It is official my Boy is now a Boyscout

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Kangaroo, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Kangaroo

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    He just crossed over tonight from Cubscouts to Boy Scouts from his Arrow of Light Ceremony

    We had 7 of our Boys crossover tonight; great stuff as always

    Hard to believe we started that Journey 5 years ago
  2. Dallas

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    That is good news Roo. It's nice seeing a dad so excited for his son. Right on. I have been thinking about getting my son into scouting.

    Thanks for sharing that.

    Gratz to the boy.
  3. Kangaroo

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    I am proud of all 7 of the boys but I been the Pack Assistant Cub Master for 4.5 years so it is like an extended family in a lot of ways.
  4. WV Cowboy

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    I loved my scouting years, .. I quit just short of becoming a Star. (is that right? .. after 1st class)

    I wish I hadn't quit.

    I could never get my boys interested in scouting. Bummer.
  5. xWraithx

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    I was a cub scout in 3rd grade...

    looking back, I admire all the kids in my group who got together to go out and give food to the needy as, frankly, any one of those kids' families (including mine) could have benefited from receiving but gave instead
  6. bbgun

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    Me too. Washed out 'cause I couldn't climb the rope. Had fun wearing the uni to school, though.
  7. Avaj

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    Congrats to him!!

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