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It Is Possible Ronnell Lewis Is Off Dallas' Board

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    I hope its Brockers; this guy screams disapointment to me. I think he will be only a slightly better Spears.
  2. The Realist

    The Realist Well-Known Member

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    Glad to hear Lewis is off. Irvin will be next.

    Lewis can't spell NFL and I'm not sure Irvin can either.

    Neither will be able to figure out this scheme.

    And we have a history of dumb players having no clue where to line up or what their responsibilities are.
  3. cdewsxzaq

    cdewsxzaq Member

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    Only Exception: Tim Tebow!

    ...although we were never expected to have any interest (thanks be to the divine)
  4. VThokie7

    VThokie7 Well-Known Member

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    You hear that Ogletree? :laugh1:
  5. Hostile

    Hostile Jason Garrett's Loudest Supporter Zone Supporter

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    You're the 2nd person to tell me that Lewis is dumb.
  6. AKATheRake

    AKATheRake Well-Known Member

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    I know Barron got in trouble with the police a little while back for not ratting to the police about someone elses known criminal occurence. He got a misdemeanor for it.

    If they're willing to take a guy off their board due to speeding tickets then this might be enough with Barron. He's still your pick in the first round so it may not be him.

    Any player with absolutely any drug use history won't be touched by this team a la the Quincy Carter transaction.
  7. Wulfman

    Wulfman Unofficial GM

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    Sdogo or Hos, any updates on names you have heard are completely off the board that you can share?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Could be Mike Adams.
  9. BHendri5

    BHendri5 Well-Known Member

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    I am guessing Barron or DeCastro
  10. trickblue

    trickblue Old Testament...

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  11. The Realist

    The Realist Well-Known Member

    3,738 Messages
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    Public knowledge I thought. Akademik probashon twice.

    Stoops basically told him your too stupid for the gravy classes we set you up with. Perhaps you should um.......leave.
  12. Eskimo

    Eskimo Well-Known Member

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    The scary part is Brockers doesn't have Spears' pass rushing pedigree coming out of college. So maybe we should expect even less out of him - Spears put up a couple of 8 sacks years in college and was athletic enough to have been a highly recruited TE at one point in time.

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