Is the radio broadcast of the draft just like the TV broadcast?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Raneiron#31, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Ok this Saturday I have to go to a freaking wedding instead of eat pizza and watch the draft on tv. Ive already decided to be listening to the draft during the wedding ans my question is what should i expect? Do the do the same as tv just without the the highlight reel or what?
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    You aren't the groom or the best man are you? Hahah... I could see it now...

    Priest: And does anyone have any objections to this man and this woman being joined in holy matrimony?

    Raneiron: (Jumps up) Yes! Yes! Yes! We got him! We got him!

    Groom: Dude, she had me at hello....
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    The espn radio feed is different than the tv coverage. Its usually some of the same guys that do the radio shows.
  5. Raneiron#31

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    Oh thats great, luckily im just a bystander. Ill try sitting in the back so no one can see me lol.
  6. hipfake08

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    They do give updates throughout the show.
    So not to miss out on a one time event - you can tape the Draft.

    Women don't look at the sporting events like you do.
    This is their Super Bowl day.
    You may end up $crewing yourself with the raido feed - at least in the church.
    Spot updates during the reception are allowed.
    If the reception is located in any sporting area - they will have the draft on somewhere on a TV you should be able to get to see. Maybe in an outside bar area.
    Again - they have a crawl so getting updates would not be a problem.

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