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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by burmafrd, Apr 28, 2011.

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    So, by your confused logic, I can make holocaust jokes. And, if a Jew gets offended, I should just tell them they're overreacting and should just get over it. Heck, my next door neighbor is Native American. I guess I'll go next door and tell a few "Indian" jokes. Surely, he's gotten over that little genocide period of American history and has gotten over it. I'm sure he won't be offended. :rolleyes:
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    Are you African-American?
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    You hate the white man don't cha?
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    So I can't say Sasha Grey or Kate Beckingsale is pale because I'm black?

    I'm not just black but I'm Nigerian as well, like Prince is, and dude has some of the biggest lips I've ever seen. Most of the players drafted are or going to be drafted are black and nobody is saying that about them.

    Dude has BIG lips. If you try to make one person's observation about that into something else then you're close minded and just have an agenda.

    Wow that must be my first post in a long while. lol
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    You could, but then you'd be racist, lol.

    Actually, I'm sure in his worldview every race is off limits unless of course you're talking about that sinister white-devil. :rolleyes:
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    *biting my tongue...biting my tongue...biting my tongue
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    okay getting back to the thread topic:

    actually, I thought Costanzo's girl sitting beside him was above average and also Danny Watkin's girl was pretty cute too.

    I dunno about Ponder's gf; the girl looks like an ice cream cake with all that make-up on (and no....i'm not being racist there :p: )

    By the way, the "female" that I was the biggest fan of was Phil Baylor's sister. Something about her just put a smile on my face...I dunno if it was her reaction to him being picked or what, but I got a kick out of her :laugh2:
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    Actually most of the women were ugly that were young. Did not matter the color. Just plain ugly.

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