Is Tony Romo's new deal Jerry's worst move?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Floaty, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Floaty

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    Great Point

    Jerry has basically sabotaged any kind of rebuilding effort if/when the wheels come off.....

    Just look @ these ridiculous numbers

    2013: $1.5 million base salary, $11.818 million cap figure
    2014: $13.5 million base salary, $21.773 million cap figure
    2015: $17 million base salary, $25.273 million cap figure
    2016: $8.5 million base salary, $15.135 million cap figure
    2017: $14 million base salary, $19 million cap figure
    2018: $19.5 million base salary, cap figure
    2019: $20.5 million base salary, cap figure

    I guess I can start looking forward to watching football again in the year 2020
  2. Ultimategamer5567

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    The poor line play has been the problem for five years now. That is a fact. Unless Romo getting hurt, what, three straight seasons as a result is just a small setback in your mind.
  3. cowboyvic

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    NFLN poll. 84% of people say bad deal for Cowboys. 16% say good deal for Cowboys. looks like you Romo lovers atre in the 16%.People know what they see with their eyes.
  4. MyBad

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    Hey can't argue with Floaty's signature making ability, but if memory serves me he was banned many time over at the Ranch....:D
  5. Maxmadden

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    Don't leave out those stellar defenses. Not off the top of my head but if I were a betting man I would bet that the majority of the SB's the Cowboys have won that they trotted out a top 5 defense. I know Staubach had Doomsday and I know that 1 of Aikmens superbowls he had the no. 1 or no.2 defense and the others were right up there. But no, it's only the QB who can get playoff wins and SB's.
  6. muck4doo

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    The stupid burns hot in this thread.
  7. Ultimategamer5567

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    Considering 70% of "fans" can't even name all 32 teams in the league...
  8. Floaty

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    5,282 Messages
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    You really weren't sure what was gonna happen. We still had Aikman, Irvin and Smith....And the thinking was we were one piece away from making another SB run.

    This Romo deal is Armageddon:shoot1:

    And there is no doubt-it's a horrible deal

    Our cap situation is gonna be so top heavy that in 2 years we will have to field a team half full of undrafted rookies just to fit under the salary cap.
  9. DoomsDayD

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    How many games did we win with him. 8??
  10. Floaty

    Floaty The Labeled One

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    Maybe so...because when the truth hurts someone has got to pay.

    Funny how I won their pick'em league 2 years in a row and FF league last year.:rolleyes:
  11. cowboyvic

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    That's what they don't seem to get. we were only 8 and 8, the last 2 years even with Romo. the guy has had one 13 and 3 season, and one 11 and 5 year. other than that that, he has never won 10 games or more in his 7 years as a starter. and he has 1 playoff win since he was in the 11th grade in High School. this who he is.
  12. venky

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    This team, imo, isn't good enough to win a SB. I'd rather win 3 or 4 games a year and build through the draft like SF rather than 8-8 ever year.
  13. cowboysooner

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    This deal is two additional years of Romo with ten million in dead money thereafter. it pays him 18 per year over those three years instead of 11,5 next year. It is not a good deal. But we have nowhere better to turn for a future qb. Next year or the year after we will draft a qb and use a year of cheap quarterback to absorb some Romo ware and written dead money. This is a three year plan.
  14. Section444

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    Not his worst, but it's up there.
  15. galebedeker

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    The worst move was either the Joey Galloway trade or the Roy Williams trade. Jerry has done some good things over the years. Bernie Kosar, Charles Haley, convincing Bill to take Demarcus Ware,etc.
  16. dexternjack

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    Jerry and co. made a series of bad deals which led them to this scenario. He was pretty much forced into extending Tony because of previous cap and signing blunders over the past few years.

    I like this deal, maybe a bit too much $, but it needed to be done. So, I don't think this new contract is in the top three mistakes, it is what they did before hand to get them to this point IMO.

    Jerry can't keep robbing Peter to pay Paul forever, it will catch up eventually.
  17. cowboyvic

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    +1000. right on the money.i really don't see why some Cowboys fan don't get it.
  18. AsthmaField

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    FloatyWorm has been banned from numerous forums. Can't happen soon enough here. This thread is outrageous.
  19. weaver21

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    Get over yourself, man. Just because you and a couple other people think the Cowboys can't get it done doesn't mean everyone has to think the same. Some people think with a couple pieces added to both lines, this team can win a Super Bowl. Accept it and stop crying over people not agreeing with you.
  20. HoosierCowboy

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    no, because it is a very good move

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