It is time to put 2012 behind us

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dragon_mikal, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Real football discussion has been replaced with opinionated bickering, finger pointing and sometimes open hostility.

    It is time to put 2012 behind us. The season is over and instead of continually throwing individuals under the bus let us have a reasonable discussion about what we think needs to be done to help this franchise.

    Let us assume for a moment that Tony Romo and Jason Garrett, the two most polarizing figures being discussed on this board, are going to be back. What do you guys think will help these two win a Super Bowl?

    Realistic discussion here if possible. Jerry Jones is still going to be GM, Jason Garrett is still the HC and Tony Romo is still the quarterback.

    I feel that three things need to happen before we can see true success for the Cowboys.

    1) Jerry Jones needs to put more effort into upgrading the OL instead of doing what he usually does...throw a band aid in it and hope it holds together. I think we will find the running game improved, thus the offense in general.

    2) The team needs to address the lack of a pass rush...a good pash rush has the ability to disguise weaknesses in coverage and help force turnovers.

    3) The Cowboys need to bring in an offensive play caller that will be able to devise a scheme built around the players and not force the players to fit into a scheme.

    Do these three things and the Cowboys can make some noise next year IMHO.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your input.:star:
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    Sorry but everything ur posting in this thread already has its own thread on each specific topic
  3. dragon_mikal

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    Thanks for your contribution.
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    I agree the OL needs to be the primary focus during the draft. Games are decided in the trenches and relying on scrubs or FA players in a makeshift line is a guaranteed failure.

    We need to draft OL in the first few rounds, not in the last round and say we addressed it. FA does not work...the cowboys have proven that already. Draft OL early and often.
  5. bark

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    Agree with all your points... At this time that's the best we can hope for. That and better health.. I might add an upgrade at saftey.
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    Our season is over, but football isn't over. You've got 9 more months of this. If you think it's bad now, wait until people get really bored.
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    A running game plain and simple. Dallas has some talented pass catchers but too many times that I have seen Cowboy games is defences always play nickel D or some other pass oriented formation against them. They don't respect the run at all. You have got to A) have a QB that is a duo threat to scramble for first downs and be a good passer or B) get yourselves a OL that can run block and have a more balanced attack. Murray can be an effective runner if there were some lanes to run through. Schoolyard ball throwing it all over the place is one dimentional football that usually meets with disaster in the post season.
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    :banghead: :bang2:
  10. diehard2294

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    I think most people here realize that is what's needed and I think as fans many of us are concerned these things won't happen. There will be turnover from this current squad team and a lot of holes to fill
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    Have you watched NFL Network or ESPN lately? Its all opinionated bickering, hostility, hyperbole, etc. You expect this board to be above that when the media can't? Heck, have you watched Congress on CSPAN? Its the nature of our culture right now. Depressing, but I'd get used to it....:(
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    in my reply I dont want to seem like im knocking your post im not but hear this...

    1. You remember tyron smith 9th overall pick from USC, I think that the best we can do, I mean you usually get a RT put em there and your pretty much soild. NOW as for guards and a center. I agree we do need to upgrade but do you honestly see us spending our what 17th pick this year on a center? That doesn't make sense. Also a few year ago jerry gave Doug Free a big bag of money. I hated that move but they likes Free, now we see why I never liked him.

    At this point our best bet is to find a guard in the 2nd, its not a wasted pick and it shows we are trying plus plenty of good 1st round talent falls to the 2nd round anyway.

    2. Pass rush seriously you think we don't have a pass rush, yes maybe you didn't see it because everyone was knocked up but our front seven should have consisted of Demarcus Ware, Anothy Spencer, Jay Ratliff, and Sean Lee. Ware and Ratliff need NO Introduction. However THIS is what we have been looking for with Spencer is to step up and he play amazingly well this year. We wouldn't have been in half of the games we were in without him. Sean Lee IS THE FUTURE. He's a playmaker and a LEADER, something we all knew we needed. Most teams have one pass rusher. We will have 3 (ware, Ratliff and Spencer)next year not to mention Bruce Carter and IF we can keep a guy like Sims or Albright to switch things up our "D" ill be scary we just need to be healthy. Talent ain't kill us this year it was injuries.

    3. I totally agree with you on bringing in a Offensive guy to help Garrett, Garrett is a young coach and even tho I hate him at times he's sorta proven his system works, however him being young he should get someone to help him not because of the scheme but because being a 1st time head coach can be tough anywhere especially in big D.
  13. craig71

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    I think a surefire center is what is needed most, another guard wouldn't hurt but I think a true center needs to be found.

    I think the biggest weakness that needs to be addressed is the d-line. Ratliff is toast IMO. Spears and Coleman(FA I believe) are long in the tooth and don't have much left. Hatcher isn't getting any younger himself and I think 2013 is the last year of his contract. Brent made a terrible mistake so I don't think he can be counted upon.

    From what Jerry said, if it is to be believed, I wouldn't expect to see any changes in scheme. He rambled about fundamentals but didn't seem to think that scheme was a problem.

  14. dragon_mikal

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    This is troubling because unless the OL sees serious improvement the current scheme won't be as effective as it should or can be.

    I agree that the DL is the main issue with the defense.
  15. craig71

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    I figure what this team needs this offseason most of all is a homerun from the scouting department. An A-plus draft is really needed come April.

  16. Zordon

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    in order to move forward we must learn from our mistakes in 2012. which means yes, we must discuss last season and all its failures. jeez, it hasn't even been a week since the season ended and you're already tired of the discussion? :confused:
  17. dragon_mikal

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    This thread is dedicated to such discussion.

    Instead of coming in here and acting as though it isn't maybe you can express how this team might improve next season?

    Thanks for your input.

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