Is Romo just in a slump or is he on the Downside?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 17, 2012.

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    It's possible that age is starting to play a small factor in Romo's performance / availability.

    In the three seasons so far since he turned 30 in April 2010, he has:
    • Age 30 - 2010 - Missed half of the season due to injury
    • Age 31 - 2011 - Career year
    • Age 32 - 2012 - Currently tracking for his worst season statistically (as measured by QB rating and has a 12-12 TD/Int ratio
    Who knows what the future holds. I think it's unrealistic to assume that as he starts to move into his mid-30s that his skills aren't going to erode -- especially his elusive in the pocket which is his trademark -- the legs always go first.
  2. Flinger

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    Guess we will know in about 5 years... because, trust me, the Jones' boys will re-sign him and we will be able to watch...
  3. Marktui

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    I believe his mechanics aren't as good for some reason or another. I think that he is rushing his throws just a tick. By that I mean not setting his feet or getting his shoulders in line with the throw.

    All those hits he has taken this year has given him happy feet in the pocket. I can't blame him cause he hasn't had stellar protection.

    Happens to the best of them. Brady used to get tune ups in season from his qb guru before he passed away this year.
  4. Dodger

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    Earlier in the year, the Cowboys played 3 of the 4 top run defense teams in the NFL, and when you don't have a run game to speak of, that makes you a one-dimensional passing team that's easy to defend, especially with the line and the not so reliable receivers they have.

    Since the bye, the Cowboys have played teams that are mostly not so good against the run, and Romo's QB rating has improved since then as it will in the next 3 weeks.
  5. Jimz31

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    Most of his INT's came in just two games...I believe 9 of them.

    I also think that missing a certain WR named Robinson has a bigger impact than most want to believe. Romo seeme to have an immediate trust in him...could it be that the ran his routes more crisply than Dez and the others?

    This DOES make an impact for a QB....assuming the WR will do the correct thing on a blitz....crossing the CB's face when he should etc....

    Some want to poo-poo the WR's responsibility in the INT's....I however do not.
  6. Eskimo

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    I honestly do believe he is in decline because his ability to make quick reads seems to have diminished. He has never been able to exploit the middle of the field due to poor ability to avoid INTs on these throws except on simple check downs to Witten or RBs.

    Now you can add an arm that is weaker taken some throws off the table, poor accuracy and limited ability to throw deep with even a single deep safety on the field.

    IMO the defense is just squeezing the throws that he is able to make and it is causing great difficulty for us right now. In order to have a chance with Romo the OL has to get a lot better so we have an effective running game and more time for routes to develop. I do believe the top tier QBs would do a lot better in this offense and with this roster.

    I no longer believe that Romo is a top 10 QB.

    If we get an attractive offer for him we should probably trade him and start to re-build. There are still too many missing pieces here for us to contend with a non-elite QB to think we can turn it around before Romo falls off a cliff. There are some teams strapped by poor QB play including the Eagles, 49ers, Chiefs, Bears, Bucs and Browns.
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    He's only 32 years old, there's no way in hell his arm's gotten weaker yet. Strength is the last thing to go. Peyton Manning's been playing what, 5 more years and he's 3 years old, but his arm strength has come back to normal throughout the season. And he's in much worse shape injury wise at this point in his career.
  8. percyhoward

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    Romo had no problem exploiting the deep middle last year with Robinson, or going back to Owens' last year.

    Romo's Passer Rating
    Deep Middle (20+ yards)
    2008 99.5
    2009 60.6
    2011 111.8
    2012 53.1
  9. DWhite Fan

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    How many more bash Tony threads do we need? I honestly don't know :rolleyes:

    Maybe the mods should just create a permanent thread for this type of non-sense...
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    Nice post. I would also add that the rebuilding of the OL coupled with the injury to Murray has affected Romo's efficiency. It would be nice to see a similar analysis when Romo has all the tools at his disposal and the OL starters and Murray play. I bet the passer rating drops when Murray and Costa are out.
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    First off, i'm one of Romo's biggest supporters but its troubling to me when he's having a bad year and all people want to blame are "receivers running bad routes"? The same receivers he's had for the past 3 or 4 years? Stop it. Romo is struggling. Not as of late but overall. Phillip Rivers is as well as Eli Manning. It happens. Blaming 13 interceptions on "bad routes" is silly.
  12. percyhoward

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    Going back to the first game in which Murray had at least 10 carries...
    When Murray got at least 10 carries in the game, Romo's rating is 95.7.

    When Murray didn't play, or got less than 10 carries in the game, Romo's rating is 98.5.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Not all but certainly a big percentage of his int's are not his fault.
  14. gimmesix

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    It seems to me he's been better since he hasn't been trying to get it to Bryant as much.

    Now, I agree with others who've said he hasn't looked quite as sharp this season, but I'm sure receivers running the wrong routes, interceptions caused by that and drops and the inconsistency of the offensive line have affected his play.

    It's difficult to play quarterback when you can't expect the line to hold their blocks or the receivers to be where expected and when you're having to be extra wary of turnovers.
  15. gimmesix

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    I believe Jason Garrett said six of the interceptions were Romo's fault and the others were because of other "circumstances."

    Offhand, I can think of at least four that were caused by bad routes/drops.

    No one is saying Romo hasn't made mistakes/bad decisions, but it's also clear not all of the interceptions are his fault.

    You can say that about probably every quarterback, but it's been an epidemic for the Cowboys this year, which skews Romo's numbers.
  16. aikemirv

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    67% completion percentage and "he is missing WR everywhere".

    Whatever - you guys are ridiculous
  17. gimmesix

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    Well, if he wasn't missing receivers everywhere, it could be 100 percent.

    Why isn't Romo perfect? :D
  18. Gemini Dolly

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    Romo has missed on throws that should have been TDS if he had thrown it the way we expect a qb to throw it.

    He's way off this year. I think its a combination of things. I do think hes already peaked. His decision making/accuracy is on the decline. Once he loses his legs, hes cooked. Couple that with him not trusting his protection or receivers not named Witten or Miles--its going to be ugly.

    Im a little nervous Jerry is not going to address the QB position. We need to start looking now.
  19. rynochop

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    It's really amazing at the number of people who have no idea how the game of football is played, and who they think is good and bad, its truly scary.
  20. Dodger

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    I know, right? He's missing 33% of his throws. That's like...a whole third....nevermind that's good for about 5th best in the league. It still sucks. I mean....a third of his passes...

    I would love to see your evidence that supports any of this.

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