It has to be asked because it's definitely possible

Discussion in 'Quarterback Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Dak isn't going out unless he can't play. If Dak is struggling for 3 Q's there's a chance he'll probably comeback in the 4th. I trust him. Now if we're up 42-13 in the 4th Q, sure go ahead, give Romo some playoff time. :)
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    If the game is within 7-10 points, no way Dak gets pulled, although he played like trash against the Giants (2nd game) I don't think he gets pulled if it's the same kind of game.
    I could actually see it againts GB or Atl, if they score 2-3 quick Td's, we arent running the ball well and we need to catch up, that's when you need Tony, who is without a doubt a better passer than Dak.
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    What If... The Dallas Cowboys started out 1-5 and waited for Romo to heal? Would we even have made the playoffs to be having this debate???????:facepalm:

    "Have you idiots not learned your lesson? TONY ROMO IS HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD. Take the Denver game a couple years ago as an example, yeah he gave us 506 yards and 3TDS but he also threw a game ending pick with 2:00 left. Dak is methodical, calculated and protective of the ball. He's LOW RISK HIGH REWARD. Its posts like this that makes people hate Cowboy fans. We got a rookie QB balling out winning 13 games yet we got idiot fans and sports writers looking in the past. Unbelievable!"
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    I see the off season endless topic
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    Man, I am so tired.
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    Anything is possible. It's possible Dak does the same thing. But when healthy, Tony is so talented, you can depend on good happening more often than bad.

    And yes, Jason won't do it. It's too creative and "out of the box".

    Jason really has seemed to turn his back on Romo. They seemed to be really close for a long time - almost like really good friends. You'd think Jason would implement him into the game plan as a player who is talented and the RKG like he always said Tony was.
  7. haleyrules

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    Absolutely correct and even ole Jerry knows it.
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    Given the way Jerry has treated him this far for just a so-so performance, he might get a lifetime contract after he collects Coach of the Year.
  9. Clove

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    You guys can dream all you want, it's wasted. Garrett and Jones already made things absolutely clear.
  10. Clove

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    I really don't care how I SPELL anything, my point was made. Your boy toy won't start OR come in. Period......................................
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    Was it you that I bet that if Romo returns as starter I would put as my signature, "Diehardblues is my daddy" and if Romo didn't return as the starter you would put in your signature, "Tyke1doe is my daddy"?
  12. ChldsPlay

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    Considering how Garrett has a history of being reactionary to criticism he receives, I wouldn't be surprised if a big part of him wants to show he can be successful without Romo after the embarrassment of 2015.
  13. DFWJC

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    Did you just use a game where Dallas had 49 points, 5 TDs passes and only 1 turnover and 1 punt all a BAD example of Romo? Or was a quote from some massive tard trying to say that, and not you.
    Dallas loses that game by 2-4 TDs with most orher QBs
  15. rags747

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    And your boy toy better come ready to play
  16. DandyDon52

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    What if he gets that and a SB win ! lol for sure lifetime.
  17. DandyDon52

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    good point, and also he is smart enough to see another younger coattail he can ride on.
  18. Bleu Star

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    You are correct sir.

    So, in other words, you won't see Tony.
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    Actually that is a good game, also the detroit game, and some others where tony put up a lot of points and still lost, and the defense
    took the blame.

    Tony rarely had long time consuming drives, till 2014, and he tried to win games by just outscoring the other team.
    With Dak it has been more of a TOP game where each team gets less possessions, and that and the long drives helped the defense.

    Scoring quickly is almost like a 3 and out where defense has to go back out too quickly.

    The denver game became a scoring contest, and tony was close, but lost that contest.
  20. Clove

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    I'm sorry, I have no boy toy's. My toy is the Cowboys, your toy is Romo.

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