Is it me or did JG ruin TR?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SHAMSzy, Sep 28, 2012.

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    I realize all QB's make mistakes; what hurts is when he does it in the red zone which he cost us points last week badly by getting to cute. I love to see him check it down this would help the oline some and keep him from getting hit so much. I like Romo and I hope this was his game that he gets it out of his system.

    I think Rodgers and Greenbay have fallen into the same trap with going for the big play and holding onto the ball to long. With the GB oline sucking arse that Rodgers has held the ball to much as well this year.
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    Can't say JG ruined him. But at the same time, he didn't help him out much either.

    If anything, Romo help him out by making JG's offense look much better it actually is.
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    It would have helped alot if Garrett would maybe call slants and quick passes. How bout play action or a roll out? The problem is the coaching just doesn't utilize the talent that we have here.
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    Tony had the season of his life last year. Yeah he's ruined. :rolleyes:
  5. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Lol no. He turned the ball over like I change my underwear. Last year he threw a lot of touchdown passes and protected the football better than ever.
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    I think the O-line is to blame more than anything. It's hard to get that Lamborghini up to top speed with 4 flat tires.
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    romo did so much more for that 2007 team than he did for last years team. just watch the games. he will never top that year.

    if he does, we will probably have won the superbowl.
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    Sorry, but 2011 is superior to 2007 as far as Romo's efforts. It was easily his best year.
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    I respectfully disagree. Romo led us to a 13-3 record and would have won MVP that year if it wasn't for Brady (srs). You have to look at him relative to the other QBs in the NFL, he was the 2nd best QB in the league that year. Also, like I said led us to a 13-3 record with our passing game being the ball clubs biggest strength. He carried us.

    Also -- sorry I really labeled the topic wrong. Ofc Garrett hasn't "ruined" Romo. For one to be ruined, one must be .. destroyed. Obviously Romo isn't destroyed. I guess how I should have worded it was, "Is JG limiting Romo's potential? And will he never get there, because of JG." That is kind of what my feeling is. Regardless of the OL, I am the first one to say how horrible it is and that might not be all on JG (maybe it is). But, I feel like our play calling is so bland and he doesn't maximize any of the talent we have on offense. He runs our offense like we have Alex Smith as our QB with a bunch of scrub receivers. At least this is how I feel. Sorry to anyone that is offended by my opinion and thinks I'm overreacting. I've been a die hard fan of this team my entire life, and since Aikman we finally have talent at the QB position and it really really burns me inside to think how despite this talent we are still going to be an average ball club. Hope this explains my harsh feelings towards Garrett. I look at other offenses and coaches make their QBs look way better than they really are, I feel like its the other way around with us and Romo. If it wasn't for marketing and Cowboys being the publicity machine that is, I feel like Romo would jet out of here so fast once his contract ran up. He is underrated, underappreciated, and flamed despite being a rock for us. It is really sad and I feel for him.

    Just think about this - Romo's win loss with JG as HC 10-9, Romo's win loss with BP / WP as HC, 39-22.. and as we all know, QBs are judged by wins and losses. I know 19 games might not be the biggest sample size, and I hope this season it gets a lot better under Garrett. But if we miss the playoffs this year, might it be time to move on from Garrett? I still wish we got Jeff Fisher from Tennessee. :(

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