a big time gambler and risk taker. However, Romo has not had the luck of Mr. Favre. In big moments, I'm always wondering when Romo is going to blow it. I have that feeling because of what he has done over the years. I don't want to and can't defend the reality of the situation with our QB; his history and reputation is of his own making. Only he can change it but until he does he will be judged as a guy who is an above average QB but struggles under pressure and if pressured will sometime take that risky bet that us fans have become all too familiar with.

    I mean come on guys; we have not won anything since the mid 90's. If I was Jerry Jones, I would be frustrated too. I tell you one thing, Red will not survive another non-playoff appearance next year with his job intact. I love this team but I'm just tired over losing and not getting close to 'the show' anymore. Man, those 90's were an Awesome time; I should have enjoyed them more :confused:
  2. Eddie

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    I don't know, but we've won one playoff game in 16 years.
  3. 187beatdown

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    I've grown up watching average and haven't been spoiled like some of you guys are so I tend to not ***** about everything.
  4. cml750

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    As long as Garrett is running the offense it will be.
  5. BoysFan4ever

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    As long as I've been a fan they've been average or less than with maybe a few good years tossed in there.

    I envy you guys who were there for the historic years & players.
  6. DallasDomination

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    Who needs playoffs and superbowls the only thing that matters around here is regular season stats for our wonder boys Romo and Ware...Im so ready for s nee generation of players. It's almost there just a little longer.
  7. Gameover

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    You could make the case that average has been the norm in Big D since 1985.

    Take away 91-96, what do you have since 1984?
  8. Frozen700

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    it gets old after a while....

    Complain complain complain
  9. Zordon

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    who cares. the redskins just lost. success!
  10. ShiningStar

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    regardless of how you want to label it, im a fan of the team and THAT IS ALWAYS CONSTANT.
  11. Bigdog24

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    I just wish SOMEHOW....SOMEWAY....the Cowboys organization can be COMPETITIVE and not the laughing stock of NFL...tired of watching other teams turn it around and WIN.... while the Cowboys continue to play Bengalesq or Raiders like were proud of the team in the 1990's. Not its all hype and hope
  12. Joe Rod

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    I could be wrong, but I suspect that one playoff victory in the last sixteen years might actually be a little below average.
  13. LatinMind

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    Just cause some of us dont gripe about the whole organization doesnt mean we are accepting mediocrity. Some of us just have a life and dont get consumed in the team to the point where we have to complain on every thread with every post with the same thing over and over and over.

    I became a fan in the 80s and ill say this, this team is nowhere near the shape it was in before Jerry bought the team.

    That being said i can be critical of this team but i can also use my common sense in basically understand that this yr was strange. And thats putting it lightly. I can say without a doubt in my mind that this team has changed. The attitude has changed now they just need to have to players that were injured come back in 2013 and make a couple moves and they'll be right back in the thick of it. And in todays NFL thats all you need to have a chance to win it all.
  14. Everlastingxxx

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    I think many fans have grown to have a defeatist attitude with regards to the Cowboys. They have accepted mediocrity and fear raising their expectations because they don’t want to get hurt anymore. It’s like a parent being content with their child making “Cs” on their report card and not expecting them to make “As”.
  15. ShiningStar

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    and yet lots of ESPN guys pick detriot as their "sleeper team". Long droughts happen to all teams. Its part building, part coaching, and lots and lots of luck.
  16. panther1012

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    I agree with you. That is exactly what I'm talking about. Some of these fans just want folks like me to just shut up and quit complaining. They say, "accept the new normal and step dwelling on the excellence of the 90's that none of us have seen". I reserve the right to vent at our average performance year over year and at our gambler QB !!
  17. Idgit

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    There's a third option, you know: being unsatisfied with 8-8, and still *not* complaining about it a week after the season ended.

    There's a world of things to talk about above and beyond how disappointed you are. And not all of them need to start with "Jerry's a moron, and Jason's an idiot."
  18. Idgit

    Idgit That sounds really boring Staff Member

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    I challenge you to find a single fan who doesn't think this team needs to improve and who doesn't have a list of ways they can or should. You believe there are many, but I'd be impressed if you could find a single one. Don't give up on it, just see what you can do. Good luck!
  19. Doomsay

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    There is no honor in supporting the failed management that has delivered a mediocre team for the better part of two decades just so that the owner can prove that "anybody can coach the Cowboys." That is weak beyond belief.
  20. Super_Kazuya

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    In the Garrett/Romo era the Cowboys have played meaningful games in Week 17 I think every season except one. I would imagine that at least 15 teams can't say that. It's not the best results but at least every game has been meaningful and we have something to look forward to every week. Try being eliminated for all intents and purposes in Week 6 with basically meaningless games to watch every week like the really bad teams.

    You're not entitled to a winning team just because your Great Grandpappy watched Staubach in the Super Bowls. As a matter of fact, you're not entitled to anything. Some of you act like you're stock holders in the Cowboys, when in reality you sit on the couch and contribute next to nothing to the Cowboys organization. But yet you won't "accept" mediocrity. Who cares what you will or won't accept?

    I suppose if you are a season ticket holder for 30 years then you might be a LITTLE more vested but even then I'm pretty sure those tickets don't have anything guaranteeing victories on the back in small print. Go to the game to have a good time. If you don't have a good time and you still keep buying tickets, then go look in the mirror. There's an idiot staring back. Stop expecting things and go back and sit down on the couch. You're not entitled to anything.

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