Is running back a realistic possibility in the 1st round?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by GloryDaysRBack, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Hailmary

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    If Lynch falls to us, I would seriously consider it, but I think we need to go w/ OL or CB or WR. Of the three, the priority will be determined by what we do in FA and what happens to TO.
  2. Bigdog24

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    Use FA to upgrade OL, DE, DT, DB, fix both sides of the line first,,,then if draft the best player available, if its a RB, WR, QB, takem..

    Then Fire the OL coach and clean house on the defensive side.
  3. noshame

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    I think we need to see what JJ can do under a different coach, who will let JJ run like JJ. That said, OL is the major need followed by a speed WR.
  4. DezBRomo9

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    I think it is totally possible if BP decides Julius isnt performing like he should be, and IMO this last two years was nothing like his rookie year. Barber is a more than adequete back, and I wouldnt mind seeing him with TT and a another young guy (late round pick) back there next year.

    Lynch and Peterson would be our targets and if any of them fell to the second round, you betcha we would jump on them.

    But, I really would like to see us bring in two young lineman with at least one first day pick and another being a midrounder. McQuistan looks to have a future and we have Columbo and Gurode who are pretty young. I also think after a overhaul on the Oline we need to see if the coaching needs a change too. Remember Sparano has never coaching Olineman on the professional level....
  5. mymaveric

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    O-line and the playcalling. Under 20 attempts a game consistently isn't going to make anyone respect your ability to run the ball.
  6. JPM

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    I hate spending money of FA, draft some young guys. The only FA I think we pursue is Steinbach.
  7. AmishCowboy

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    Have you guys seen Penn ST Tony Hunt run?, He might last until the 2nd or 3rd round, he is very powerful, has decent speed and is a Excellent blocker and receiver, worth a look.
  8. ThreeSportStar80

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    They actually have a 6'4 260 LB beast named Demarcus Ware but he needs another manchild on the opposite end. That's why I had hoped the Cowboys would have drafted Wimbley or Lawson last year in the draft.
  9. cobra

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    The only RB that I think would be a 1st round possibility is Michael Bush if he shows that he is healthy and fully recovered by the draft. Peterson is going to be long gone, and the other other 2 1st round RBs are Marshawn Lynch and Bush. I don't think Lynch is the kind of back that BP is looking for; that is, if the choice is what we have or Lynch, I think he would stick with what we have.

    Bush on the other hand.... if he is healthy, he is the kind of RB that BP loves. Bush is a big 6-3 250ish brute and just as fast as Lynch. He is the kind of RB with whom you could run a smash mouth running game like BP likes.

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