Is Bill Parcells too old school?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by smashmouth, Aug 14, 2005.

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    Has the game passed Bill Parcells by?

    I’m just wondering after watching him for 3 years and the play calling and the old school tactics with regard to injuries.

    We had a play last night and I predicted what the play was going to be before it was run. They had a 4 receiver set with JJ in the back field. I was thinking don’t do it, the cardinals know its coming!

    They ran a draw and the safety came up knowing this and stopped JJ in the backfield. That’s just one example.

    How about injuries? Last year I think that JJ would not have gotten hurt had BP let the kid recover from an injury in pre-season, but Parcells was old school and stubborn. You can’t afford your prize starters to be lost to the season when it’s obvious they are already hurting in today’s win now league.

    Jacob Rogers was not supposed to make the trip because of his shoulder, he gets hurt last night in a game. This is stupid!

    His guys are not listening to him when it comes to penalties. He was supposed to fix this 3 years ago, but they are doing the same things.

    Parcells is so stuck in the 80’s, that he doesn’t understand that this is a young mans game. He keeps bringing in these old QB’s and we have IMO really good QB prospects here.

    We had the opportunity to go after Kurt Warner who actually has skins on the wall (lots of them) and he opted to go after someone he coached before. He's too in a hurry to win since he's old.

    It seems like he doesn't want to take the time with young guys in important positions like QB.

    There was absolutely no reason why Henson should have been on the bench last year when it was painfully obvious that Vinny T. could not get it done. When he pulled Henson for throwing an interception, I was so MAD I couldn’t think.

    All in all, I’m just wondering if Bill has become enamored with the 80’s and 90's and how things were done then, when it’s obvious that this day and age things are different from play calling to injuries, to how you treat your players in the media, to philosophy.

    I still believe in Big Bill, I just think he needs to not be so stuck in his ways that he refuses to change a few things. I'm not saying change his over all philosophy, but in a few things.

    Teams catch up with schemes and tactics and you can't keep using the same old tricks. You have to be willing to go outside of your normal sometimes and do what's best for now including the future.

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    There was not a game plan for this game. We played straight up. You can't put too much stock in the first preseason game. It is all about staying healthy, and knocking the rust off after beating on each other in training camp. :cool:
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    88 Likes Received can descibe BP in terms of a decade of time. I think it much more accurate to describe his style - disciplinarian. He's a bit of a control freak and it's all football or nothing.

    Frankly, this is what this organization needed coming off the Campo years. Given that these things turn in cycles. I wouldn't be surprised that if we have a successful team our next coach will be a "player's coach".

    A team can only withstand a disciplinarian so long, and as in other sports they eventually wear out their welcome. See guys like Mike Keenan - hockey, and any Parcells clone in football. I don't follow B-ball or baseball that much so I have no examples.
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    I hope you all are right and I want you to be right about his coaching style. I'm just looking at a few guys that have come back into the league and they are having problems too.

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    I have no problems with this thread but why after last nights game? Why post this after our first pre-season game when we were as vanilla as Baskin Robbins?
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    Schemming and match-ups are great, but this is a game of exicution.

    Who here didn't know what Jimmy Johnson was going to do? Heck, if you listen to Irvin, he sometimes told the defender what he was going to do...And they still couldn't stop it.

    And last night was all about exicution. Had nothing to do with schemes or match-ups. All he wanted was to see how they exicuted and reacted to the unexpected.

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    one thing is for sure...bp looked sick to his stomach....he is worried that no one is being disciplined...or at least not as many are listening as he would want...our O line looked terrible...i dont care what D they were playing....
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    I just keep seeing the same thing play over and over especially with the penalties.
    Last year I can guarantee you that we lost atleast 2 games due to penalties alone. How the heck do you get into 3rd and 50?
    I don't care who we are, if we can't stop the stupid penalties it's the same old thing this year. And BP was supposed to fix that at early as 2 years ago, and it's still a problem.
  9. Billy Bullocks

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    Well Rogers has a bum shoulder and he injured his knee. I doubt BP woulda played him if he wasnt capable of playing. Rogers has no choice to play either, he was hurt last year, he cant be a *****.

    Football was no less of a young mans game in the 1980's as it is now. Its not like the NFL has become a league of mostly 20something year olds in the last 15 years. The average career length hasn't changed much(about 3 or 4 years I believe).

    Fletch is right too. Theres not alot of crazy play calling and scheming in the pre season, especially game 1. I wouldnt worry too much. BP knows whatsup. Anytime you think the game has passed him by...10-6 with a bunch of scrubs
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    I understand the schemes were vanilla, but the penalties last night were apalling. And all the more apalling considering everything was vanilla.
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    Tell that to the team of the 90's. It is about talent and execution. If you have that it does not matter what scheme you run as long as it fits the talent. You can still win championships with hard nose defense, a power running game, and smart QB play.

    It's that smart quarterback part that's going to get us.
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    I seem to remember that play working time and time again against the Seahawks last year.

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