Is Romo sucking you in again?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Vinnie2u, Dec 3, 2013.

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    After week 17 last year with a chance to **** everyone up he choked. It's funny hearing how he's surrounded by scrubs. Yes, we wouldn't get to week 17 without him. Ummmm that's why he gets 100 m's. Hes also getting that much to lead his team to Atleast a freaking fg to go into overtime. He owes Cowboy nation a playoff berth. Look at how low the expectations are and he can't even make that in 4 years.
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    Haha... nope, not at all. This would be me below and I would love nothing more than to give him props. I love Romo off the field and think he is a great guy. I just don't think he has the mental capacity to lead this team to a super bowl. For whatever reason, when the stakes are too high, he mentally collapses. The thing is, I have personally given up on Tony Romo and feel I have a good handle on exactly what he will do in certain situations. I knew what was going to happen vs. Washington, and I knew when he had the ball vs. Denver on that last drive what was coming (And so did a lot of people). IF our team is still in it vs. Philly and the division is on the line, I know how he will play. You see, seeing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, I stopped doing that a long time ago.

    With all that said, I don't think he is our biggest problem on the team. I just think he plays a role in us not being successful just like all the other players coaches and Jerry does.

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    Whether Romo is the best player on the team is subjective. I think he is, you don't. Fair enough.

    But it sure would be nice if the defense could win more than one game a year. The pressure on Romo to play flawlessly is immense. His mistakes are magnified many times over because of the team he plays for and the fact that nobody has his back when he makes them.

    This all goes back to Jerry Jones and his inabilty to build a TEAM. He finds a player here and there but can't put it all together. And theres no end in sight. It's very frustrating.
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    Let's bring some "realism" to this hater's post.

    First off, if you're going to bag the guy for his two interceptions against the Eagles, then at least bring up WHY those balls got intercepted. I mean, that is if you're really trying to be a "realist" here. And I'll give you a hint, it had nothing to do with bad throws by Romo. The first one got intercepted because Dez Bryant couldn't catch a last second hail mary at the half. Romo threw a perfect 50 yard bomb that went right through his hands, and of course he didn't catch it but the defender did.

    On the second interception, Tanner decided he was going to run the wrong route and lead a defender into the path of a throw. Beasely was wide open if it weren't for Tanner being clueless, but no, let's put that on Romo since he takes blame for everything anyway. Romo actually played a good game, if it weren't for two mistakes he had no control over, he would've finished the day with 30/47, 370 YDS, 2 TDS, 0 INTS. And you wouldn't be spewing nonsense about that game.

    As for the Giants game, Romo played a damn good football game. You obviously didn't watch this game, because if you did there's no way in hell you'd be complaining about Romo here. And no, our offense wouldn't of gotten outscored, especially not due to Romo's play. We would've scored a TD on that last drive if it was needed, but it wasn't and we kicked the FG. If you're going to be a realist, you should bring up these things ... A "realist" SHOULD see both sides, but it's apparent you can't.

    Also, It's tough to put drive's together when your star WR is causing interceptions, dropping balls, and fumbling the ball 20 yards backwards. Ohh, and lets not forget Romo put together a game winning drive in harsh weather conditions, on the road, and against a divisional rival in a critical game. If you want to blame someone for this game, try looking at the guy who wears the #88 jersey, not the guy who orchestrated the GWD.

    Don't be fooled, if Romo needed to win the game for us against a "sorry raider team", he easily would have. Romo was 12 of 12 for 100 yards and TD in the second half, he was hot red, but we didn't need him because our RB's were actually having a good game. You would've seen this if you actually watched the game ...

    The only way we make a run in the playoffs is if this defense steps up and actually plays ... defense. It won't be because of Romo balling out, because we still lose games when Romo plays flawlessly.

    And I don't want to hear **** about how Romo needs to perform better when we're ranked 6th in offensive passer rating, yet we're ranked 22nd in defensive passer rating. You're asking a lot from your QB if you're asking him to be any better, how about asking the defense to be something other then straight garbage? They don't even have to be good, if they're average then this team will make the playoffs easily.

