Is there a epidemic in football on the horizon

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ODawg, Dec 10, 2005.

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    Bird Flu but just in football...I wonder with all these rule changes and focus on ratings/marketing...pretty soon you wont be able to tackle...alot of people think Roy Williams is a dirty player because of the horse collar, more like he hurt TO and the league drops money when a star player gets injured...Its all about money. Then with all this fantasy football crap...Sorry not a supporter...alot of younger fans care more about there fantasy team and there teams player stats more then wins and losses...Is football disappearing? Please share some insight with me...Dallas 27 KC 17
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    FWIW-Brian Dawkins has done far worse. Remember that cheap shot he put on Ike Hilliard a couple of years back, which ended his season? And for that matter too, Pitt's Troy P is an expert horse-collar tackler himself.

    AND-just for the sake of argument too-that hit Chris Gamble put on Daunte's legs was FFFFFAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR worse too.
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    I hear ya...people are ******** for blaming Roy for being a real football player
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    I agree.

    Have you noticed that when Roy does get up around the shoulder pads or the neck of the jersey, that he's now careful of how he drags the guy down? He pulls them down slowly by bending over and pushing them down instead of grabbing it, jumping off of his feet and letting his weight yank the ball carrier down.

    This way, he stays clear of their legs and he doesn't land on anyone.

    I saw it last week... and it allowed the carrier (Tiki I think) to gain another couple of yards.
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    Yes, I noticed that also, and he did get a few more yards, may have even gave them a first down, can't remember. What else is he supposed to do, think, I can't do that, it's a penalty, let him run.
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    Fantasy Football is ruining the fan base, IMO.

    I don't see too many diehard fans anymore, because they like players more than they seem to like teams. And, we all know that nowadays players move from team to team.

    I see a time in the future that most "fans" just root for their Fantasy Team, and maybe have a REAL team that they support secondarily.
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    i must disagree, i think most people just do fantasy football on the side and really their allegiance lies with their favorite team. Most people use players from their favorite team, for their fantasy team. For example i, being a cowboy fan have Glenn and Jones and cowboys defense, but i also have Peyton manning, Edgerin James, and Reggie Wayne. this doesn't mean that if the colts played the cowboys and peyton threw three td's to Reggie that i would be anything but pissed.

    Cowboys 21-13
    we go back to the magic number this year (13)

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