Is the NFC That Much Better Than the AFC?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboys2233, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. cowboys2233

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    Yeah, yeah, I know it's preseason. But I just watched two of the supposedly best teams in the AFC, the Patriots and the Ravens, get beaten down by two supposedly middle-of-the-road NFC teams in the Lions and Panthers.

    And this comes a week after watching the Seattle Seahawks lay a beatdown on the Denver Broncos.

    Not really sure of the other NFC-AFC matchups and if they've shown the same pattern, but these three struck me because of the high profile AFC teams involved.
  2. erod

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    NFC quality teams: San Fran, Seattle, St. Louis, Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, New York

    AFC quality teams: Denver, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England, Houston, Indianapolis. And the Steelers and Patriots look rather iffy.
  3. 187beatdown

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    Yep. Crazy, too. The 2000s were essentially dominated by the AFC.
  4. KJJ

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    You can't make judgments off preseason the starters don't play much. The NFC is very strong with SF, Seattle, Atlanta and GB. You have Washington who's up and coming and you have to figure with Sean Payton back in the fold the Saints will be contending again. Regardless of what everyone thinks of the Giants you can never take them for granted. With Russell Wilson and Kaepernick Seattle and SF could end up being the 2 best teams in football.

    These young duel threat QB's like Kaepernick, Wilson and RG3 have added an element you don't see as much in the AFC. The AFC has Brady and Peyton Manning but they're aging. Most of the young guns are in NFC. The 3 best teams in the NFL this season could end up being SF, Seattle and Atlanta. One of those teams will end up in the SB.
  5. cowboys2233

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    I fixed it for you. You're welcome.
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  6. DFWJC

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    Yes, the NFC is much deeper.
    But those silly preseason games give zero indication one way or the other.
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  7. GloryDaysRBack

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    You don't have to factor in the preseason. Preseason is meaningless. You can use last year and changes this year to draw enough of a conclusion. The AFC sucks. The NFC is stacked.
  8. AsthmaField

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    70's were the AFC (Pitt)
    80's were the NFC (Sand Fran)
    90's were the NFC (Dallas)
    00's were the AFC (NE)
    and now the 10's belong to the NFC, where it rightfully should! Who will be the team? SF? Seattle? Dallas? Washington? NO?
  9. 5Stars

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    There is no way to determine which is better until the real games begin, and there is also no way that anyone can proclaim that one team or the other is going to the Superbowl, period! Teams are not game planning right now.
  10. cowboys2233

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    Just interesting though -- with the parity in the league due to salary caps, would have guessed that this decade-long dominance would have ended. As you noted, much of the conference dominance was due to one or two teams and prior to the 00's, it was because they were able to keep their teams together. New England managed to do it in the 00's, even with a salary cap. Interesting to see if that was an anomaly or if we'll continue to see "teams of the decade" as we head forward.
  11. KJJ

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    LOL Hopefully you're right and I'm wrong.
  12. sideon

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    The top teams in the NFC could go 14-2 or possibly undefeated in the AFC, but the best teams in the AFC would be lucky to go 7-9 if they were in the NFC. Just my opinion
  13. Titleist

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    There's something to be said about being in a garbage conference. Not the worst thing in the world
  14. Yakuza Rich

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    Absolutely. Outside of the Patriots, Houston and Denver, the rest of the AFC East, AFC West and AFC South is a joke. Conversely, you have much more potential in the NFC. The Lions went 4-12 last year with Matt Stafford as their QB. Philly does have Vick (not great by any means, but better than the QB's on many AFC teams). Bradford is at least a decent QB and worlds better than what many of the AFC teams have. It's just better all-around.

  15. Fredd

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    I have always hated the AFC...the only time I can remember NOT rooting for the NFC in the SuperBowl was when the Eagles or Redskins were in it
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  16. MonsterD

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    Baltimore lost 4 of its last 5 regular season games to finish last year. They did play well after but discounting luck is absurd. Yes NFC is superior.
  17. StarBoyz83

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    Nfc is way more stacked. Saints are going to surprise people this year to I think.

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