Is Jerry feverishly planning his GM escape?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jan 28, 2013.

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    I don't know if there's ever been a team with a roster full of players fans didn't want to see tweaked from year to year.

    But "hate" of the team? No. Fans hate losing. Win and it goes away.
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    The cowboys are worth 2.1 billion,I dont think Jerry gives a hoot about what we think.

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    Garrett's best hope to pull all this off, as moribund as it sounds, is that the cred among players remains from his brilliant handling of the death of Jerry Brown. He carried the team on his shoulders through difficult days, and those left on the roster next year won't forget that. Leaders shine under such circumstances, and Garrett shined the brightest.

    Why is Garrett getting accolades on the handling on Jerry Brown?. Any decent Head Coach/Human Being would have handled the situation. Garrett is a Football Coach and he needs to be held accountable for his Team's performance. Please leave his compassion with personal matters out of the Head Coach equation. Garrett has not shown that he can handle the responsibilities of being a "successful" head coach. Just because of his Princeton background, he is the Savior. For a man who played and briefly was an assistance Coach in the NFL, he does not have a clue how to prepare his Offensice Game Plan properly. We need to win and one of our weaknesses is Garrett. If Garrett was fired today, he would never sniff another Head Coach NFL job for at least 5 to 10 years. He would not even get a OC job. He would only get a QB Coach job at best. Look around the NFL and Dallas has one of the worse Head Coaches in the League right now. The Truth hurts and the Dallas Fans will have a long Off-Season and 2013 with "Princeton Smart-Football Stupid" playing Captain Kirk on NFL Gamedays.

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    Jerry's not retiriung as GM until he lives thruogh one more Super Bowl winning year and at least the two years following it so he has a chance to destroy it.

    This will happen before his death; its all part of the fiddler's deal (as the Devil plays on).
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    Just wanted to say that I agree with what you wrote and hope that it's true. I would love Jerry to exit stage left on his terms and get a gm or whatever to help this ship get right.

    But mainly what I wanted to comment on is your writing skills. You area really good writer, I don't know what you do professionally but you have some clear writing skills. I'm impressed.
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    I know of what you speak, but that certainly isn't me. I've been on this Jerry kick for years, and the only others that I've had it out for were Wade (from the get-go) and Terrell Owens (what a bucket of puke).

    Then there's Roy OU, Roy UT, Marty B, and the like, which every team has and we all want improved upon.

    I'm a HUGE proponent of culture. I've been a part of both good and bad, even managed both good and bad, and if there's anything I've learned in this life is that you can't move forward in the wrong culture.

    Jerry emits the wrong culture. HE is the problem. Vince Lombardi couldn't operate in Jerry's circus. That's why I support Garrett, because he's uniquely tempered to handle it about as well as I think it can be handled.
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    He better because we are the ones who buy his merchandise, food, drinks and buy those tickets.

    We're also the ones who watch the games and make the ratings what they are. Without us the fans kiss football good-bye!
  8. 1fisher

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    For some I think it will..... others I'm not too sure about that!
  9. Rogerthat12

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    Winning on a regular basis will frustrate most of the fan pessimism though some will always find something to whine about.

    After such a long drought, many of us are beyond tired of all the cliches and status quo, we want substantive change on the field.

    However, we are aware Jerry is not stepping down, hence the angst and frustration with the organization and with the tendency of Jerry to select coaches who are puppets in between desperation coaching hires.

    I suppose we are hoping Jerry will somehow get out of the way or become so desperate that he once again allows a true football coach the power and space to make it happen on the field, we are looking at 17 years!:eek::
  10. Eddie

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    Not gonna happen with Jerry Jones in charge.

    Don't be surprised if the entire team gives up on Garrett ala Wade Wilson.

    Same old bs.
  11. Beast_from_East

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    I think we have to win something first before Jerry will step down, otherwise it looks like he is taking the blame for all of these losing seasons and that is not happenning.

    My .02
  12. rickjameschinaclub

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    Crennel got fired despite handling the killing of the girl by his player, followed by a suicide in front of coaches and players brilliantly, i.e. they won that day...
  13. erod

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    My hopes are that a modicum of success might allow him to step out of the light a touch with the "ship headed in the right direction." His old bones are starting to ache, and the constant criticisms are wearing on even his thick skin.
  14. 1fisher

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    What a dumb comparison.....
  15. rickjameschinaclub

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    Really? Jason Garrett is a great coach and leader of men, because he handled the death of a plaer well, but Crennel handles and even more tragic scenario well, based upon the fact that a suicide happened right in front of staff and players, isn't a great coach?

    So it's foolish when those standards apply to a guy like Crennel in regards to his coaching, but proof of Garrett's greatness as a coach how?
  16. Clove

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    Not to be disruptive, but why do we think Stephen would make a good GM? He knows less about talent than Jerry does. The guy is a professional check-writer.
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    the tragedy might be comparable , but the teams are not....that team took steady decline over the last 3 seasons, 10-6.....7-9.....2-14, even after the suicide they were just 1-4....there was nothing that would have saved Crennel, it was a lost cause....

    here at least you can see the "process" taking form...from the type of players being brought in and lunch pale mindset setting in....the results havent been there in the win column , but there is progress its not in decline.....
  18. rickjameschinaclub

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    What does that have anything to do with the point?

    And consistently being 8-8 isn't progress...
  19. xwalker

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  20. dadymat

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    Just saying that Crennel got fired because his team was regressing he cant be compared to Garrett, Crennel's team is falling , Garrets is rising....

    I never said 8-8 was progress....I said


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