Is this the secret sauce?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by OhSnap, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Is being able to score on the ground in the red zone the secret sauce or is it the red zone defense? There just isn't gonna be a major shift in philosophy when it comes to the running game. The last year the Raiders went to the SB(2002 AFC champions) Bill Callahan was the head coach and Marc Trestman was the OC the Raiders threw the ball over 600 times and ran it 414 times.(Garrett has ran the ball in the 400 att. range every year except last year) Not very balanced right? Calahan MIGHT run the ball more but if it's like he did in Oakland in 2000 it will be Tony Romo pickin up the slack just like Rich Gannon did running for 89 times and over 500 yards. Thats the 3rd option, Is Romo running more going to be the "Secret Sauce" ?
  2. tupperware

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    I'm not going to believe any of this hooha until I see things materialize on the field. They've barked about things in the past that never seem to matter much or come to fruition.
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  3. Zordon

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    Scoring touchdowns instead of field goals is the secret sauce to this season.
  4. dstovall5

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    Not being ranked 31st in rushing is apart of the secret sauce.
    Not being one of the worst o-lines in the league is apart of the secret sauce.
    Not being one of the worst at creating turnovers is apart of the secret sauce.
    Not being one of the worst defenses at allowing teams to score is apart of the secret sauce.
    Not having a very productive red zone offense is apart of the secret sauce.

    I think all these things combined into one is suppose to be the "secret sauce", though then it wouldn't be very good secret. Because, everyone and their relatives know these are our problems. OR maybe there is an actual "secret sauce" that will make our team better, but again that sauce isn't very secret either .... Please don't be talking about PED Jones, the last thing we need is our whole 53 man roster getting suspend 2-4 games for illegal substance abuse.
  5. Maxmadden

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    Having Romo running is NOT an ingredient in the secret sauce!
  6. Bungarian

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    The secret sauce is duck
  7. Hostile

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    It was a metaphor.
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  8. Boyzmamacita

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    Anything our front office utters is dissected ad nauseum. I wonder if Steven planned for "secret sauce" to take on a life of its own.
  9. jday

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    There is only one problem with your theory: Establishing a balance offense and running the ball even when it is not yielding positive results for the end-of-game dividends is not a secret. In fact, for the last three years in a row Jason Garrett has said he wants to run the ball more and more effectively in the months leading into the regular season; and yet, we still did not see a significant move from his usual pass-happy offense on game day. Rather that was because of what was called or because Romo checked into a pass, we will never know. The point is, considering running the ball more is not a secret and this is nothing new, i'd say that is not the secret sauce he was referring to.

    In my opinion, I don't think Stephen was referring to anything in particular. I honestly believe he is seeing what I think most all of us are seeing. 1. This defense, in terms of personnel, is a better fit for the 4-3. 2. Dez Braynt is starting to peak. 3. The running corps look the best they've looked in, at least, 3 years...probably more. 4. The offensive line looks the best it has since 2007. 5. All of our skill positions, for the exception of Lance Dunbar, are healthy for week 1 (even Miles Austin). 6. Call it a hunch, but I think our Safety position, in terms of overall talent and depth looks the best it has since Darren Woodson manned it (I realize that not saying a whole lot...but still). 7. The combination of Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, and Earnie Sims/Justin Durant/DeVonte Holloman is probably the best linebacker tandem we have had since the dynasty; and this is especially the case because Demarcus Ware is on the DL. 8. The addition of Terrance Williams affords the Cowboys the ability to confidently play Miles Austin in the slot, whereas, in times past, the 3rd receiver's for the Cowboys have predominantly been slot receivers forcing Miles to the oustide. 9. This looks to be a very strong staff the Jones' have stacker around Garrett, especially on the defensive side of the ball. 10. If this team can stay relatively healthy (this is truly the biggest key to the Cowboys success in 2013), this team could go deep into the playoffs, possibly further.

    I am still cautiously optimistic, but you serioiusly have to be blind not to see that this team has excellent potential for greatness.
  10. JBell523

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    Romo running the ball more though.

    I'm done
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  11. Staubacher

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    The Secret Sauce is.......

  12. FiveRings

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    A world in which tacos are merely a metaphor is a world in which I don't want to live
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  13. iceman117

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    the secret sauce was obviously Jerry's "40 year old brain" and Romo's "special delivery", duh
  14. Hoofbite

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    Meh, I heard it's just a spicy ketchup they'll be serving in the stadium.
  15. Lonestar94

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    Gotta keep the fans happy.. right?
  16. Galian Beast

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    The secret sauce is the massive unheralded changes made on both offense and defense this year.

    Increasing our points per game and decreasing our points allowed per game. Will equal significantly more wins.

    This team has recently only competed up to what it needed to, which is why we continue to go 8-8. With a more aggressive offense and defense, that shouldn't be the case going forward.
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  17. Fredd

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    all of this talk about secret sauce make me hungry

    homemade salsa on game day on EVERYTHING!!!! (even my cereal)
  18. Vinnie2u

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    Texas Pete!
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  19. jazzcat22

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    The Secret Sauce is something different every week....Sunday night it will be Terrance Williams.....the forgotten WR.
    Dez will be doubled, with focus on Austin & Witten. And if Murrray can run the out for Williams, like Ogletree last year.
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  20. burmafrd

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    well to be serious to me it seems that its all about the O line. And being able to run the ball when it matters. Something we have not been able to do for 3 years.

    Once in the Red Zone the D would ignore any running options and sell out against the pass. Result for us was all too often a FG at best and nothing at worst.

    With a viable running game that makes the D have to take into account running the ball; and that means less pressure on Romo and the passing game. That is a huge plus.

    And outside of the red zone knowing that we are not always going to be in the Shot Gun on 3rd and 2 or 3rd and 1 is going to put more pressure on the D to stop the Boys.

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