Is Average in Big D the 'new normal'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by panther1012, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. M'Kevon

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    Yeah, because Parcells was anybody.

    Yeah, because Wade was anybody.

    Whining just to prove you can whine. Good luck with that in life.
  2. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    I am confused. What are we suppose to talk about on a Dallas Cowboys Forum after yet another major disappointment of a season?

    By making this statement, you are playing right into JJ's hand. The sooner you forget about another worthless Cowboys season, the sooner you can start filling JJ's pockets with more $$.
  3. mahoneybill

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    Excellent point....

    We are always thinking we are 1 - 2 years away.....
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    I prefer to take a different approach to those dates.

    1985 was the end of the 20 straight winning seasons. BUT the late 80s/early 90s still had a fandom that EXPECTED EXCELLENCE! That is why Landry was axed and why Jerry was so gung-ho coming in.

    So I look at the Cowboys history in one solid block of 30 years (65-95) where Excellence and winning were the norm...with the exception of 7 years. Not a bad percentage...thus America's Team

    I look at the Block of 1996 to Present as the EXPECTING MEDIOCRITY where people started to say...."we are almost there." It's depressing how low people's expectations are now. It's like the "Fake Jerry" said on the Ticket...he sold his soul to satan for the first Super Bowl trophies and now is selling a luxury suite and some Papa Johns for 9-7 record and Wild Card game.
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    96 was a disappointing year. We got eliminated by the Panthers. That was a roller coaster season. And I was so accustomed to winning, it was a terrible feeling. I can also say that this season was quite heartbreaking season. We could smell the playoffs, but we never got to take a bite.
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    Sorry. This post is just a microcosm of so many threads here. Yet, somehow, it still caught me by surprise. Whatever else might we talk about on a Dallas Cowboys forum other than how unhappy we are? I'll go with 'literally any topic related to the current state of the Dallas Cowboys.' I'll start: what's three player personnel moves would you most like to see this offseason?
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    keep reading his posts and you will figure it out for yourself
  8. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    :bow: enlighten me oh great visionary:bow:

    9 out of 10 posts are negative or somewhat negative towards the Cowboys. After a decade and a half of the same thing, it's more than expected. This forum is exactly the same as every sports related forum in the universe.

    Bad team = 90% posts are negative, 10% positive

    Good team = 10% posts are negative, 90% positive

    It's the way sports forums are and always will be. This one is no different.
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    This should be posted at the top of this form!!

    Want the dialog to change, start becoming relevant on the football field.
  10. Seven

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    It appears, unlike yourself, I don't put as much stock in a flippin' message board.

    In life? Really? You need to get out more.

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