It has to be asked because it's definitely possible

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. lukin2006

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    Well if Dak is struggling, similar to the Giants game and JG doesn't bring in Romo, then whys he the coach?
  2. Beast_from_East

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    Bro, everybody is enjoying the season but you have to be prepared for all contingencies. Yes, we all hope Dallas beats everybody they play 50-0 and Dak doesn't have a single incompletion the entire playoffs and we win our 6 trophy. There, are you happy?

    Now lets talk about other scenarios that might play themselves out. Again, its not being disrespectful to Dak, but we have to at least entertain the idea that maybe he has a repeat performance of the second Giants game. Other than a trick play misdirection pass, we didn't even come close to scoring a TD the rest of the game. So what happens if we are playing the Giants and its a repeat performance?

    Start of 4th quarter, score is 17-10 Giants and the offense has punted the last 5 possessions. Spagnola is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Dak, corners coming, linebackers dropping out, linebackers coming, d-line dropping back, man blitzes, zone blitzes, man underneath with zone deep blitzes, slot blitzes, get the point, a rookie QB is seeing every exotic front and blitz imaginable by Spagnola and he is just confused as hell as to what to do, hence we have punted the last 5 possessions.

    Romo is standing on the sideline in uniform with his helmet on and its a one score game with 15 min left in the season. Anybody that says the team should not even consider making a QB change has been passing the blunt back and forth with Gregory.
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    Where has Garrett stated they would be inserting Romo into the game to run certain plays? This isn't college, there is no two quarterback system. Teams don't play that way in the NFL, at least not successful teams. Show me a team with two quarterbacks, and as the saying goes I will show you a team with no quarterback. Sorry there can be only one leader. Unfortunately for Romo, after years of having no one that was competent enough to take his job, someone finally arrived that has done just that. As for those who say Romo didn't lose his job based on competition, that may be true. But I submit to you, if Dak were a failure Romo would have gotten his job back without any issue. I guess Dallas should have kept Weeden and Cassel, that way Dallas would have had losing record when Romo returned, he then could have saved the season. I myself am glad this team is no longer totally Dez and Romo dependent.
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  4. irving

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    You make a very valid point, what if Romo struggles? it seems those wanting Romo re-inserted into the line up, have not accounted for this. Once again this isn't college football, teams have been beating Romo lead teams for years, they are not going to panic if they see Romo, they will just adjust as all good teams do. This is the playoffs, as they say you have to dance with the girl you came with. No time to act like this is Alabama playing Northeast Tech.
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  5. Nirvana

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    Yes I definitely want Romo in the game if Dak is struggling. The nuances of when exactly this point in the game occurs takes too long to detail. I expect Garrett to know when it is time to pull the trigger.
  6. rpntex

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    With all due respect, that first Eagles gam wasn't a "one or done" scenario. You have to put feelings aside in such a situation. Who knows when (or if) you'll find yourself in that situation again?

    One other item relating to that first Eagles game...Romo still wasn't active. I don't think it would have mattered, but it's a thought worth considering.
  7. rpntex

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    What IF Romo struggles? I would think that if he plays, it's because Dak is having a horrendous game. What's the harm in trying something different in a "win or go home" game? If the end result would have been a loss with Dak, then you owe it to yourself to make a change. And I'm not talking about a permanent change, either. I would fully expect Dak to be back out there for the next game.
  8. DFWJC

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    He was for SURE the very LAST reason they lost that game.
    One of the best games ever played by a Dallas QB according to Roger Staubach.
    The problem is that the opponent did not punt the ball one single time.

    After 150 or so games in his career, I'm sure there are 140+ better examples that you could use than the Denver game.
    They lose by maybe 25+ points with almost anyone else that day.

    Anyway. I don't feel like re-hashing this anymore, so we can just agree to disagree.
    Go Cowboys:flagwave:
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  9. Doomsday101

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    I think any move will be based on the feel of the game by the coaching staff. Dallas has trailed in games and Dak has lead the team back so the notion if Dallas falls behind they need to bench him I think is off. If Dak is just completely off target and not making plays maybe they do go to Romo but the last thing this team needs to do is go into some panic mode.
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  10. Joe Realist

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    I can see them putting in Romo if they panic.
  11. haleyrules

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    Simple. Prescott is the here and now and the future. Tony is finished and will never see the field again. Prescott is the starting QB and the club will win or lose with him. This is not about fans sentimental and emotional attachments. Its about the health and future of the Club.
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  12. jimnabby

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    When I see a game where the opponent scores 51 points and yet our team has a chance to win at the end, I know that I think, "Man, our QB sucks."
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  13. zrinkill

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    Did Romo ever get replaced when he was stinking up the joint and throwing 3 or 4 interceptions?


    Then No.
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  14. lukin2006

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    I'm not being sentimental, I'm being realistic, it's nice to sit and think that this franchise with JG will be competitive for the next 10 years like NE, this franchise could also very easily be he next SanFrancisco, had a good run a few years back, or Carolina...As far as I'm concerned they are 13-3 with HFA this year, JG and the coaching staff should be focused on winning now, and if that means Romo has to take over if Prescott struggles so be it, I'm pretty sure Prescott could handle the situation, if he can't then he may have a short lived NFL career.
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  15. irving

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    This team has made a quarterback change, and hopefully no further changes will be made for the foreseeable future.
  16. etw926

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    And yet here you are. :rolleyes:
  17. jimnabby

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    1. Tony's never thrown more than one interception in a postseason game.
    2. Tony never had a backup as good as Tony Romo.
    3. They did replace him in the 44-6 debacle (albeit too late to do anything about it).
    4. The Cowboys with Romo only lost one playoff game by more than one score.
    5. Maybe they should have replaced him with Kitna in that one game vs. MIN (although I doubt it would have mattered with the way our OL got destroyed). Also, Tony was a 4-year starter by the time that game rolled around, not a rookie.

    Yours is an interesting argument that I don't see around here too often: basically, it boils down to saying that the Cowboys' coaching staff hasn't made any wrong decisions in the last decade.
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  18. irving

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    Dallas finally gets a competent quarterback, that's able to play, and fans can't wait to bench him. And Cowboy fans wonder why they get ridiculed. It makes you wish we still had Weeden and Cassel. Then the team would have been out of contention, but at least Romo would be the starter.
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  19. DandyDon52

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    LOL he is only 13-3 so those 3 losses are concerning to some fans.:grin:
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  20. ChldsPlay

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    That is a terrible mentality to take.

    We will win or lose with so and so blah blah. If Garrett is dumb enough to take a loss in the playoffs because of being too stubborn or prideful to make a change when necessary, just to stick with a decision, he should be fired on the spot. They need to do absolutely everything in their power to win these next three games, and they can't be shy about hurting someone's feelings if they have to. That is unfair to the team and likely more damaging long-term.

    Just because you make a decision, it doesn't mean you can't adjust and change when it looks like it won't work out, or that another choice would be best. That's foolishness.
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