Is Parcells done?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chuck 54, Dec 8, 2005.

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    *shrugs* Maybe some things take more time than usual. Sure-some teams have made that "leap" in 2 years...only to hiccup and regress back almost immediately.

    Look at Mike Holmgren in Seattle-Until this year, his first SIX years there was an abysmal failure. Or look at Bill Cowher in Pitt-despite a few hiccup years, the Rooney's stuck with him.

    And for that matter too-even recent Super Bowl teams have had glaring weaknesses(i.e. the Pats and no WRs and RBs in 1st and 2nd SBs, Tampa's OL weaker than our's a couple of years ago, Philly making 3 NFC Title games w/o WRs, etc).

    Frankly-this is a pretty loaded q.
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    i'd let bill fulfill his contract through next year. hopefully, he can solve our offensive woes through free-agency and the draft. we'd secure our left tackle (flozell) and our other blocking tightend (pierce) from ir, get one veteran tackle, maybe a center, and address our depth with the draft.
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    I agree. I don't have the answers. It's just one of those things, or in this case many things.
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    He should get a Manssiere...
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    I'm tired of this whole "we were 7-3 so if we don't make it it's a tragedy". 7-3 is not that great. It's not 10-0. It's not 8-2. At that rate we should have gone 4-2 to finish the season. If we should go 3-3 or even 2-4 it's 1 or 2 games off our pace.
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    Erm, so who wants to stick a fork in Bill and find out? Not me, you hear storys about dem guys from Joisey.

    I do think an emphasis on offence next year, a gold pick QB and or WR. The same for OTs and a real live FB. At least if we aren't going to play smash mouth, a cloud of dust and a 3.3 yard gain ball control game. Puting more points on the board makes more sence to me than keeping it close and then trying for the last minute go a head points.

    Bill is here as long as he wants to be. Maybe if we called him Kraken or Orca instead of Tuna he would stay longer. Can I count on you guys support in that? Seasons greetings.
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    Great post. I agree with all you said. Parcells was brought in by JJ to turn a failing franchise around. If he doesn't produce a championship this year or next, then
    hiring a new coach is a must. I stand by what I've said, that everyone (including Parcells) thinks he alone can turn the team into a championship. We'll see, but the evidence so far is that he is just dreaming.
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    hehehehe....If he doesn't, they may start looking nice on a cold morning, and the next thing you know one of his younger assistants will try to "stop short" :)
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    :lmao2: That's messed up...Funny, but messed up :lmao2:
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    I think BP just needs to lighten up on the whole "Ball Control" mentallity. His obsession with time of possession has cost us too many games.
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    Nothing like a nice manzere in your stocking.

  12. InmanRoshi

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    The Giants had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last year. That's why they paid Kareem McKenzie a $12.5 million dollar signing bonus the 2nd day of free agency. They put a lot more emphasis and put a lot more money on bringing in Kareem McKenzie than they did Burress. McKenzie was the necessity. Burress was the luxory.
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    *sigh* I think everyone's missing the BIG PICTURE about the Gints-Sure, they have the most complete O and D in the NFL. But their KICKING GAME has been their ultimate undoing in recent weeks.

    The Gints aren't the Rams of 99 and 01, folks. It's not like they run up the score with TDs every single week. Feely's gonna put a stake in their hearts alot more than Bledsoe is doing to us now.
  14. Chuck 54

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    would 1 offensive lineman suddenly turn our OL into the Giants' OL? We've been weak there for some time now, and while I think we can become respectable, we're not going to be a dominant OL like in the past for a long time to come, imo.
  15. Chuck 54

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    1...I still can't believe this goofy thread is hanging around this

    2. I don't see how anyone can say the Parcells era will have been a total failure if we don't win a SB....holy you have any idea how hard it is to win 1? Parcells hasn't won one anywhere since he left the NY Giants years ago.

    Our team has been mired in the bottom 1/4 of the league for years...5-11, 6-10 is a way of life for Cowboys fans of this generation. I hate Parcells...I'm on record as having very little respect for him as a person, and I can never get by the fact that he was the coach of he Giants...he'll never be remembered by me as a guy up there with Landry and Johnson as Cowboys coaches.

    Still, he's rebuilt this team into one that other coaches could come in and compete with. When he leaves, whether we ever win a title or even go to a SB under him or not, he'll definitely leave the franchise much better off than when he took over, both from personel and philosophy and toughness perspectives.

    From the day he came in I have had a prediction, and I'll repeat it....I could be wrong, but I don't believe Parcells will ever win another title...I don't think he's got the offensive mentality required to do so. However, I do think that the coach who comes in behind him will take what he's built, open up the offense and add a few offensive pieces to a new philosophy and win our next NFL title.

    I'll also add this: When Parcells leaves, he'll not only leave behind a better team and organization, but he'll also leave a better gm behind. I believe Jerry Jones, whom I love as an owner, is now 3/4 of the way to successfully completing general management 101. The dividends of what he's learned from Parcells will be evident for years to come.
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    Just for the sake of argument-Holmgren's first SIX years in Seattle was a collosal failure(until this year, that is).

    Cowher has had a few hiccup years in Pitt. Sure, he's come up short alot, but he's also had alot of success overall there too.

    Jon Fox brought ALOT to the table when he came to Carolina-the mental aspect of the game is a huge plus for this team. However-sans Jake Delhomme, he pretty much inherited this same team from George Seifert.

    People are also forgetting that Mike Shanahan has made more blunders in picking talent than good ones since Elway retired-especially on defense. Sure, Denver is having a fantastic season for the first time since Elway-however, the real Jake Plummer and that real patch-work D is really starting to show.

    Frankly-whether Parcells is doing a good job or not is becoming a really complicated question.
  17. InmanRoshi

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    The Giants OL was as horrid last year. Everybit as horrid as we are now. They aren't dominant now, just good enough (Coughlin threatened to bench his entire left side after the Seahawks game). Just like the 2005 Cowboys weren't dominant pre-Flozell's injury, just good enough. Good enough to give Drew enough time to throw, which he was doing effectively.

    The difference in the 2004-2005 Giants wasn't just the addition of McKenzie, they also returned a lot of players from injury like O'Hara. Just like the Cowboys will add essentially add Flozell next year to this year's lineup. McKenzie did allow them to shuffle some players around to get everyone in better positions. So one addition can have a trickle down effect where it improves multiple positions. For example, if the Cowboys drafted a good young left tackle, it could allow Flozell to move to the right side, it would upgrade 2 positions. Which, in turn, would improve the depth as it turns Pettiti from a starter into a backup swing tackle.
  18. Chuck 54

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    Just a difference in opinion, then...I sure wouldn't call them "just good enough." Something has made them a much better running team than us, and Eli Manning seems to stand back there with lots of time to throw every week. Either their OL is a lot better than ours, or Manning is really going to be a terror in the NFC East for a long long time and Tiki is a whole lot better than JJ...of course, I think all three are true.

    I don't think the addition of someone new, along with Adams will make us that much better because we're still weak at C and Riverra and Allen seem to be on their last legs, imo. Considering when Adams was injured, first we have to realize that it's nearly impossible that he'll be ready when the season starts next year. How good will he be? Will it take him 2 years to get back to where he was? I think our OL can be better, but I really think we're a long long way from being good.
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    Someone on this forum mentioned Adams was progressing a bit faster in his rehab.

    Parcells' biggest blunders here was the OL, without a doubt. However-after what he did to the defense in the offseason, I have no doubt he'll revamp the OL next offseason. I guess even the best make mistakes too.

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