Is E-Lie Still Better Than Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Ah, yes we know that would be SDCowboys.. but who is Romo's biggest critic??
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    in all fairness, he missed most of 2010

    We probably weren't going to tie the game anyway and he was playing with a cracked rib.

    The man is cursed, not much more you can say.
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    Saying Romo is better than Eli is like saying Romo is better than, Big Ben...

    I love Stats, believe me I do...

    For example after 10 years Barry Sanders stats were better than Emmitt's, but Emmitt has 3 rings while barry had none. If it was the other way around and Barry had 3 rings, their would not be no argument.

    While were talking about it, Romo has a better career passing rating than Elway, Marino, Farve and b4 this season started it was better than Brady. According to some Romo should be better than all these QB's.. :bang2:
  4. KJJ

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    In 2010 the Cowboys were 1-5 with Romo the way that season was going even with Romo a full season doubt it would have ended much better. Kitna actually played pretty good and led the Cowboys to a win on the road against a Peyton Manning Colts team that season.

    Romo is a talented QB but I've said it many times he simply doesn't have what it takes between the ears to lead a team to a championship. In 7 do or die games only once has he ever played to the level we see during the regular season. As a person I like Romo and feel bad for him he just can't handle big game/playoff type pressure.
  5. Dale

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    I think the bottom line is that Romo is a very, very good quarterback, but one who has proven unable to shine in the biggest of moments. And it's not even like we're talking Super Bowl or NFC Championship Game failures here; we're talking wildcard round and Week 17 flubs. It's perplexing to me to watch a player so good perform so poorly over such a long stretch of time.

    It leaves us at a crossroads, especially when said player's contract is expiring in a year.
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    There are players that show an uncanny amount of calm when all the chips are in the middle of the table. The guys like the Manning boys and Brady, Aikman, Elway, the list goes on.

    What made Favre such a great player was his arm. The guy maybe could throw it further and harder than anyone I have ever seen before or since.

    But what made Favre such a liability was his insistence on throwing into danger.

    Those times Favre would give the ball away late in game were surely an uncontrollable panic that set in.

    Romo has that same quality. He sees the throw and something in his head tells him there is a window there for that throw. But what his mind doesn't do is see how small that window is.

    And he throws it.

    I still believe in Tony. But to get to the big game it takes men who can pick the team up and lead them to victory. A cool head that weighs the circumstance and makes the right decision.

    It is eight months until football for us Dallas fans.

    If Tony cannot correct this, who knows how long it will be before we see a player in the QB position that can handle that pressure and make the right call.

    Because this is not out of position players, wrong routes, butterfingers, head's up defense, or any other thing but Tony Romo.

    We've seen this for far too long to try and explain it away with September stats, and muffs by his team mates.
  7. KJJ

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    Seeing you're so big on passer ratings Romo's 55.9 passer rating last night was his lowest of the season.
  8. WPBCowboysFan

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    Im not a big Romo homer. I just watch the games and look at what happens. He sucked last night. I have no problem saying it. Or, choked if we want to use that word.

    But seriously, you dont think he carried this team from 3-5 to here? If not, what games have you been watching? And while he was carrying this team to even have a chance he was playing behind a horrible OLine that didnt help much with a run game. e-Lie couldnt hold a candle to Romo in that scenario. e-Lie does well when he has no pressure.

    Your boy e-Lie had a nice lead in this weak division and pissed it away because he choked as a team leader. Not just a one game choker but he choked and tanked over most of the 2nd half of the season. No rabbit foot this year for e-Lie!

    What am I on? Certainly not the extra dose of e-Lie Kool-Aid you're on. I just watch the games. Dont get all caught up in the stats. The mediocrity this team has given the fans for so long has squelched much of the passion I used to have for all things Cowboys. I dont live and die it anymore.

    I hoped for a win last night. I really thought going in we could win that game. Turns out we could have even with that pitiful run defense we had. Our QB and our HC were the main reasons we didnt win that game that was very winnable IMO.

    If Im on anything its like some form of Lexapro I guess. Maybe its Jerruhapro. It deadens your senses over a long time becasue of the mediocrity and robs you of your zest as a Cowboys fan. Romo when he plays well is like the Xanax maybe. You win a game and it feels good for a few hours.

    Just because Romo sucked last night doesnt in anyway mean e-Lie didnt suck it up for his team for a major part of this season. And thats called reality - thats what Im on bro!

    Find one post where I have made a comment about passer ratings as it pertains to Romo?

    Oh, BTW, I would say Romo was better this year than your boy e-Lie was. Romo had far less to work with and did more with it.
  9. Oh_Canada

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    I don't think Tony would ever be able to make that throw to Manningham in the Super Bowl last year. Maybe in the third game of the season against Tampa or something, but not in that spot at that time. For that reason Eli is better.
  10. WPBCowboysFan

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    Romo is helpin his detractors
  11. tyke1doe

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    This is what many of us have been saying all along. Romo is a good quarterback. He can rack up the stats. He can bring you back from the brink of defeat - in the regular season.

    But in those one-and-done, winner-take-all situations, he comes up short.

    Sure, he needs a better team around him. But a quarterback that great in the regular season should be able to reproduce that when it counts.

    What does it say about Romo when he can put the team on his back and bring it to the brink of the playoffs but can't do it when it really matters?

