Is this a logical argument?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheKey, May 31, 2006.

  1. TheKey

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    Posted this at ES, I know theres no such thing as Logical argument over there but do I have a point?

  2. 5Stars

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    What are you doing hanging out over there at the ExtremeRedStinks forum?

    Go take a shower, now! :cool:

  3. TheKey

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    On my way, im sick of hearing them talk about how bad our O-Line is when it wasn't that bad.
  4. parchy

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    The problem was that it had one too many lapses (for my liking, at least) even when Flozell was healthy. There is no question that they're a stronger unit with Hotel in the starting lineup, but I don't think that group, especially one without LA, is anything to really get excited about.

    If all you're going on is improvement, I think its safe to say they have done that. The line will likely be good enough to see the team through to the playoffs, and that is really all I need. We can speculate on the type of player Kosier will be and how Al Johnson responds with a position battle looming, but when you take a step back from all that and look at the grand scheme, the line will be enough, barring injuries as always. *knock on wood*
  5. apickmans

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    Ive seen you around ES and you seem like a knowledgeable fan. You do bring up a good point though. Theres no way your O-line will play as bad as it did towards the end of last season. I'm really interested to see how the line plays w/o Allen. You guys might miss him more than you think.
  6. TheHustler

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    The OL was better with Flozell, but hardly superb.
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    we'll be quicker up the gut at LG, I dont' think we'll miss LA that much
  8. MONT17

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    Flozell had problems with speed rushers before the injury right? How many 330lbs guys play better after a knee injury?

    Koiser is an upgrade over LA who made the PROBOWL?

    AL JOHNSON bulking up does what to improve the center exchange? or defenses timing Bledsoes count?

    RIVERA's healthy and 35, right? How many 35 year olds outside of Madden 06 get over back problems over the offseason?

    Fabini and Petite can probally make Pasta dishes better than they can play OT!!!

    yes the OL will be better but thats not saying much is it?

    unless every player plays over their heads this OL will struggle at times!!!
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    my eyes hurt after reading that
  10. apickmans

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    haha. Summer, but what will happen when you need those tough yards. I thought that was what allen excelled at.
  11. Bob Sacamano

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    last year Allen whiffed on many short-yardage blocks
  12. apickmans

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    How in the world did this guy go to the pro bowl is my next question?
  13. Bob Sacamano

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    I love LA, but he's been going to the Pro Bowl on reputation these last 2, maybe 3 years
  14. apickmans

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    Heh i knew that, i just love hearing Cowboy fans say it too.
  15. Manster68

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    Dallas' offense was somewhere in the 5-7 ranking in the NFL before Flo went down. Then it dropped some as the sacks started to pile up.

    Bringing in Owens and drafting Fasano does change things. There will be less times there will be eight men in the box. Teams might be less inclined to blitz - as the chance of getting burned will increase.

    And yes, Petitti and Johnson will be improved.

    If anyone thinks Dallas will give up 50 sacks again will be sadly mistaken.

    So go ahead anti-Dallas geeks, keep living on last years stats.
  16. Billy Bullocks

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    Every once in a while it's nice to go to a place where people don't generally agree with you (except for here if you bring up Henson, or something of that nature, then you can have a great argument)
  17. lostinomiya

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    hate to say it, but you have a point or two.

    i will be a doubting thomas until i see the offensive line protect bledsoe. there is no-one on the line that doesnt have a question mark over their ability to be a solid player whether it be because of age, injury or track-record.
  18. burmafrd

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    Mont is out of touch. Most knee injuries now heal to the point of losing virtually no ability. If he is dumb enough to believe the LA pro bowl hype that is his problem. the center exchange problem was gone by mid season. Rivera is not 35 and from all accounts is in good shape- and he was a PRO BOWL guard LEGITMATELY unlike LA. Mont once again shows his stupidity on Fabini- he started over 100 STRAIGHT GAMES for a team that was a playoff contender almost every year. Just plain DUMB.
  19. Future

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    i have a very intelligent answer to that.....DURRRRR :bang2: pee wee o-lines play better than that
  20. Hoov

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    The pass protection at the end of last year was awful, hence i can see a fan of another team ripping the dallas OLine.

    All the talk of the cowboys missing Probowler LA doesnt faze me a bit. I havent got into this discussion yet, but i remember several times seeing LA standing with his hand on his hips turned around towards the backfield and watching Jones pick himself up after a 2 yard loss where he was hit as he took the handoff.

    And someone posted a stat last year of the average run yards behing each OLineman, (i dont know how they compiled that one) but i do remember that runs behind LA averaged less than every other lineman, i think the figure was close to 1.7 yards.

    And we know Allen cant pull anymore, so what was he going to contribute this year. with him in the lineup it severely hinders the lateral running plays, the screen passes, and running directly behind him was not working. Im not sold that he was a great pass blocker either last year.

    Kosier may get pushed back a bit, but his athleticism will bring a different dimension that we havent had for some time. whether its an upgrade or not remains to be seen, but cant get any worse than last yaer.

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