Is it too early to look at 2007 Free Agent Class

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    I reckon we need some pass rush help if we keep the 3-4.
    Dwight Freeney would be a nice addittion but my preference is Lance Briggs.
    Top 2007 Free Agent LB

    By: Greg Davis
    QB | RB | WR | OL | DL | LB | DB | K

    Lance Briggs, UFA, Chicago Bears
    Briggs benefits from having Brian Urlacher as a teammate, but that’s no reason to doubt that Briggs is a really good linebacker in his own right. He may be the most sought after linebacker in this free agent class, and the Bears will have difficulty in retaining all of the defensive talent they have in the next few seasons if they wish to spend more money on offensive help and re-sign other current players. The Bears could slap the franchise tag on Briggs to keep him around, but if they don’t, expect him to be leaving the Windy City and taking up residence for a new team that will try and feature him on defense. Teams needing a tough linebacker to plug holes and make tackles will put Briggs high on their list. Given the Bears history in this type of matter, it’s likely that Briggs will find a new place to punish offenses—but it will be very hard to let him go, so don’t be surprised to see him hang around in Chicago.

    Na'il Diggs, UFA, Carolina Panthers
    Diggs has been a steady linebacker for the Green Bay Packers since his second season in the league. Injuries forced him to miss seven games last season and he now has just a single season to prove to the Panthers that he deserves a larger contract. Diggs, while steady, isn’t necessity for Carolina, so expect to see him hit the market in the hopes that someone appreciates what he does on the field, maybe even over-appreciates what he does on the field. However, with the loss of Dan Morgan for the season, and perhaps longer, Diggs has a real chance to step up. Staying healthy will be the first step towards a successful contract year, and if he can perform like he did in Green Bay, a handful of teams should be interested in bringing Diggs into the fold. Anyone looking for a veteran linebacker to make some tackles and hold his own will show an interest.

    Cato June, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
    Recent legal trouble could hurt his stock, but June was a first time starter in the Pro Bowl this past season. He’s relatively young and a tackling machine, so it’s likely that the Colts will do what they can to retain his talents. There’s good chance that June hits the market, though, to see what other organizations have to offer him financially; the Colts inability to reach the Super Bowl may also factor into a decision to leave. June’s not an overpowering player, so a team interested in him will be looking at utilizing his speed as a top priority, in the same way that the Colts have done. June will be the most sought after linebacker on the market, and perhaps the most sought after defensive player.

    Adalius Thomas, UFA, Baltimore Ravens
    It could be difficult to keep Thomas around because of his emerging status as one of the better linebackers in the NFL. Last season, with Ray Lewis lost to an injury for ten games, Thomas shined for the Ravens defensive unit. Credited with 86 total tackles, nine sacks, and a returned touchdown on one of his two interceptions, he boosted his free agent potential and he could be one of the top two or three pursued players if he has a successful ’06 campaign. Someone will throw big dollars his way, which means he could be lured away from Baltimore.

    London Fletcher UFA Buffalo Bills
    Fletcher is good, plain and simple. He’ll be 32 heading into next season, but he’s still producing with 56 total tackles credited to him so far this season along with a pair of sacks. Fletcher hasn’t missed a game in his career, and he’s also tallied 119 total tackles or more in every season since 2000. If the Bills don’t get him to sign an extension, expect Fletcher to garner attention from several teams looking for a veteran presence that can make things happen on the field. Wherever Fletcher ends up, he’ll be brought in to act as a defensive leader and to make big plays. Ultimately, he could be the cream of the crop in terms of available linebackers.

    Other Free Agent Linebackers
    Chase Blackburn, ERFA, New York Giants
    Chad Brown, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers
    James Darling, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
    Randall Godfrey, UFA, San Diego Chargers
    Kawika Mitchell, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
    Rob Morris, UFA, Indianapolis Colts

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    Top 2007 Free Agent DL

    By: Greg Davis
    QB | RB | WR | OL | DL | LB | DB | K

    Dwight Freeney, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
    Freeney originally signed for seven years in 2002, but having reached certain incentive levels in his contract has voided the final two seasons, making him a free agent at the end of this season. Freeney has posted double-digit sack totals in each of his four seasons coming into 2006, and has forced 23 fumbles in that time. He’s one of the top pass rushers around. He plays with an incredible motor, but he has been hampered by an injury this season, limiting him to just five tackles and no sacks. Yet, with some of the best speed at his position, many teams will be lining up for a shot at a player that can apply pressure on the quarterback quite often.

    Jared Allen, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs
    Perhaps the top defensive lineman that will see the market, Allen, has posted totals of 9 and 11 in the sack department in the two seasons prior to 2006, and he’s added 3 more this season. The Chiefs will do everything in their power to keep him, but teams on the outside looking in could see Allen as a free agent must. He’s young, plays with a big motor, and puts pressure on the quarterback often, evidenced by his 7 forced fumbles last season. Teams will line up for the type of player that Allen is, and being an RFA doesn’t change that much. Allen makes the list because of his talent, but it’s difficult to imagine that the Chiefs would allow him to slip away on the market. Expect the Chiefs to negotiate a contract extension or possibly use the franchise tag if Allen has another great season.

    Terdell Sands UFA Oakland Raiders
    The defensive tackle entered his fifth NFL season without much fanfare. He was stuck behind other players, and hadn’t been thought of as an impact player by most. However, the former Chattanooga player has shined when given the opportunity. One reason that Sands has been effective is his size. Standing 6’7” and weighing 335 pounds, Sands is enormous, and difficult to take out of a play. His height allows him to bat down passes if he cannot get penetration, and he has developed a decent awareness of where the ball is. In non-starter minutes, he’s still just two tackles away from his career season high, and he is earning more and more time each week. The Raider will be well-served to sign him to an extension, but Sands might look elsewhere if Oakland won’t guarantee him more playing time.

    Justin Smith, UFA, Bengals
    The Bengals 2001 first round pick, Smith has shown improvement over time and become a significant threat to the opposition’s quarterback. Smith has tallied 40.5 career sacks up to this point, and already has 6.5 in the current season, a pace that would make for a career best. Smith has also been a consistent tackler with more than 54 total tackles each season of his career. Smith is a big and quick pass-rusher, and he will command a good deal of attention on the market, and he should make a good deal of money.

    Other Free Agent Defensive Lineman

    Edward Jasper, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
    Chad Lavalais, RFA, Atlanta Falcons
    Cory Redding, UFA, Detroit Lions
    Hollis Thomas, UFA, New Orleans Saints
    Robaire Smith, UFA, Tennessee Titans
    Bryan Thomas, UFA, New York Jets
    Michael Myers, UFA, Denver Broncos
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    Free agents are not the answer. In fact free agents have been the problem.

    Teams are built in april not march. every year the hope is put in free agents and they always fail. It has to come from april and the players already here.

    tough to think that way after a big loss but that is the truth.
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    Let me know when they get the FA coaching list up other wise most those players are to athletic and not TE's.
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    free agents are not the answer?
    we just need to find the right free agent. Alot of them can help us
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    the only f.a i would get excited for is thomas. not much else out there, and we need to draft players, not buy them.
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    I would take Fred Smoot if he is not too expensive.

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