Is Tony Romo's new deal Jerry's worst move?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Floaty, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Floaty

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    I'm absolutely stunned with this move......

    I think back to the Joey Galloway trade...and the desperation in that trade...

    The Roy Williams trade....More desperation

    And now this:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

    I keep hearing how they had to do this deal......

    I'm not buying it.

    It's just like this bailout to all the banks when the banks said the economy would have collapsed w/o the bailouts.

    That wasn't the truth....then

    And doing this deal wasn't in the best interest of the Cowboys for the long term.

    Football people all over the league are laughing their tails off.

    This deal is the end of the Dallas Cowboys.

    Yes...they may be competitive for this season. But the bill is coming...And It's gonna have to be paid.

    There will be no way to keep our free agents in the coming years.

    This BS about this is the going rate for starting QBs......last I looked

    the QBs that got these 100 million$ deals all have a Super Bowl win.

    I have to ask what did Jerry do between the end of the Washington game and now to think Romo was worth this deal?

    Did he not witness the interceptions in the Redskin game?

    Jerry has lost his mind.

    How could he ever agree to a deal w/ Romo in the first place that he couldn't be franchised?????

    If Jerry was smart....:lmao2:

    he would have let Romo play out his deal and see how the season played out...then franchised him.

    You could have squeezed 2 more years out of Romo for 32 million.

    Now your committed to him for @ least 4 years

    Where was Romo gonna go if he was a free agent anyway????

    No one would have paid half that contract.

    This deal is the last straw that broke the Cowboys back. Mark my words.....people will look back @ this deal and wonder what the hell Jerry was possibly thinking?
  2. cowboyvic

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    Yes it is. Jerry just killed his franchise. and the sad part is he does not even realize it.
  3. Little Jr

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  4. Ultimategamer5567

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    Too bad the Savior Matt Barkley won't be drafted by Dallas!!!!!!
    'Cause he's Aaron Rodgers 2.0.
    What do the NFL scouts know, huh?
  5. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    It is a lot but this does not compare to not only trading for Roy Williams, but immediately giving him a five year, $45 million dollar contract.

    It is easy to pick on Jerry Jones for a lot of bad deals, but this is far from one of them.

    It is just expensive, that is all.
  6. ajk23az

    ajk23az Through Pain Comes Clarity

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    Lol. The OP is funny.
  7. SilverStarCowboy

    SilverStarCowboy The Actualist

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    There are two QBs in this Draft and one is over-rated and the other is injured..maybe three. None are projected to be anything like Andrew Luck or RG 3 or Russel Wilson.

    NFL Teams covet QBs like a fly covets...the plague, what were our choices beyond this?

    You want Matt Cassel or A.Smith. I don't.
  8. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Ok know it all Floaty, I will mark your words.
  9. Manster54

    Manster54 Active Member

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  10. BraveHeartFan

    BraveHeartFan We got a hat. I want a ring.

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    Two things...

    One... no they couldn't have franchised him as the OP is trying to pass off. That was reported yesterday or the day before that the way his contract voided at the end of this season happens after the franchise tags are allowed. So, no, they couldn't franchise him so your grand plan to squeeze two years out of his is wrong.

    Two...this is the end for the Dallas Cowboys? Wow I didn't realise that the Cowboys would have to close up shop, and be out of the NFL, because of this deal. Damn. Guess we all better enjoy the last few years of the Cowboys being in the NFL since apparently they're going to be out of the league after this.

    Talk about some over-reaction. Geez.
  11. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

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    What if we win the Superbowl this season, or maybe in 2014. Is this contract still horrible and a mistake? After all, Romo will have a SB under his belt, just like Manning and Rodgers.

    Only time will tell how bad this effects future finances. It will be a lot easier to handle with a nice, fat ring on their fingers.
  12. muck4doo

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    Oh please. OP is being ridiculous.
  13. BraveHeartFan

    BraveHeartFan We got a hat. I want a ring.

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    If we win the Superbowl (And I'm not saying we will or making any sort of prediction to that) it wouldn't matter to the people who hate Romo anyway. The guy could be brilliant and win the MVP of the Superbowl and they'd still find someway to claim that the Cowboys actually won in spite of him.

    You'd either get that or you'd find that they simply would quit coming to the forums. Those will be the only two things you get from those who don't like Romo.
  14. MonsterD

    MonsterD Quota outta absentia

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    No the worst one was never trading for John Abraham.
  15. cowboyvic

    cowboyvic Well-Known Member

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    Good luck with the 8 and 8, and no championship Romo years.
  16. dstew60105

    dstew60105 Well-Known Member

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    Not only ridiculous, but clueless as well. How many games do we win last year without Romo? 3 maybe 4?
  17. Bowdown27

    Bowdown27 Well-Known Member

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    Tony needs to win a Super Bowl and that's that. Idc bout any other situations or did Jerry spend too much etc. it's not our money and if we win none of us will care. Fix our oline and give this kid a chance with a running game
  18. cowboyvic

    cowboyvic Well-Known Member

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    32 year old QB's don't get better, they get worse. and he was not that good to begin with. this is a terrible deal for the Cowboys. there will be no super Bowl championship with this guy.
  19. Manster54

    Manster54 Active Member

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    You named them. Roy Williams & Joey Galloway trades by far.
  20. Stinger_Splash

    Stinger_Splash Active Member

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    It's definitely up there. It's just foolish to give a choke artist so much guaranteed money. This will bite the cowboys in the long run.

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