It seems TO was not the problem in Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jorgefares, Oct 30, 2012.

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    T.O, is that you??
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    You dislike him as a person, understood.
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    For Irvin I think winning took precedence over everything else. Yes, he was vocal about getting the ball, but I think he believed it increased the teams chances of being successful. I don't doubt that TO wanted to win. The difference with him was that it was all about him first and the teams success was just icing on the cake. Oh, and those "tears" TO cried after the playoff loss looked more crocodile than genuine.

    Of course my take, like most everyone elses, is from the outside looking in.
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    The bolded part I totally agree with. I also agree that winning meant more to Irvin than anything else. Even when he didn't have a very productive game he was all smiles if the team won that wasn't always the case with TO.
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    Oh yeah, and there is always the fact that he disrespected THE Star.. You just don't do that, period. Never forgive, never forget.

    Atleast THIS GUY did something about it.


    Course, LOL. what would of been better would be that the Cowboys win that game. :laugh2:
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    The locker room was a complete mess at the end of the 2008 season. A clique had formed around TO against Romo and Witten. There were even insinuations of a racial component to it. Media driven? I don't know, but the whole thing was a mess. Of course, it didn't help that Jerry signed guys like Pac Man Jones and paired him with one of the weakest willed coaches in NFL history.
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    I was disappointed and embarassed that our organization wasn't strong enough to handle that T.O. situation better.

    When we were talking about signing him, I really didn't want him, but I figured if Parcells was OK with him, then I was good with it.

    I thought Parcells was just the guy that could handle it when others could not. I thought he would jerk a knot in T.O.'s butt and set him straight from the get-go, and would tell the media to shove it.

    He did neither. He ignored T.O. like a little baby, and never stood up for T.O. to the media.

    He could have been the one to tell the media to stop blowing things out of proportion and making a big deal out of every little thing. He could have embarassed the media into doing their job which was cover football.

    If he would have just stood up for Owens when they tried to make him look bad, everything would have worked out, .. but he acted like a child in my opinion.

    I was bummed out that we as an organization were not strong enough to be the "one" that could make it work.

    It's a shame took because T.O. was a beast on the field.
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    Hahah . There's nothing like a good TO thread. You know I cherish them. :D

    TO was never a textbook model citizen. Although he never found the police blotter, psychologically he became too much for our feeble personalities to take. I believe better management of that relationship would have equated to positivity all the way around. Some of our players and coaches took the weasel route instead of stepping up to TO (behind closed doors) and squashing the BS. He may have had many drops but he more than made up for it with his overall production numbers. Still a beast in my mind..
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    So you're telling me that guys like Jason Witten and Tony Romo, captains of the team, and guys who have had absolutely no quarrels with any of their teammates in a combined 18 years of playing - were weasels that went behind Owens back and drew up secret plays? ****H.

    Owens performed but he didn't care about the teams goals. The 'thats my quarterback' charade was just for the cameras. He was perfectly fine with the team losing as long as he had a big day. To him it was never about anything else, other than T.O.

    He's a broke, dead beat dad that has been run off of countless teams now, including the Allen Wranglers of the Arena League. And you run around defending him like he's your girlfriend.
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    :laugh2: & the haterade continues to flow as if TO was still a contributing member of the Dallas Cowboys. Do I care to rehash the intensely detailed conversations I had with the haters years ago when he was cut loose? Not really. I have much better things to do with my time. I will check back in though because threads like this make me giggle uncontrollably.
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    You can "HOPE" all you want ... it's not gonna happen.

    I HOPE the Cowboys win a Super Bowl so we can stick it to all those naysayers.

    HOPE never won a championship.
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    I miss the 2007 team so damn much (minus the playoff loss of course). Look at how happy everyone was? I mean we easily had the most prolific offense in Cowboys history that year or at least in the last 15 years.
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    Unlike a lot of other players TO isn't one that could age gracefully because he did cause issues in the locker room. IF he is producing like a #1 then he has a place on teams because his production can help you win. If he isn't producing like a #1 then you're better off getting someone with less talent but who isn't likely to be as big of a negative in the locker room to be your #2.

    If you're asking would I rather have his prime years of TO or Laurent Robinson there's no question. Prime years TO was a dominant WR who could change games. If you're asking about the last year he was here vs what Robinson did for us last year I'd take Robinson because TO isn't worth the hassle unless he's breaking games open fairly often.
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    T.O. ripped the Cowboy locker room in two with racial suspicion. It has taken years for that to heal and that healing is even now only 80% completed.

    T.O. destroyed Garcia's career, sent McNabb into a world of doubt and...still...years as much responsible for Romo being miscast as a "polarizing figure" as Tony's interceptions.

    But T.O's destruction extends beyond his former quarterbacks. He's killed coaches, and blanketed other players (like Jason Witten) with ridiculous distrust.

    There is no other word for T.O. than cancer. The amount of TOxicity with that man is overwhelming. Everywhere he goes...things die. People die. Teams die. Fanbases are fractured in two. Where-ever he goes...things wilt, spirit decays and all manner of humanity's worst elements fester. Most recently he buried an arena football team with chaos and lawsuits and sheer insanity.

    T.O. is as close to pure evil as as anything the Cowboys have witnessed in their history. It was epic foolishness for Jerry to bring him to Dallas. I deeply grieved the day he was signed. And all my worst expectations of the man...were met...and surpassed.
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    Go back in my history and I mocked the TO signing. I thought it was crazy...

    It was the best signing outside of Ware and Witten that the Cowboys have had in quite a while looking back on it.

    My mocking was based on his implosion of the Eagles. Hindsight says TO was probably right in his thoughts, wrong in his actions.

    TO was not the problem.

    Someone who stated that TO took away the Romo/Witten leadership...That makes Romo/Witten weak, it is not a flaw for TO.

    Selfish player ? At times sure. But at this point I do believe that guy wanted to win regardless of his stats, he gave all you could have ever expected out of a player in Philly.

    As far as the dead beat dad thing...that is overblown IMO. I think that it's absurd the amount of money he is expected to pay. No typical person pays that much in child support that is unemployed.

    The racial thing...I don't really recall that as an issue back then. But if that is the case...that was extremely ignorant of him as someone that has always marketed himself. Cowboys fans generally embraced him, even if they had set the timer for the implosion.
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    I blame the police. Holding players like Dez and Tyron from meeting their true potential
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    I'm genuinely surprised to see that a T.O. thread still gets 6 pages around here.

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    he never was and everything he did was over blown by the media

    during his team here he did way more good then bad and was not as problematic as many anticipated

    posters on here who don't need to be named, had a clear agenda against him from the time he was signed and like many tried to make him the scapegoat.

    he was never the source of our problems.

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    :bow: well said. close thread/

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