    In contrast, look at RGIII. His stats weren't that great last night. He threw for 100 yards. He completed 50 percent of his passes. Yet he never made the critical mistake. He didn't turn the ball over. He kept his team in the game and in a position to win - with a gimpy leg at that.

    Do you think the Redskins' fans are bemoaning that RGIII didn't throw it 37 times like Romo did? Of course not. They're just happy they have someone under center who can manage a football game and not make mistakes. They're happy they're moving on to the playoffs.

    And that's all many of us have been saying with respect to Romo and Eli. Yes, Romo has the better stats. But as everyone who hurts because of this loss understands, it's not about stats. It's about winning. It's about having a quarterback who, when he has the chance, can take your team to the next level.

    Romo had his chances. Don't blame the defense. Don't blame Olgetree. Don't blame Garrett. Don't blame Rex Ryan.

    If you're as great as your stats say you are, you can't make the mistakes Romo did.

    You can't give the ball away, killing a scoring drive that would put the Skins on their heels. You can't air ball a pass down the field, allowing the Skins defender to catch the ball as if it was a punt, especially when we're in the Skins territory.

    And you can't with 3 minutes left in the game just blindly air mail a pass to a running back with a linebacker on him.


    Reading back over this thread, some of the arguments in support of Romo and his stats and arguments about how he comes through in big games almost seem laughable now.
  12. tyke1doe

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    That's what we've been saying all along. That's what the evidence has shown so far.

    I'm not saying Romo is beyond hope. But the facts are what they are. He is great during the season, but when you need your quarterback to play beyond himself in do-or-die situations, Romo hasn't shown he can do that to the degree that Eli has.

    I recall a certain poster questioning my assessment of Eli having bigger/greater do-or-die/clutch moments than Romo. The poster said I was being subjective and not objective.

    The poster said that Romo had just as many clutch moments in the regular season.

    I asked the poster whether he thought a clutch moment in the regular season is equal to a clutch moment in a playoff, a championship game, a Super Bowl.

    I never got a response. And I never got a response because the poster as well as everyone else who is being objective understands that a clutch play in a do-or-die game is GREATER than a clutch play in the regular season.

    Once again, Romo comes up short. The plays that only he can make, he failed to make. And him being the player who carries this team, we need him to make those plays.

    He didn't.

    Is Romo better than Eli? In the regular season, you betcha.
    Unfortunately, the season doesn't end in December. Excuse me, for the Cowboys and Tony Romo it does. :(
  13. WPBCowboysFan

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    Last night was on Romo - and thats not saying that Garrett isnt to blame for the loss as well. But Tony didnt come through.

    The problem is Tony shines at times. Tony IS a better QB than e-Lie could ever hope to be. e-Lie has had some good fortune and was in a situation to take advantage of some post season opportunities. e-Lie has also made some bonehead plays equal to Tony. Sure e-Lie has the rings, but so does his team. His team is why he has the rings. You e-Lie lovers act as if he carried his teams on those runs. He didnt. He just avoided those typical bonehead plays that he makes all too often. Romo hasnt.

    e-Lie isnt better than Romo. e-Lie has just avoided his typical goofball bonehead plays in those crucial situations a couple of times so he has the rings. Sure he got it done, but that doesnt mean he is better. Just had things go his way at the right time.
  14. tyke1doe

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    That says it all.

    Quick question: If you had to have a quarterback who avoided the boneheaded plays and made the critical plays (you know like avoiding the rush to complete a pass to David Tyree or the game-winning touchdown to Plaxico Burress or the bullet to Mario Manningham while under duress) in the Super Bowl vs. the quarterback who plays lights out during the regular season but who, when it was his chance to make critical plays in do-or-die situations, continuously came up short resulting in no Super Bowl appearances, who would you take?

    Please don't give me any arguments about defenses because the Cowboys defense wasn't throwing the ball on Romo's interceptions last night.

    I want you to honestly answer the question above. Which one would you rather have?

    I'll await your answer. :)
  15. WPBCowboysFan

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    I would never ever choose e-Lie.. Just because he has had success is no guarantee he will do it again - his bonehead plays are far too frequent and far too bad - this is the problem - this is why he isnt elite.

    So if I had to choose, I would take Romo as the lesser of two evils. His potential is greater. But, I really would rather not have either.
  16. tyke1doe

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    I didn't ask you to choose between Eli and Romo. I asked you to choose between the two scenarios.

    I don't care about your personal feelings about Eli or Romo. I'm asking you which scenario is more acceptable to you.
  17. WPBCowboysFan

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    Yes you did. You gave the Tyree (rabbit foot) play as the example of a QB who made the clutch play in the SB - Uh, who was that? And you compared it to the guy who made the clutch plays in the regular season - Uh, the only guy that could be in the context would be Romo.

    SO I answered your question the way it was worded.

    AND to answer it again - I would never take e-Lie.
  18. CutMeMick

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    "Please proceed, Governor". :shoot6:
  19. perrykemp

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    This argument is getting so tired.

    Its equivalent of a Ravens fan arguing Flacco is better than Matt Schaub.

    Who really cares which non-elite QB is better than the other?
  20. phildominator

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    What is romo's best playoff or week 17 performance?

    Other elite qbs may have as many lows as romo, but romo doesn't have the highs in the playoffs to counter.

    Kinda like Jim Everett, boomer esiason.

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