It seems TO was not the problem in Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jorgefares, Oct 30, 2012.

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    The Cowboys went to the playoffs 2 of the 3 seasons TO was in Dallas. The team never won fewer than 9 games when TO was here. I didn't see any problem with the Cowboys in 07 when they went 13-3 winning the NFC East and securing the #! seed. The best team the Cowboys had since their championship teams of the 90's had TO on it. He was a big part of why that team was so good. After the disappointing end to that season expectations were sky high for the Cowboys the following season.

    Everyone expected the team to be on a mission and many were already putting the Cowboys in the SB at the start of training camp. Even cream puff Wade made a joke about going to the SB prior to the 08 season. It was clear the team got fat and happy reading their press clippings and like in 07 they faded in Dec. Everyone put the blame on TO after Ed Werder's story came out following the collapse in Pittsburgh. It was reported TO and Witten got into a fight and both denied it.

    TO called Werder a liar and the entire episode caused a distraction all because of the reputation TO brought to Dallas. He came to the Cowboys a marked man after what happened in Philly but as long as the team was winning everything was fine. Everyone was so disappointed by the Dec swoon in 08 which caused the Cowboys to miss the playoffs that everyone was convinced the problem had to be TO. I'm no TO supporter I never liked him as a person but from everything I saw from him on camera while he was in Dallas he appeared to make a real effort to get along.

    He was very careful what he said in interviews because he knew the press would try and twist his comments. They tried baiting him into saying things and he would have none of it. Love him or hate him the guy produced big with the Cowboys. He put up double digit TD's the 3 seasons he was in Dallas. Michael Irvin only had one double digit TD season in his 12 year HOF career with the Cowboys.

    TO put up yards, catches and TD's. The 07 team may have had the most explosive offense in franchise history for 12 weeks of that season and TO was a big reason why. Even Troy Aikman said none of the Cowboys championship teams of the 90's had as explosive an offense as the 07 team. That was a team that became complacent after beating the 10-1 Packers.

    The Cowboys are a team that's had trouble for several years handling adversity and success. It's all been due to the weak, powerless head coaches the team has had. The Cowboys have had the talent since 07 to win a championship but they've lacked the focus, discipline and the coaching to get it done. None of those issues were due to TO it's all been due to Jerry's hires at head coach. We're seeing the same issues now that we saw when TO was here....nuff said!
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    TO was never the problem in Dallas.....people said "oh he whines too much" no TO had something these cowboys don't have "The will to win" say whatever you want about TO he would get in someone's face and not let this team hang their head just because they were down....TO had that fightback and i just wish he was still on our team age and all...
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    were you in that locker room? the influence he had was always over exaggerated by a media that was heavily invested in seeing drama in that locker room.
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    Bull****. TO was a huge problem in Dallas. As much as people are complaining about Romo not being a leader TO was a huge reason why. TO successfully turned some of the lockerroom against both Romo and Jason Witten and he had numerous teammates calling Witten "the snitch". There is no doubt in my mind that Romo would have grown to be a much better leader if that event never happens. TO undermined Romo's authority in the lockerroom and was a cancer to the team. There is no denying TO's talent but the guy was and will always be a ******. Part of the reason the team let Gurode go early was because he was one of the people who chose TO over our true team leader, Jason Witten. People like Choice, Newman, Gurode, and Roy Williams all had their character diminished because of Owens.
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    The snozberries taste like snozberries.
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    TO was a problem in the locker room, no one ever doubted his talent or that he was the reason for a loss.
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    TO was the problem (becasue he always is)


    "the real bad thing in dallas" is jerry and that has been evident for over a decade
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    Excellent post.
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    Id love to hear what you think the problem actually is. And how if you were Jerry you would fix it.
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    TO is worthless and irrelevant.

    He was a mistake in Dallas. Never should of been here.
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    He was a big reason why the team was 13-3, so I'm not going to hate on him like some of the rest of the cowboys fans. That was one of the best teams we had in years. I only wish he learned to keep his mouth closed because I feel we could have done bigger things with him on the team. With that said, it is 2012 now and beyond time to move on.
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    Has anyone with T.O.'s level of talent ended up being booted by every team he ever played for? By so many? That's the testament to how bad TO was in other areas beside the playing field. The guy's a continuing disaster.
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    Yeah, and Hitler wasn't really the problem in Germany.
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    I agree. TO was his own worst enemy people can point their finger at others but the one common in all of this is no team TO has played for was willing to deal with him for any lenght of time. It is no ones fault but his own.
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    Typical hater comment:rolleyes:
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    TO was run out of multiple cities on a rail. He's the biggest bucket of puke to ever wear the star.

    He is everything I hate about today's athletes wadded up into one miserable excuse for a father, teammate, employee, and crybaby.
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    Hope your 18th post is better than this one.
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    Michael Irvin use to do a lot of the things that helped give TO his reputation as a distraction and a bad locker room influence. Irvin use to rant and rave on the sidelines if he wasn't getting the ball. He use to yell at his teammates during games when the Cowboys weren't playing well to try and pump them up but it was never viewed as a negative with him because the Cowboys were winning. It's when a team is losing that stuff like that becomes an issue.

    Like Irvin TO was a very passionate player who wanted to win but because of some of the things that went down in SF with Jeff Garcia and with McNabb in Philly his attempts at motivating his teammates were viewed as a distraction. TO cared about winning and even cried defending Romo after the playoff loss to the Giants in 07. TO made a huge mistake in 05 with the way he handled things in Philly. It led to an ugly situation that essentially got him fired during the season.

    Philly ended up 6-10 in 05 and TO got blamed for it and was branded a team cancer from that point on. It was only fitting that he would get blamed for the Cowboys missing the playoffs in 08. Some even blamed him for Buffalo's 6-10 season in 09 despite the fact he led the team in receiving. He led all Bills receivers in yards, catches and TD's and accomplished that with 3 QB's that season none of which could play.

    He produced everywhere he went regardless of the QB. Jeff Garcia, Romo and McNabb all had career highs in TD's with TO. Say what you will about him but he was a great receiver and is definitely a first ballot HOF WR. Naturally because of his cancerous reputation and ME attitude he probably won't get in on the first ballot.

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