Is Jason Garrett a Robot?

Discussion in 'Rant Zone' started by Apollo Creed, May 2, 2017.

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    I only stand on defense. I sit of offense. Anyone who cries about that should have stayed home. The rule is: No prolonged Standing. I don't cuss, and only standing up on D isn't breaking the rules. They'll just have to deal with it.

    Now, if they want to say something to me in the bathroom, I'll fight. Lol.
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    I prefer space alien.
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    Have you been to Jerry World?

    Between the plays they crank up the music to the point you can't hear the crowd. You can't even hear yourself scream. Obviously, when the play starts they have to turn it off, but it's on longer than it's off.

    It's like standing next to a Jet Engine that is on 40 seconds of every minute and you get 20 seconds of that minute to make noise. At some point you figure out that regardless of how much noise you and the rest of the crowd makes, that you sound quiet compared to the time that the Jet Engine (music) is on. Eventually you feel deflated and give up.

    In college games you could close your eyes and still feel the highs and lows of the game based on the crowd noise. At a Cowboys game in Jerry World, you would have no idea what is going on if you closed your eyes other than thinking your at a really bad rock concert but louder.

    I sat right in front of the main speaker at a Metallica concert that was reported to be the loudest sound system ever on tour at the time. It was quiet compared to Jerry's sound system.
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    Yes, a number of times.

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