Is Romo just in a slump or is he on the Downside?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. BTX

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    Is tony just in a slump or is he on the downside of his career? I honestly don't know.
  2. jmac

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    He has played better the last two weeks, at least turnover wise
  3. durrrr

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    He's coming off the best season of his career. Seems a bit premature to start worrying about "the downside."
  4. Skinsradiosucks

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  5. BTX

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    Well that's last year, he sure isn't looking sharp THIS year. It's not just the turnovers he's missing open receivers all over the place.And I'm very concerned.
  6. DejectedFan1996

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    All the receivers are running the wrong routes this year cept for Witten. Last year they ran the routes better...
  7. FLcowboy

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    Romo is blessed with two WRs who can't run precise routes, and Red's offense is based on timing patterns. Romo doesn't have a large supporting cast that wants to win as bad as he does.
  8. ologan

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    Last year he had Robinson.
  9. dwmyers

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    I don't think it's either. OL problems are, IMO, the largest part of it. Some of it has been miscommunication between Romo and his receivers. Some of it is that he's played a historically efficient defense in Chicago, had a bad game, and looked like Danny White on a bad day.
  10. Risen Star

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    Romo's posted a 97 or better QB rating in 4 of the last 5 games.
  11. cowboy13

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    Dez and rest,except Witten are just running around like we did in the back yard as kids.
  12. Eddie

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    Troy Aikman couldn't work with WR's who couldn't run their routes.

    He also looked really foolish when the OL was depleted.
  13. BTX

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    I'm not blaming everything on Tony. I'm just trying to discuss the reasons for his decline in play this year.
  14. justbob

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    He hasn't been as sharp with his passes. Is he banged up ,running for his life or just hurrying to much because he knows he doesn't have as much time..Probably all of the above.
  15. jobberone

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    He is throwing some passes which aren't as accurate as you'd expect from him; some sailing. Not sure what's up. It's been discussed but no one here seems to have a good idea. Ask him.

    As Romo goes so goes the Cowboys. That's unchanged.
  16. tecolote

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    He had 2 really bad games this season, throwing 2 TDs and 9 ints in them, in the other 7 he has 10 TDs and 4 ints.

    Now you can't take away those 2 games but having watched Tony his whole career you can safely say that they are not the normal for him.
  17. jayhouston12

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    the wideout's run wrong route's and he has no offensive line

    combine the both and we're lucky to be 4-5 and not 1-8
  18. big dog cowboy

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  19. percyhoward

    percyhoward Research Tool

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    Probably neither.

    8 of the 13 INT he's thrown were on passes of 15 yards or more. Last year, only about 50% of those passes were intended for Austin or Bryant, and Robinson alone was targeted 40% of the time. This year, well over 80% have been intended of Austin or Bryant, with Ogletree being targeted less than 15% of the time. That's some of the impact of losing Robinson, but there's more.

    This year, team passer rating on passes targeted for Ogletree is 70.6, while the rating for everyone else is 89.5 (almost 20 points higher). Last year, team passer rating on passes intended for Robinson was 132.2, while the rating for everyone else was 93.9 (almost 40 points lower). IOW, taking Ogletree and Robinson out of the equation, the team passer rating only drops 4 points, from 93.9 to 89.5. Considering how little of a threat Ogletree presents compared to Robinson, you'd think it would have dropped more.

    Last year, Dallas finished the season ranked 11th in yards per drive. This year, we're 9th. So we're moving the ball, thanks mostly to a lot of Romo-to-Witten. But we're not scoring. Last year, we ranked 10th in TD per drive, compared to 21st this year. The difference compared to last year is that the TD numbers are down because of a drop in red zone TD. Part of that is drive-killing turnovers (see above), and part of it is we're less efficient in the red zone this year. Again, the main difference is Ogletree vs. Robinson.

    2011: 25 total red zone TD
    Robinson 8
    everyone else 17

    2012 (projected): 18 total red zone TD
    Ogletree 2
    everyone else 16

    Take Ogletree/Robinson out of the picture, and red zone scoring is on about the same pace as last year, even with all of "Romo's" struggles.
  20. chuffly

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    Wow, this is good stuff. Appreciate the breakdown.

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