Is next year Parcells last year????

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rojan, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. rojan

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    I dont think he would wont to quit after all the positive things that are going on with this franchise...He should have started to rebuild in year 1 but held out for 2 years...This is sorta only his 1st year becuase he only now has the players he wants...Do you guys think that Parcells will sign another contract after his current contract is up or is he gonna build the team and give all the credit to our next coach becuase we will probly be a solid team for the next 10 years with a bad year here and there...I hope he gets to the super bowl with us, I would be soo pissed if he builds our team and just leaves and than some oter coach wins the super bowl wit his players..
  2. Hostile

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    It's the last year on his contract, not necessarily his last with the team. He could extend. I expect him to, 2 years.

    I said the day he signed on he would be here 6 years.
  3. Hiero

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    I doubt Parcells leaves next year unless we win the superbowl next year. He has built up something good, and to leave right before the realization of that talent into the superbowl or something very close would be a big shame, and i really doubt he will do it.
  4. calico

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    I think he will stay another 2-3 seasons after this one. He finally has some of his style of players here and these young guys on D really seem to keep him motivated.
  5. TonyS

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    I think that he'll stay after next year if we make progress from this year to next. I see us maybe making a WC with a loss in the first or second round of the playoffs this year. I would not be happy with that, but would be content for this year.

    If we do that and then really make a run for a Superbowl, but fall short next year, he'll probably stay if he thinks we can win in '07/08.

    That being said, I think he leaves if we regress and don't play to our abilities. This may even apply to this year, if we end up 7-9 or worse.
  6. HTownCowboysFan

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    I think Big Bill is here for a few more years. He's built up too good of a young nucleus on this team not to reap the rewards here in the next two or three seasons.

  7. ddh33

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    At this point, I think he stays. I think he knows that this team is on the verge. However, if the team regresses, and if Bill's health doesn't permit, then I think he could walk out the door too. I don't expect those things to happen. I'm thinking another couple of years...

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