It seems TO was not the problem in Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jorgefares, Oct 30, 2012.

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    TO wasn't the problem but whatever.

    Garrett just makes it more and more apparent that this whole mess has been his fault. Including the Wade era.
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    TO was just used as an excuse for every problem the team had. Fans wanted someone other than Romo to point the finger of blame at and TO was the most obvious target. Most Cowboy fans hated TO before he ever came to Dallas because of the star incident years earlier when he was with SF. He was already viewed as a team cancer when he arrived in Dallas in 06 after the trouble he caused in Philly. That made everyone very leery of him.

    In 07 Cowboy fans started taking to him because he was producing and the team was winning. When he was injured later that season a lot of fans used his injury as an excuse for why the Cowboys faded and got knocked off in the playoffs. The following year in 08 after the fold job vs the Steelers in Dec Ed Werder's story came out and naturally fans blamed TO for the teams Dec meltdown.

    Reports came out that he was destroying the locker room. Most felt the Cowboys were having to force him the ball to keep him happy which was true but no receiver in Dallas since Michael Irvin produced like TO. There was never a TO problem in Dallas it was just a figment of everyones imagination who had their eyes closed to the real problem which is Jerry Jones and the jokes he hires as head coach.
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    CHHUUCH! :flagwave:
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    You are correct. He's nothing like Owens.

    Love him or hate him, T.O is a first ballot HOF and has produced #s that rival only Jerry Rice's in the National Football League. Dez hasn't even come close to scratching T.O.'s arse to be even mentioned in the same breath.

    "Team Cancer" or not, T.O. is a top 10 WR who can still produce, but demands the ball too much.
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    he honestly made this team run.

    why did our offense drop so much after he left?

    the man could ball. and jerry handing him a brand new contract, right before cutting him.

    jerry and this pathetically ran organization is the problem
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    they are slowly starting to turn dez into the new scapegoat.
  7. Diogenes

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    Okay, now you're getting a little carried away.
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    TO took the blame...that was easy and he was part of it. The "Real" problem was and still is Jason Garrett. That is a fact (please question the fact part so I can lay it out). I like JG but anyone can see the problem unless you have Blinders on. I hope he figures it out or we get an upgrade.
  9. DejectedFan1996

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    Produce like his days here? No. Be a viable #2 or #3 on most teams? Definitely yes. The guy still runs a 4.45 and routinely got open in Seattle. The reason the cut him was due to his three drops, and because he was gonna be coming off the bench only getting 10 snaps per game. Seattle knew Braylon would be more content with being the #4 WR than T.O. would.

    Don't be surprised if they bring him back now that they are banged up.
  10. Frozen700

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    Translation= Cowboys are Doomed

    Thanks for that informative insight
  11. Stinger_Splash

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    Romo and Garrett are the problems.
  12. Frozen700

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    You forgot Jerry....

    Romo, Garret, and Jerry.....America's Most Wanted
  13. Parche

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    Isnt 2012 already?
  14. KB1122

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    IF by problem we mean 250 catches and like 3,500 yards in 3 years, then yes, he was a problem.

    But a lot of fans would rather have Laurent Robinson's 50 catches and 900+ yards.
  15. KB1122

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    When people say "Deion couldn't tackle" what they're really saying is, "I don't like Deion's personality."

    Same thing with TO.
  16. Diogenes

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    Oh really? I don't like TO's personality and usually I convey that opinion by saying "I don't like TO's personality."
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    Some people will never understand just how much of a PROBLEM T.O. really was to this team, how he split the team and how he was a bad influence on the younger players... GLAD HE IS GONE...
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    Something Ive always been morbidly curious about...

    the assertion that he was public enemy #1 has been stated as if there was obvious concrete evidence that no one could refute.

    Im not oblivious that Im sure there were some words, but how did it escalate to him being the sole reason for implosion?. It always smelled of scapegoat to me.

    The reason the 2008 season went down the tubes was
    -Az blocking a punt in OT, breaking McBriars foot and putting tony romo out 2 games
    - Garrett's picking of Brad Johnson when it was obvious he couldnt even through a 10yd lateral screen in preseason
    - Tony's pick in Pittsburg
    -2 80yd runs by baltimore in the 4th qtr.
    - 44-6 debacle

    I don't see how TO had more than a 5% hand in that sh--show

    i would love for someone in the know to PM and give me some more specifics, but many locker rooms have had disfunctional relationships and still succeeded.

    It seemed to be the beginning of excuses and scapegoating that continues to plaque the team
  19. cannonball44

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    I still got my popcorn, to be honest. :)
  20. DavidAK

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    T.O is the best WR we've had since Irvin. His locker room drama was blown out of proportion by the media and fans. I don't remember Owens throwing antics when we were winning, it was only when we were losing that he whined about not getting the ball, or how he used to say " there were some opportunities for him that we didn't take advantage of". I don't remember anything that bad, nothing that would divide a team and burn it to the ground.

    That was the media over blowing things for ratings and drama, and fans using him a scapegoat for the failures of the team.

    Like they say- "Haters gonna hate"

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