Is it fair to say or even consider that Romo is a coach killer

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by TVMan, Dec 16, 2013.

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    yup. he has a smart coach and a team that still plays hard. so he gets his passes.

    all we have around here are a couple good players stuffed in a clown car with everyone else.
  2. egn22

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    Starting at the top with the Head Coach.
  3. birdwells1

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    Brady has 3 superbowl wins in 5 appearances, that'll buy you some leeway.
  4. HoustonFrog

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    Exactly!!He said Callahan called plays and Tony changed plays. So why is he HC if he can't say "Whoa Tony, we are pounding it no matter what."
  5. sbark

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    Coach Killer........under this scheme of Garretts that has been in since before Wade was fired --maybe.

    Romo needs and really needed last nite a scheme with lots of play action, lead draw (remember Emmitts years) keep a defence from dictating. Last nite Romo received the play options.......G.Bay threw 8+ in the box--which of course Romo then audibles out----the rest is history.

    With a scheme based on lots of play action, delayed lead draws the defence may well bring 8 up if the run game is destroying them, but at least the offense is doing the dictating (as in the Aikman/Emmitt yrs).............I hate when the defense is forcing our offense with 8 on the play clock into a audible............

    Our Offensive line isn't the Great Wall, but it was gashing G.Bay at 7+ a run, a simple halftime adjustment (which aikman said were overated-ask Flynn) into a base set with lots of play action and delayed draws would've been nice to see.
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  6. Hook'em#11

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    They had a running back that was possibly averaging 5 -6 yds a carry, and 23 point lead at halftime.. I don't care how the points are scored. You don't abandon the damn run.. Especially with as horrible as the defense is. Jesus.. It is inexcusable, just pathetic how ****** this damn coaching staff is.. How any of those bozos have a job today is friggin mind boggling..

    Oh, I need Tuesday to come in a big way so I can forget about this BS and get ready for the next round next week.

    Just so disgusted with this organization and coaching staff..

    And, quiet it all now. NO. I am not going " find another team", blah blah blah. This is just venting and complete frustration.
  7. mahoneybill

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    And unfortunately us long time fans will hope for a miracle this year, when in reality we will once again around 500 at the end of the year.

    2014 should be a year of big changes regarding how we position going forward. We thought it would take 3 years to get to be competitive, but it looks like another 2-3 with the right moves
    before we can see any true stability.
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  8. mahoneybill

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    I think Garrett & Callahan were going for a " show of domination" instead of we have the game in hand, keep the ball away from them and be happy with a W
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Or maybe our coach is a QB killer.
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  10. ChldsPlay

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    3 (Cincy, Carolina, Miami), should be 4 (N.O.)
  11. Seven

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    Wish I had it in me............
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    Yes, he is.

    Unfortunately I think he would not have been had Parcells stuck around.

    To me, he's very much like Barry Sanders as a QB. He'll make great plays and highlight reels, but he will make too many mind boggling plays that in the end, kill this team. The defense sucks, but it doesn't help that he wants to throw the ball 50 times a game and that running the ball seems to be a nuisance to him. And that we don't have a coach that would put an end to that.

    So in the end, Garrett is just as much to blame as Wade was for their failure in Dallas. Less is more with Tony Romo. And in seven years Garrett and Romo have failed to realize that.

  13. nake

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    Bill Callahan, who is famous for not running the ball, is calling the plays. Who put him in that position? The man with the 40 year old brain that is apparently secreted in a storage facility floating in formaldehyde.
  14. PoetTree

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    Romo is the most talented choke-artist in NFL history. He is absolutely a coach-killer. But Garrett is also doing plenty to get himself killed, euphemistically speaking. I've been saying it for years...

    Garrett and Romo are the two unavoidable problems this team has; failure wrapped in the illusion of talent.
  15. Hook'em#11

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    Possible. And, I am all for that. But, on this day. they were dominating with the run. Play off the play action and go for the kill.....

    In the fourth quarter.. Not give up on the run and become pass happy with a 23 pt lead going into the second half, going 3 and out and putting that horrible defense back on the field..

    Jerry Jones is a Cowboys team killer, along with a fan killer..
  16. Eddie

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    I agree. Instead of grinding the W out, they continually went for the kill shot ... which turned out to be under thrown long balls.
  17. Wood

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    you make a point. Romo doesn't make many head coaches look good. Brady makes his coaches look like geniuses.
  18. GloryDaysRBack

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    he didnt have to be anywhere near perfect last night...he had a 26-3 lead...just dont blow it..and he blew it every which was imaginable

    he lengthened the game by not running...normally id be ok w that...but we were running at will...7 second half rushing attempts is absolutely unacceptable

    he threw 2 interceptions...he went for the home run on at lesat 2 different occasions when just a single was required to put an end to the game...

    Romo screwed up...period...

    did the defense suck...absolutely...horrible...but Romo didnt have to be the hero...he always wants to be the hero and go for the home run...take the darn single and its game over
  19. joseephuss

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    Bill Parcells coached in Dallas for 4 seasons, which is the same amount of time he coached New England and 1 more year than he coached the Jets. Parcells was 65 when he left Dallas. The guy doesn't stick around anywhere for long outside of his time with the Giants. He was only in Miami for 3 seasons. Romo did not kill Parcells.

    Wade Phillips sucks. He should have never been hired in the first place. He is a terrible head coach. Romo did not kill Phillips.
  20. Coy

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    Romo = Wade and Garrett
    Brady = Belichick
    Manning = Dungy and Fox
    Eli =Coughlin
    Roethlisberger = Cowher and Tomlin
    Rodgers = Macarthy
    Flacco = Harbaugh

    See a pattern here? Romo of course in not blameless, he´s made stupid mistakes in very important games but man I would have loved to see Romo playing for some of those guys.

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