Is M.Jackson really Peter Parker/Spidey???

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    Jackson Sees Lawmaker Wearing Spider-Man Mask
    Pop Star Takes Meeting To Demand Taco Bell Drive-Through

    POSTED: 9:17 a.m. EDT May 21, 2003
    Apparently that spider bite that Michael Jackson got during his recent breach of contract trial had an effect on the pop star.

    According to The Associated Press, Jackson stopped by Santa Barbara, Calif., Congressman Elton Gallegly's field office about two weeks ago to ask why the city of Solvang has no fast-food restaurants.

    But instead of wearing the surgical mask he usually wears in public, the pop star was wearing a Spider-Man mask.

    Jackson was told Solvang only has a Subway, and he said, "I love Taco Bell." After that, Jackson pulled off his Spider-Man mask and apologized to the deputy director for disturbing the office.

    The aide told Jackson he had seen him on television -- to which Jackson said: "Don't believe everything you see on TV."

    Jackson left the office after giving an autograph -- still on a quest for fast food. He was seen later in another town at a Taco Bell-Pizza Hut drive-through ordering cheese pizza, breadsticks, water and three chicken soft tacos.

    Jackson's life has constantly been in the news over the past year. Incidents have included dangling his infant son over a fourth-flour hotel balcony in Germany, a multi-million dollar breach-of-contract suit filed by his former promoter, and a controversial documentary where he said he shared with bed with children other than his own.


    This guy really has problems....and needs put away IMO.
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    This guy really has problems....and needs put away IMO.

    I personally do not like Taco Bell,but that is no reason to put him away.

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