Is Watkins' vertical legit?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dangerous Dave, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Deep_Freeze

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    I wonder about the camera angle, but he is awful high on the guys around him. Just plain amazing.
  2. rlee

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    if he doesn't work at safety; he would probably make a good wide receiver
  3. TDHND

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    I wish I had hops like that. Dang I think we got a steal.
  4. twa

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    He has played some reciever,I also read that some thought he could bulk up for OLB, real interesting kid.
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    He even intimidates his own players with it.

    This pic is a pick vs Duke...where the intended receiver is, I have no idea.

    Supposedly a "41 vertical. Might be a case of game elevation being even better than the official stats.
  6. Dale

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    Eh. Any good high jumper would have easily cleared that Virginia Tech player.

  7. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, when you test a vertical, you can only really take one step. In a game and such, you can get a running start, which can help with its height.
  8. Dat Dude

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    Sorry man, but it is a stand still jump.. No step just explosion from two feet
  9. Jay9508

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    :eek: I'm speechless
  10. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze Well-Known Member

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    OK, well been a long time since I had to do that as an engineer, lol.
  11. sago1

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    His Cowboy position coach was interviewed by the ticket and stated they believed he slide down cause of his height and teams weren't sure about having a FS who was so tall, but his position coach (didn't remember name) said there used to be S years ago who were tall and he cited Kenny Houston (when I lived in No. Va area he was a really good player for the Redskins; apparently a great guy but a mean so & so on the field. He did his share of laying out Cowboys under George Allen. Anyone Watkins also described as an "elite ST" with such good hands that he could be a WR in the Red Zone. He's the last centerfield FS available so thank goodness we traded up to get him. This guy's our future starter FS after he learns how to play FS in the NFL. I wanted this guy in 3rd round; can't believe we got him in the 5th.
  12. Duane

    Duane Well-Known Member

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    That was actually the SE Region scout but the summary is dead on.
  13. Cowboy Lover

    Cowboy Lover New Member

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    I'd say not. Look at #80, he's craned his neck and looking WAY up!
  14. Race Bannon

    Race Bannon Active Member

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    OK. I'll bite. Who doctored the picture to remove the trampoline. That was unreal.
  15. twa

    twa Active Member

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    Anyone that remembers Kenny Houston knows THAT is a hell of a compliment.

    I agree with the resemblance.
  16. LeonDixson

    LeonDixson Illegitimi non carborundum

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    Cheese and crackers!!!
  17. jbsg02

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    situational red zone WR
  18. BlueStar22

    BlueStar22 Well-Known Member

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    Well, Sorry Mr. Watkins, you WILL NOT, get to keep your college number!
  19. Catch-22

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    I wouldn't be so sure, both #88 and #33 are given out all the time

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