News: Issues In Oxnard: Identifying The Best Players On This Defense - Splash Plays

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    Issues In Oxnard: Identifying The Best Players On This Defense - Splash Plays

    When you discuss the Cowboys defense in 2014 (or any other year), you start with the obvious discussion of who the potential best players could be. As we examine this particular depth chart, you have to be rather struck with this important quandary.

    Who are the best players on defense? Where is the star power going to come from in 2014? If every player on the defense was made available to the entire league, who would be snapped up first as the most coveted players? And amongst them, who would be required the biggest check?

    Regardless of how many feel about the results of spending $50m on Brandon Carr, I would argue that he has been a very solid player for the Cowboys and while maybe he has been slightly less than dominant, he has played every single game and has put up results on most of those occasions. If they have been a poor defense since his arrival, it would be difficult to pin the failures on Carr - He is simply no match for Calvin Johnson or Brandon Marshall, but then again, without much safety assistance, who is?

    Beyond Carr, you then get into the discussion of who is next? Would Orlando Scandrick be that guy? Quite possibly. In fact, if you want to know who would be grabbed by the competition the quickest in a hypothetical reallocation draft from the Cowboys defense, the Top 3 picks might all be corner backs. With Carr, Scandrick, and the underachieving and even disappointing Morris Claiborne. Claiborne has plenty of ability, but if anyone needs to demonstrate their true value on the football field (and start by playing every game), it is the #6 overall selection of the 2012 draft. Of course, Claiborne would be a "potential over performance" play, but I think he might be the 3rd guy taken.

    If he isn't, then surely George Selvie is. In his 5th year in the NFL at his 4th organization, he finally put it together last season with 7 sacks and is now a year away from perhaps being a real coveted player in free agency at the age of 28 (he will turn 28 in March). Nothing pays in the NFL like sacks, and if he can find his way to 10 or so this year, he will get paid well...

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