Is Tony Romo's new deal Jerry's worst move?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Floaty, Mar 29, 2013.

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    "I am a great talent evaluator/capologist like Gil Brant and Scott Piloi"

    Jerry bought the Cowboys to make it everything it wasn't - proving what the local media bragged about before this regime. A franchise that consistently made the playoffs, frequently appeared in at least the NFC championship 1966-1985 - again in 1991-1996 while he allowed Jimmy to run the team competently. Ruined by becoming another team with a meddling owner attempting to pick the talent, undermine the HCs authority, frequently changing coaches when it fails.

    Anyone know what it's like to meet someone you knew and they have changed so much it's worse than meeting a stranger? :( Jerry has changed a once great team into a team I can't identify with...don't expect it to always be elite, but moves like this highlight how he has killed the soul of the Cowboys I once knew. He's desperately trying to fix the team and utterly can't.

    The only thing that might work is fans and sponsors withdraw support - that actually worried Jerry enough to hire Parcells, so there is a chance.

    Maybe this post gets me banned. If it does not, a few will flame on me for not blindly supporting stupid - doesn't a fan have a right to ask the owner to exercise common sense?
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    There are millions of Cowboys fans. Why don't you tell each of them to withdraw their support and stop rooting for the Cowboys? :laugh2: :laugh1:
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    That's speculation. Either way, take what you want from it. I think the QBs mindset is relevant, but not all that indicative of how the team will necessarily perform. If it's better for whatever reason to assume that all QBs have the same mindset in March, then knock yourself out. It's pretty unlikely, though.

    I do agree that a lot can happen between now and then that's more important than the perspective of the QB right now.

    That's all I'm saying. If you enjoy hearing the positives, it was definitely positive. And very different from the prevailing offseason tone here where everyone's still depressed we didn't have a playoff run last season.
  4. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Happy hour must be early for you. Glad you feel like the Cowboys are right there with the 49ers, Patriots, must be drinking what Jerry drinks.

    With nearly everything else, people move on when mediocrity goes serial - not my place to tell them what common sense should tell them. I think the breaking point is a hand when millions of Cowboy fans will stop following - it's just taking longer.
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    specific adjustment in the works..........I hope they are also working on contingency adjustments to the specific adjustments.....:rolleyes:
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    People realize this isn't really a 6 year 108M deal right? Are people ignoring those last two gimmick years?
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    Lol. This gets said a lot. And then the Cowboys are consistently ranked the most watched team in the league again and again and again. It's just not going to ever happen.
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    Good ole Floaty. Seeing that name takes me back to the ********** days of Cowboys chat. One thing you know for sure: he'll stir the drink.
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    Oh it could. If people ever got to the point where they preferred playing with their kids or going to the movies over coming onto internet message boards to wring their hands in worry or cry in frustration on everything the Cowboys do.

    People enjoy being upset with the team. It's the only explanation outside of them being disingenuous.
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    we are idyot gnats fans. All hell the eli. Ian't she grand.LOL supperballs forever!
  11. Idgit

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    It's like asking if a group of Labradors will ever stop looking for that tennis ball you just palmed for the 100th time. They're going to keep looking for it, they'll just slobber a bit and get more agitated each time you pretend to throw it.
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    You're correct anyone that thinks this team can continue to fail constantly and not lose support is fooling themselves. Sites like this are a perfect example, I recall not long ago this place rarely had negative posts and every failure was brushed under the rug until others like myself woke up and realized how bad things had become.

    I used to be a Jerry apologist believing he just wanted to win but that is not the case, he wants to win his way and if not he doesn't care if we lose every game we play.Things are changing at some point others will realize this as well and Jerry's wallet and ego will really start to take a hit.
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    You're such a joke it isn't funny.

    The 10 guys I named, most are guys everyone here has already said deserve to go. Yet now they are somehow valued players? Get real Floaty.

    Ratliff is one that many thought would be cut this year. He has been hurt a lot and has been one of the guys that everyone swears is overpaid and over the hill. Somehow you are going to throw a pity party over him leaving.

    Doug Free? Ditto. Use him to save money and somehow he ia highly valued member of this team we can't afford to lose.

    Scandrick, Livings, Bernadeau, Orton? Are you seriously trying to say any of these guys are big parts of the future? Really? Really??

    So the only ones you can argue about are Ware, Austin, Carr and Witten. In order of importance, least to most. Austin is a good receiver but hasn't ever lived up to the hype. Pretty sure you are one of the guys that wanted us to sign Robinson at Austin's expense. Austin can be replaced in free agency or through the draft.

    Witten is Romo's security blanket and probably will be fine for 3-4 years but we have a replacement that we think pretty highly of him already in the fold.

    Carr was our big money guy and had a solid if unspectacular year. His deal is structured that he is probably here this year and next and then will hit the road. If he doesn't make a big impact this year, no point in keeping him around another.

    And then there is Ware. Did injuries start catching up or was last year a fluke? If it happens two years in a row, you might have to consider letting him go. This is the one that everyone screams we have to be willing to cut to be like other teams. If he has a good year, he can be restructured and take 8.3m off the cap and be around a few more years.

    That is the deal....there is flexibility within the guys we have. If they do great, then we can make it work to keep them. If they don't we have options to make their exits work out for the cap.

    Things are really set up for this year to be do or die for a lot of guys. If we do cut some or all of these guys, there are still this year's rookies and UDFA to add to the team and next year's UDFA's and draft picks. It doesn't guarantee 3-13.

    At any given time, this team could solve any cap issues over a 2 year period and be a team that could be a huge player in free agency the third year. THis whole concept of one move causing 5-7 years of trouble is just a joke.
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    I am not happy with Romo's contract and complaining and whining about it just gives me diarrhea, so I will just keep :cool:
  15. Gemini Dolly

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    More likely it will be 3 years, right?
  16. Wood

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    I think the Romo deal is Jerry farewell tour. He is pinning all of his hopes on Romo to prove to NFL elite and fans across the country that can win a Superbowl as head of football operations. I think most of us know how this will end but we need to find it within ourselves to try and support it because there is no getting out of that contract for atleast 3-4 years.
  17. Idgit

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    Most of you? Hey, whatever it takes to get you guys to try to support it works for me. It'll make things a lot quieter around here on a topic that's tired out, at the very least.

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