It IS a new season BUT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rcaldw, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Those who say it is a new season (the playoffs) are correct. And if we win next week, the whole spirit of this forum will demonstrate that it is a new season. That is the GOOD news.

    The bad news is that this team has already demonstrated what it does with opportunity set before it. For two weeks in a row we have a shot at the NFC East Title. For two weeks in a row we play horribly.

    A new season with a promising team is a good thing. A new season with a team that is in a nose spin is depressing.

    Tony Romo continues to do some nice things with his feet. Continues to complete passes at a high completion percentage. Also continues to float passes, one of which turned into an interception today. And continues to not protect the ball, 2 lost fumbles.

    That is reason for concern.

    I always thought, and still do, that for all the flash that Brett Favre displayed, Aikman was the superior QB. Why? Aikman could make great plays just like Favre, but Aikman didn't turn the ball over in the biggest games (generally speaking, of course.) The result is that if you just waited long enough, Favre would throw the game away.

    Romo needs to get his hero out of his head when it comes to his recklessness.

    I like his playmaking ability, I hate his recklessness.
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    If we win next week. As always the sheep will be out..
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    Unfortunately, teams that limp into the playoffs do not fair well. We've given up 42-28-23 and 39 points. It's not looking good.

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