Is it worth while to subscibe to Ranch Report on trial basis for 1 month?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by sago1, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. sago1

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    With upcoming TC, I'm thinking about signing up for a 1 month trial period to the Ranch Report. Does it provide any additional bits of info which I can't get elsewhere. It will only cost 9.95 for 1 month so don't see what I have to lose. Welcome all comments.
  2. HoleInTheRoof

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    It's a sham.

    You'd be better off donating the 9.95 to this site.
  3. Tovya

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    I agree. The Ranch Report was pretty cool back in the days before the internet... but now-a-days you can get this same stuff off of the AP Sports news wires for free really. I say donate 10 bucks to CowboyZone... we seem to be better than the Ranch Report at getting the rumors etc to the people pretty quickly.:eek::
  4. cowboyjoe

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    yes and no, if you like looking at lots of photos, ranch report does put up some great photos, and now and then they have a new breaking story before anyone else, so you have to judge what your looking for and wanting.

    only thing i didnt like, but i have my subscription in anyway, is you cant copy, and then paste any news etc, onto this site, you have to write in your own words;

    i am probably wrong, but if you pay for something, then you should have the righgt to copy and paste, but you cant on that site, unless they have changed the rules

    so beware of that, you will get locked out in the ranch report if you copy and paste,

    other than that, use your own judgement;
  5. pgreptom

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    I wouldn't pay for it again - and I already have.

    The only plus is the pictures, and that's about it. Roy always puts out about 20 freebies, though.

    I don't think there's any difference in between which board does what. I post mostly over there after all these years. The rumors get there, and everything is there. There might be a few second delay here, or there - but it's the same ish.

    Put that $10 in a savings account.
  6. sago1

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    Think I can survive without it. Heck, I'll put that money in my cookie jar to save towards my (hopefully) upcoming package trip (as soon as I decide which tour company to use) to see new stadium & watch the Cowboys beat somebody. Wonder what it will cost to be at the opening game to see the Cowboys defend their SB win in February 2009.
  7. CrazyCowboy

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    If you report/post findings on the CowboyZone, then absolutely yes.
  8. HoleInTheRoof

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    If you think about it, there are so many news outlets available that you don't have to pay for anything on the internet.

    I mean, if you're paying for something, I expect it to provide exclusive information that I wouldn't find out on another site. That isn't the case with the Ranch Report.

    Besides, with both the DMN and FWST blogs, you get all sorts of information quickly, and free, throughout the day.

    Send that money to a kid in Africa. He can eat for a year.

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