Is this a rebuilding year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jday, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I looked at a little data for this last year in terms of Super Bowls, and it's not showed up there yet. It's not W/L, but all of the Super Bowl wins went to teams with 0-2 top 10 picks over the most recent 10 year period.

    Here's remaining results:

    Teams with the most top 10 picks the last 10 years (parentheses = W/L in Super Bowls):
    DET x7
    JAX x7
    OAK x6
    ARI x6 (0-1) 2008
    CLE x6
    WAS x5
    MIA x5
    ATL x4
    SF x4 (0-1) 2012
    TB x4
    TEN x4
    NYJ x4
    BUF x4
    STL x4
    KC x4
    HOU x3
    MIN x3
    CIN x3
    SEA x2 (1-1) 2005, 2013
    CAR x2
    DAL x2
    GB x2 (1-0) 2010
    NO x2 (1-0) 2009
    DEN x1 (0-1) 2013
    IND x1 (1-1) 2006, 2009
    PHI x1 (0-1) 2004
    NYG x1 (2-0) 2007, 2011
    NE x1 (1-2) 2004, 2007, 2011
    CHI x1 (0-1) 2005
    SD x1
    BAL x1 (1-0) 2012
    PIT x0 (2-1) 2005, 2008, 2010
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    I'm just telling you what I heard Jerry and Parcells say in their own words during interviews. To this day many think Jerry pushed Jimmy out even though Jimmy said in his own words on "It's a Football Life" that it wasn't Jerry's fault it was he who wanted to leave. Jimmy said he wanted to go back to South FL. No matter how many times Jimmy tells the story and it's posted here you still have those who insist Jerry pushed him out. Below is an article with Parcells explaining why he left the Cowboys. There's several articles out there but this one is credible because it was taken from the Cowboys website.
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    This is probably accurate, but at the same time I wouldn't call everything you read on credible.
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    No but "quotes" are credible. They give Parcells' account as to why he left not someone else giving their account as to why.
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    I'll expound on my issue with the credibility of this website. The guy who signs the writers checks is Jerry Jones or one of the Jone's. So there is a bit of a conflict of interest, in terms of getting the dirt on what really happened. Having said that, I'll accept what Parcell's was quoted as saying. The game had passed him by when it turned into a passing league. He recognized that and wasn't sure, at his age, he could effectively adapt. Or at least, that's what I took from it. But I still maintain it had nothing to do with his team's readiness. They were poised for greatness, he just lacked the right genius to exercise their potential. In steps Wade, and the rest is history.
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    If you want the dirt on something just listen to Parcells' interviews he doesn't sugar coat anything. He's always been pretty candid and if there were any issues between him and Jerry he would say it. Parcells said he lost his desire after the disappointing loss in Seattle. That loss took a lot out of him. Although he thought he had a good team he knew it was going to take time to develop Romo who had 10 turnovers the last 5 games of the 06 season. If Parcells believed he had a 13-3 team on his hands he would have come back for one more year. He stated he did have some regrets about leaving when he saw the Cowboys go 13-3 the following year.
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    I'm with you on what Parcells was quoted as saying. He has always been very candid with his responses. Jerry, on the other hand, answers are typically fueled by what he thinks people want to hear and what will make them buy more merchandise/tickets to the game.
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    Seems like for a lot of people in this thread, "rebuilding" means "not win that much". They aren't the same.
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    There's many articles out there that aren't affiliated with about why Parcells left the Cowboys. What Jerry said in his live interview a few years ago on NFLN was that he wanted Bill to return and tried talking him into returning but Bill said he no longer had the desire to coach and wanted to step down.

    In a separate interview Parcells said the same exact thing that Jerry tried talking him into returning but he no longer had the desire to coach. This is why Parcells never returned to coaching. He mentioned how the game was changing and that it was time for him to leave. I'm sure he got many offers to coach after turning the Cowboys around but he had enough.
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    I seem to remember this post in 2011, 12, 13......

    Yes, In 2020 things will be fine.
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    The term re-building is over-used. Every year is a re-building year; through the free agent signing period, to the draft. You have to get better every year and build on something.
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    Rebuilding? I don't know if you could call it that. I bet the front office doesn't.

    But this is a year where the Cowboys have no shot to win anything significant. So label that what you will.
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    You just said rebuilding is over used and you just used it to describe what teams do every year. :cool: Teams don't rebuild every year they re-tool with some new additions through the draft and free agency to enhance what they already have. Rebuilding is what you do to a damaged ineffective roster that needs to be overhauled.
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    You might be surprised.
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    Rebuilding the D with a realistic goal of winning the NFC East
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    It better not be a 'rebuilding year'. if it was a rebuilding year, we should have drafted Manziel.
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    We shouldn't have drafted JF and didn't drafted JF for a reason regardless if it's a rebuilding year or not.
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    On the job training
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    Romo contract nullifies a rebuild. Jerry has all his chips in.
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    It kind of is and it kind of isn't. The offense is set and Linehan is expected to fine tune it. The defense is basically being rebuilt with potentially 5 new starters.

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