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    Our local high school team won the Double A State Championship last Friday night, and it was a classic in many ways.

    The weather made it a classic, as they played in a snowstorm which resembled a freezing snow globe. It snowed continually for 3 solid hours.

    Both teams are high school gridiron royalty in our state, and it was a rematch of the 2000 Double A State Championship game, which we won 14-7.

    Since then our school had moved up to AAA until they dropped back down to AA last year, and while making it to the semi-finals a few times, we had not been back to the Championship game since 2001, .. which we lost.

    Since we moved back to Double A, everyone has been anticipating the chance that we would see this matchup.

    Our school has the WV State record for consecutive playoff appearances at 21.

    We also hold the WV State record for 47 consecutive non-losing seasnons. (think about that for a high school program)

    The team what we beat had tied the WV State record for consecutive wins at 36. They were also the two-time defending Double A State Champions.

    All they needed was this one win and they would have broken the record for consecutive games won at 37 and would have become State Champs for the third year in a row.

    All of that made the build-up to this game awesome, but like I said the weather made that great matchup a classic.

    They played in weather just like the Eagles / Lions game on Sunday.

    Their impressive passing game was grounded and our Stick I / pistol ground game was limited because our 2,000 yd rushing back and our 1,200 yd rushing QB were impacted because of the terrible footing.

    They went up 7-0, .. we scored to make it 7-6, but missed the PAT kick because of the elements. They scored and missed their PAT kick because of the elements. So with the score 13-6, we scored and went for 2 just before halftime. We made the 2-pt conversion and went up 14-13 at the half.

    As the conditions worsened throughout the second half, neither team could score. We punted and downed the ball inside their 10 with about 4:00 left. They drove down inside our 30 but were sacked on 2nd down as the clock almost expired. They were able to get back to the line of scrimmage and clock the ball with .2 tenths of a second left.

    Their great QB scrambled around and launched one into the EZ from the 32 yd line. Our star player and their star RB both went up for the ball, but our kid was able to tip it away.

    So for many reasons, it was a classic game, and a classic win.

    I have coached many of our players throughout youth baseball, and have been our PA announcer at home football games for 20 years, .. so this win was really personal and a special thing for me to watch.

    Anyone that likes old time traditional football would have loved this game.
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    Congrats on the win!!
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    Thanks, .. I know it was just high school football, and in the big scheme of things it is no big deal.

    But with both the Cowboys and the Mountaineers sucking in football, .. it is all I've got.

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    This pic shows just how close the game was and how the game could have gone the other way.
    This pic was taken in the EZ, after the clock had run out, .. with their guy in black and ours in white.

    What a great finish!


    The player for us knocking it down is a Sr., and his little brother is a Soph., and he is the other player in the pic.

    Pretty neat pic for their family.
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    Hey high school football is fun. Those kids give everything. Sounds great.
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    Good win Cowboy, as long as Ravenswood doesn't win the AA title I'm always happy!!
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    High school football is outstanding.

    Kids just playing because they absolutely love to play football. Those kids aren't thinking about money, or shoe deals, or any of that crap. Well the vast majority of them anyway. They're just giving you everything they have for the love of football. It's football in it's purest form, as far as I'm concerned.
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    This is exactly true in our community. Our kids are good and very competitive in all sports, .. but football is "King" in our town.
    These kids begin preparing for High School in flag and youth football. They run the same offense growing up that they will run in High School.
    Then as freshman they begin with the teams weight program.

    But we are a small school in a small state, so very few of our kids every play at the next level. Some may play at a local college, but very very few ever play D-1. (we have a freshman this year that probably will, .. first freshman to play varsity football at our school in probably 50 years. Freshman always play freshman football, .. to make the jump a gradual one from middle school to varsity. But this kid is special)

    We have a very strong and impressive tradition going here, .. but like you say, the kids play because they love it.
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    Fantastic write up. Love stuff like this at the high school level. There's a movie in here, somewhere :)
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    Thanks, .. I was pretty fired up after the win and stuff, but was hesitant to start a thread about it, not knowing if anyone else could relate.

    But it seems several people here can relate, and must enjoy high school football themselves.

    Friday nights clear across America , from one corner to the other, are filled with just what I have described here.

    High school football is a great American tradition.
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    Congrats playing for the love of the game is a great thing

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