It just Feels different this season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I am tempering m enthusiasm just a little longer...I was pretty excited last year around this time and then the wheels eventually fell off...I really don't think that is going to happen this year as there are no current GLARING holes...couple that with the fact that some of our biggest holes from 2012 were on the lines but in 2013, Fred+Leary+Waters has created great depth on our OL and the emergence of the Hayden's and Selvie's on the DL make the trenches a strong point for the team...if/when Rat and Spencer get back, then we are even stronger...progress, that's what I want to see this week, progress...The Denver game is light-years doesn't matter at all until next Monday....just win at San Diego and get better in the process
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    Correction from my previous post the Panthers beat down the Giants in Carolina not NY but they still buried them which is something the Cowboys couldn't do despite 6 takeaways and 2 defensive scores. Qualifying for the playoffs isn't determined by a teams net point differential at the end of the regular season it's determined by their W/L record.
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    We'll see. Best since 09 maybe. It's still early in the season but there's a lot to like. Defense looks real solid. Not perfect yet. But solid overall. If Romo continues to be efficient we should at least win the NFCE easily.
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    See last year had a lot of talent issues still. We basically didn't have safeties that could do anything. DL play was average. Offensive line stunk. Defensive system was all or nothing most games. Then the injuries came in which was the huge problem. Safeties this year look much better. Church looks real solid. Wilcox looks like a talent. Corners are solid. The defensive system is much more of a fit also. Offensive line is miles better even though it's not near where it needs to be yet. Last year winning 8 games was a great year because of the injuries. I honestly didn't expect more than 7 going in with a healthy team last year. Just too many glaring holes in the roster last year. This year there's still a couple. OG isn't really that good. DL is playing well but I'm not sure it'll make it long term. Moving to the 4-3 helps the ends a lot the tackles are still a question mark. I'm not sure about going to the multiple TE sets with no FB on the roster with our guard issues also. But the results of how the DLine has played so far makes those questions moot. And adding a solid center will help the guard play eventually hopefully.
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    Well it doesn't hurt anyone to be excited and hopeful! It's not like we are the ones playing out there being overconfident.

    I am very excited and I definitely see a different team out there. Anything can happen as a season unfolds but I have no doubt we will be in this thing all season. In fact I think we are no where near at our best yet.

    Let's go!
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    There is nothing wrong with having hope that the team has changed after years of underachieving. I just don't let emotional attachment override realty. One win over the Rams have made some fans have unrealistic expectations that have no chance of being met and then they defend these expectations to the point of being silly.
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    I see that the Cowboys have sucked alot of people right back in.......

    There have been some good things going on with this team, however, it's only been three weeks into the season.

    Let's see if people think we have really changed in a couple weeks. Despite being impressed that our oline is playing alot better and the penalties are down, I am not going to get my hopes up as I have in the past. Going to San Diego and then playing the Broncos at home has the potential to bring the whole thing back down to earth.

    How can I think that, you ask? Well, that's been the story for the last two years with this bunch. Hopefully we can continue to improve in the two areas mentioned above. Until we get consistent and string some wins together and keep improving at the times when in years past we haven't, I am not going to get my hopes up.

    To each his own, though. Here's hoping that this year will be different.
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  8. big dog cowboy

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    That is the best part. The main thing is to be more consistent and not lay an egg every now and then lke we did in KC.
  9. CATCH17

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    I'm containing my excitement until we show some consistency.

    If we go to San Diego and drop a game then this year will feel like all of the others for me.
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    I don't know how the rest of the season will play out, but I definitely feel the difference you're talking about. Off the top of my head:

    1) The defense is playing with intensity. It's that intangible thing that you used to always see from Eagles/Giants d-lines. Like every play they wanted to tear somebody's head off and get pressure with only 4 man rush. IMO Marinelli deserves massive credit for this, and it's showing up in the turnovers too.
    2) Less penalties
    3) O-line actually giving Romo time to throw.

    In the past few years, the biggest obstacle to the Cowboys success IMO has been a lack of consistent pressure and a lack of forcing turnovers by the defense. Both those things have swung around this season. If they keep it up, it's going to be a really good year. Romo is good all the time, but if you consistently give him turnovers and a short field, he'll put up a lot of points. Imagine how the KC game would've gone if we were +2 on turnovers instead of -2. And that was in their place against a very good looking team.
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  11. RonSpringsdaman20

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    the difference i see is the activity and youth on defense and special teams. effort.
  12. Idgit

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    The turnovers make a big difference. I think things are continuing in the right direction, too, obviously. The thing about it is, though, it's still the case that 10-12 plays over the course of a year make the difference between playoffs and no playoffs. That's such a delicate balance, it's really easy to upset it over the course of 17 weeks. *I* think the improvement the last three seasons has been obvious all along, but it hasn't translated into the postseason, so, until it does, we can just cross our fingers and watch.
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    #1 - The Team has bought into Garrett's message from day 1. What HASN'T changed about this team is unity and effort.
    #2 - The TALENT is getting better. Plain and simple, better players make for better results.
    #3 - The COORDINATORS and COACHES have gotten better. - HUGE additions with Kifffen and Marinelli and Callahan did a great job last week. Garrett is growing as a head coach.
    #4 - There is a growing CONFIDENCE

    Confidence is HUGE in any sport and for any team. You can have the exact same everything (coaches, players, system, etc.) and a team look entirely different simply because they BELIEVE that they are a good team.

    I like where this team is headed.
  14. Vinnie2u

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    Don't Drink the Jerry-Aid just yet... Lets wait at least to the bye.. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point. The Running game is the key..
  15. JakeCamp12

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    I am interested to see where we stand in penalties by mid-season. I think from the games I have seen this year, we are keeping them in check.

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