It Was 9 Years Ago Today

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Yeah, that was encouraging.
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    I'm not that good at the stats and years as I said, so thanks Hos I appreciate the help.
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    It amazes me how people can can even attempt to discredit what he did do.

    A) He did get the franchise back on track. He didn't a superbowl but he also didn't have a QB. If you don't have a QB, you don't really have anything.

    B) Him not winning a playoff game as an argument is just as narrow-minded as it gets considering what happened in Seattle.

    C) Him not starting Romo from the outset of 2006 is really gonna be an arguing point? How can anyone say that with a straight face? Romo was the complete unknown. How could anyone have anticipated he would turn out to be what he was prior to him playing? If you want to bash the guy for being loyal to his former players, likely to a fault, go ahead. He was too loyal to "his guys" but to bash the guy because he didn't start an undrafted player who only made the team because the cokehead QB Dallas had was kicked off the team a few seasons prior to said undrafted player took over..........that's just about as ignorant as it gets.

    D) Knock the guy for missing in 2 of his 4 drafts all you want, he was there for 2 of the better drafts this team has had in years. Throw on top the undrafted players he brought in, the best players on this team are Parcells guys.

    I just don't understand how people can be so insistent with their attempts to piss on the guy. Because he left early? There's a quote where he said you wouldn't even know he was around a year or so after he left. Why does anyone think he said that? He knew damn well the team was going to right back to the way it was before he left. All that stuff people talk about with Garrett regarding team attitude and whatnot were instilled under Parcells and promptly erased under Phillips.
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    They discredit Parcells because he's not here anymore, he's a New York Giant, he left us, we didn't leave him and also it's better to believe the guy running the team had a hand in turning it around than it is to acknowledge we simply had the beat team builder on the planet for four years and now we don't.
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    My gripe with Parcells is two fold. I don't like the way he left, and the end result wasn't anywhere near my expectations. That said, the atmosphere he returned to Dallas is exactly why I have hope today. Getting rid of Lacewell for Ireland, Ciskowski, and some of our other football personnel guys and his hiring keep me hopeful.

    I am more excited about Garrett than I was Parcells. I believe he will have the success we wanted from Bill. But make no mistake about it, Bill paved the way for that success here by showing the importance of details.
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    I was at work and purchased season tickets the next day. Thats how much faith i had in him
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    I hated the move at the time!

    And no that doesn't mean I was happy with Campo!

    I hated it for these reasons:
    1. Thought he was extremely overrated!
    3. Just an arrogant SOB

    I am not going to lie, but after that first season, I warmed up to him. Granted it was easier to get a player in the draft with having your first round picks, and since we sucked at the time they were usually in the top 5-20 range. Heck even Jerry and Campo hit on Roy Williams in 02! He was a stud for about 5 years.

    My single biggest gripe during his tenure is that we swallowed our Cowboy pride by putting a Giant at the helm, is that we didn't groom anyone under him! I was screaming to not let Payton walk away, since Bill already looked so tired! That single handedly was the biggest mistake that washed away what Bill did here. I am not going to sit here and say that it was a total waste, but the results weren't near what most people were expecting!

    I think Payton is Jimmy Johnson 2.0 in this day and age of the NFL! Brash, confident, gambler and has an eye for talent. Wanted Romo and went after Brees!
  8. BraveHeartFan

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    And the fact that the team isn't going 5-11 year in and year out. But lets not give BP enough credit I suppose.

    Betting against the team you root for is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

    Even when Dallas was 5-11 bad, year after year after year I wouldn't beat against them or root for them to lose.

    I agree he turned us around. Good point there.

    And nope he's definately no Phil Jackson. Of course there aren't many coaches who have 10 championship rings as a coach so it's hard to say anyone is the NFL version of Jackson.

    Also I'm not sure here but that is an actual dig at Jackson? Are you saying the Bulls and Lakers were winning championships and actually contending for anything before Jackson arrived?
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    As for the original topic of the thread....I don't recall where I was when it was announced by I do know I was thrilled to have Bill hired here. I was right there with you Hos believing that Bill was exactly what we needed to turn it around and to eventually win more championships.
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    I remember being really excited about it too because I saw what he did with the Jets and Patriots when they were horrible and I thought we were at a better starting point than both of those teams. I wish Parcells could have stayed 2-3 more years or retired a year earlier so that we could have hired Sean Payton before he left for New Orleans. Him leaving when he did put us in a bad position of having to hire a retread and watch the team gradually decline.

    In hindsight I'm sure Jerry wishes he had just hired Garrett as Head coach in 2007 and we most likely would be way ahead of where we are now. Had Jerry done this I don't think we would have so quickly lost the culture that Bill Parcells tried to teach this team.
  11. SA_Gunslinger

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    Not true.....he turned a 5-11 team into a playoff team. And that took a SIGNIFICANT roster change, and change in philosophy. Those Campo teams were very very very bad. (although, again, mostly Jerry's fault for incredibly stupid personnel moves). By the time Parcells left, this team finally had some talent to work with. That's what I meant. As of right can not say we have a talented roster. (despite what the media feeds you)

  12. nake

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    I still remember the first couple of years Parcells was here he cut more players than he had to, then filled out the roster with players other teams had cut.
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    I remember people *****ing that he had boobs, but how many coaches do you know would get an old retired guy like Jim Burt to see how upset his former coach was and show up on our sidelines to cheer on the team.

    The franchise started to slide again after Parcells left
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    Here's my answers to this bull****:

    A) How did he get us back on track? As I said we had horrible Decembers, missed the playoffs two of his four years, didn't win a playoff game and didn't win a division title. What exactly says 'back on track' with that resume.

    B)Speaking of narrow-minded you do realize we had a great advantage going into that game because the Seahawks had a banged up secondary and we refuse to ever go downfield that game. That game shouldn't have come down to a botched field goal. It did and even if we convert it still doesn't guarantee a win as there was over a minute to go in the game. Again speaking of Narrow-minded.

    C) H waited way too long to realize that Romo needed to start. He let the embarrassing games against the Eagles and half way through the Giants game to realize that Bledsoe had zero mobility. Everyone(except you) from the announcers to the fans could see a change needed to be made.

    D)Does 2 of those better drafts include when he wanted to pass on Demarcus Ware? or the one where he drafted Julius Jones over Steven Jackson.
  15. mldardy

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    Please it slid while he was here.
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    +1 :laugh2:
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    Excellent Thread.

    Looking back Jerry "Coach" Jones should have taken the Cow by the horns instead of trying to milk the Tuna.
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    I was going to respond to this but then I read:

    And now I realize there is nothing that anyone can ever say to change your mind. You're totally set in your belief and it just isn't worth anyone's time to try to discuss it with you.
  19. mldardy

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    LOL you were going to respond. You had nothing regardless because I completely shot down everything you posted A to D. Please.

    One 10 win season, two 9-7 seasons and a 6-10. That was definitely what Jerry had in mind when he hired him. Yeah it didn't slide at all. :rolleyes:
  20. Hoofbite

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    You sure did. You're the man.

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