    Also, next time you declare that you're going to bring some "realism", actually bring it. I don't know what the heck you brought, but it definitely wasn't "realism". Pffft.
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    If Romo do another act like he did last year he will be done here in Dallas.
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    That is blatantly false. If we would have won that game, we would have entered the playoffs decimated by injuries on both sides of the ball.

    We would have promptly made a first round exit and Romo would have gotten "credit" for another win or go home loss.
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    Again, I can agree with some of this for sure. Jerry Jones is 100% the reason our team has not had success for 17 straight years. He has made a bunch of boneheaded decisions from giving away future draft picks for players who were clearly not worth it, to over paying players, to keeping players too long, to overriding coaches decisions, and more. We are on the same page there. I personally just believe Romo is not the answer here at QB either and I have explained why many times. I don't think we should have signed him to that contract either and we are going to pay for that for several more years. We just have different opinions on him and that is cool, I can respect you for your opinion. I have had others call me all kinds of names on here one year and then the next year, they are sharing my opinions of Romo. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing though, for this team to win.
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    I stopped reading when you said Romo is a poor player. That shows a lack of football knowledge.
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    I can live with that.

    The last point I'll make and then I'll let it go is that you tend to cherry pick games to suit your narrative. You emphasize Romo's poor games and ignore his good ones, even the ones in December when it means more. He had many more good ones in December than bad ones, as his December QB rating demonstrates.

    At any rate, I'm not going to change your mind. But I hope Tony Romo does. :)
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    Seriously if you feel like Romo is the reason this team hasn't had success, you should not watch football anymore..assuming you've been watching up to this point, which is questionable.
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    Haha.. fair enough. Although, I did point out earlier that he played terrific last year in the 2 games leading up to the Washington game. He threw for 757 yards 6 touchdowns, and zero picks! That is awesome but it also backs up what I'm saying. When it came down to the final game and for all the marbles, THAT is when Romo goes into full on choke mode and just can't be trusted.

    You are right, you can't change my mind because it is already made up from what I have seen form him, but I have a strong feeling Romo is going to change yours. It just takes time with every one, I have seen several Romo homers here turn into Romo realist with time. Maybe you're next? :)
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    i won't get sucked in until i see them win this bears game. after that, i go into ultra-stan mode. right now i'm on ice...just chillin.
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    You can't absolve Romo of blame in that game. He was bad. But my take on all this is, you can't just blame him for these playoff/"elimination" game losses. Yeah, the defense in that game had some good stops, and they should have been able to score enough points to win. Still, nobody other than Harris made any game-changing type plays, the type that we always expect from Romo. Well, why does he have to be the only one? QB's don't win or lose anything completely on their own.
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    ufcrules should stick with his usual straightforward Romo hate. But for some reason he is trying to fool people into thinking he really does not hate Romo. Despite the hundreds of posts over the last year or so that makes that a joke. Now his schizophrenic posts are just pathetic. His Romo hate always comes out; no matter how he tries to hide it.
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    You guys have begun to attack each other so we'll move this to the Rant Zone. That's not a license to do what you want BTW.
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    I understand what you are saying but he doesn't have to be the only one, he just has to do his job. Weather you or I like it or not, he touches the ball on every snap and he has to protect the ball and play better in those elimination games. Take away those 3 interceptions that were on him and we win that game.
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    This is what I was talking about. I will dog crap Romo every chance I get, but I will be first at the dinner party.

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    Hey suger plum. I need a kudo from you.
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    We'll I've been a Dallas fan since the Dallas& Denver Super Bowl. If I was a Romo hater I would want him to do bad. that means that Dallas as a team would do bad. And that's the last thing I want. makes for a miserable season. I prefer to be called a Romo Realist.. Expecting the best.. But not being surprised when things go wrong..
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    I can only send you my love, no kudos, no likes, nothing. Get it from the Romo Stans.

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