It just Feels different this season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Sep 23, 2013.

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    You just brought up something I didn't even realize, but once you said it, it occurred to me that I haven't recalled too many penalties.

    Then I looked it up - we're below the league median in penalties. Us! You folks realize that we've finished in the top 5 of penalties committed in all but two years since the beginning of the Wade era (2007), and even in those two other years, we finished no lower than 8th.

    Do you believe in miracles!?!? Please, please let this be the beginning of a new trend. Of all the misery we've had to endure the past few years, nothing had ground my gears more than the incessant penalties.
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    Nice post. I feel the same way. I was listening to the game on I Heart Radio because it was not being broadcast in my viewing area. So I caught up with Brad Sham and Babe Laughenberg. Both Brad and Babe said that the Rams' front line D was good. They get after the QB, and they can really take out a running game considering they ranked 6th in the league at the time at stopping the run.

    We destroyed both their lines. And the Rams were the last team in the league to have not given up a sack until they came into AT&T Stadium.
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    Its Da Rams Dude! lol JK I like the team too. Im feeling this team. Seems they are a real team for once in ages.
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    I'm noticing a difference, because the O-line has been fixed with some better talent. The D-line has been and continues to churn, so that keeps guys working hard. The position coaches for the line have been the real difference, and that's the brilliance. There's no salary cap on coaches, so spend away!!

    But I do feel a bit cautious, because it's been a 1 win, 1 loss pattern for the longest time. If Dallas beats the Chargers, they might not dip below .500 the entire year. If they lose, it will be easier to go for a 2 game slump against Denver. It's important to get this next win.

    So far, Dallas has won the must win games, and that's a good feeling.
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    It's a long season, and things will flip-flop. That said, this team has been filling in cracks little by little the last few years. Our depth is better, I like our staff better, and we're taking the ball away as well as taking care of it on offense. I'm sure there will be setbacks, but if we can string together a few wins here, and, yes, including DEN at home, I think you're going to start seeing a lot more swagger than we've seen around here in a while. It feels like they want a reason to believe all this hard work and focus is going to pay off. Personally, I expect it's going to happen, and we might be looking at a team that suddenly becomes a dark-horse candidate behind SEA and NO as a possible contender in the NFC.

    Then again, we might just as well go 8-7 and head into week 17 looking to sneak in again. I don't think we're looking at anything less than at least contending for a wildcard spot right now, and that's a nice feeling.
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    i'm loving the way we are causing and recovering turnovers...getting interceptions instead of dropping them.

    stripping the ball ..playing like a team..

    attack attack!!!!

    love the improved o- line play and with waters in there it will really get better.
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    I am sure why "it's happened before" should hold you back from the joy of a sports fan"
  8. waving monkey

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    "play to the talent level of the opposing team" they said that about Landry's team all the time,'back in the day'.
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    It might feel different this year if someone didn't start a "It just feels different this year" thread like every other September.
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    I will withhold judgement until after the Charger game. In the past, this is the type of game that has lost all over it. West coast game, against a decent opponent, we are coming off a big win, the other team is coming off a lost.

    That has been a L for us for the longest time............................we really will see if this year is different come Sunday.
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    2012 2-1
    NYG 24-17
    SEA 7-27
    TB 16-10
    Net point Differential -7

    2013 2-1
    NYG 36-31
    KC 16-17
    STL 31-7
    Net Point Differential +28

    Get a clue.
  12. Cloudy

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    Any thoughts on the team's perfomance? Or would they cut into showing us all how clever you are time.
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    The OL and Defense are both better than I hoped they would be thus far. That's why it "feels" different and probably will be.
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    Great point about last year. I think it started with that win at Cincy. The team came together under extremely unfortunate circumstances and won a tough road game against a playoff team. Then they beat Pitt, battled New Orleans even though were undermanned.
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    Resisting the urge...

    They will not con me into believing things have changed...

    They will not con me into believing things have changed...

    They will not con me into believing things have changed...
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    I think the difference everyone is noticing is this is a properly constructed football roster with a top 5-8 QB playing on a well-coached team with no glaring deficiencies across the roster. That means a complete football team for the first time in a very long time. Every Cowboys team from Gailey on had some horrific positional groups that they had to hide. This isn't the case anymore. Every positional group has enough talent to compete.
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    You're asking me to get a clue? LOL Dude the Cowboys are off to the same 2-1 start as last season and in 2011. Point differential means nothing. If you want to throw point differential into the equation on opening day the Cowboys forced 6 turnovers and got 2 defensive scores and only won by 5 points AT HOME over a Giants team that just got destroyed AT HOME by 38 points vs the Panthers.

    The Panthers even suffered 2 turnovers of their own and still beat the crap out of the Giants worse than any team the Cowboys have beaten the crap out of in several years. The Cowboys +28 point differential is due to ONE lopsided win this past Sunday vs a Rams team they beat even worse 2 years ago.
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    Chargers game will be tough. They've played everybody close so far, while they only have one win they are litterally 2 plays from being 3-0. It'll be a huge win to start out 3-1 with the rest of the division having tough road games against the AFC West. AFC West may be the best division in football this year. Oakland is probably the only bad team in that division.
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    Agreed, but this defense is the best weve had in years..
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    I think it is jumping the gun to think that after only three games into the season. The Rams just didn't show up at all to play, KC is not an offensive powerhouse and Eli and the Giants moved the ball at will against this defense to the point that that it would have been a loss if the Giants RB would have run his route correctly and not caused s turnover. The secondary is about to be tested in the next couple of weeks by QBs that are playing much better than anyone the Cowboys have faced this far. If they shut Rivers and Manning down, they will prove that they are better than years past.

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