Is losing to OSU hazardous to your job?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by RS12, Sep 10, 2012.

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    You thought you had a bad weekend? Tell it to (former) Wisconsin offensive line coach Mike Markusun, who was fired late Sunday night shortly after Oregon State's 10-7 win over Wisconsin in Reser Stadium, an afternoon where the Badgers' run game was pretty much nowhere to be found.

    Now it's absolutely true that Wisconsin was overrated coming into the season. The Badgers are breaking in a new offensive coordinator and a handful of new assistants -- and now they're breaking in ANOTHER new assistant -- and trying to figure out how quarterback Danny O'Brien fits in. But it's important to give credit where credit is due: Even if this is not the Wisconsin of last year, Oregon State's defense was pretty dang good Saturday afternoon. Far from perfect, but still good. Clearly Wis
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    I remember there as a chance of their former OC, Paul Cryst (sp?), coming to the Cowboys but he decided to take the HC job at Pitt.

    Now Wisconsin is missing him, Pitt is looking BAAAAD and we got lucky and got a decent OL coach.

    Weird how things pan out.
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    Paul Cryst should have went to Texas. :D
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    Interesting that they offed the O line coach that fast. But then they have pretty high standards for O line there.

    We really lucked out in getting Callahan- exactly the guy we need with what we have now
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    It is going to take Pitt a couple years to get recruit and become good again.
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    They have gotten some good recruits over the years...heck that was one of the things that Wanny was good at.

    That school or AD department is just in shambles right now.

    I think they went through 4-6 coaches (counting interim) in a span of a year.

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