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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by iceberg, Oct 7, 2013.

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    where do we even start on this one? many fans wrote us off saying there's simply no way we could stop manning. well, to a point, they were right. we couldn't. but the surprise of the night came in romo. perhaps a glimpse of t. williams and where this kid could be headed. beasley? well other than getting tired of hearing how "nothing gets to him" he came to play. could we have beaten denver?


    but no, we couldn't stop manning and that's what is so disappointing. however, we are doing an overhaul of our defense. we *are* getting turnovers. (props to mo for a fumble recovery and handing manning his 1st int in quite awhile) when we did get some form of a rush going in, moreno just sat behind our DL and more wide open than a man with bad gas in a movie theater. when we weren't just letting them run all over the field, we gave up 5 first downs on penalties.

    denver only gave up 1. they also had 9 rushing 1st downs to our 3. speaking of rushing, i'm all for it. i'm just not sure why we only seem to get a yard or two, forcing the need for the pass. we know murray can run, he's done it before and very well. but at times our run game can be a comedy of errors (like many things i suppose) where murray runs into one of our own OL and falls backwards in an awkward motion.

    our running game is about as effective as my social life and scores about as much.

    so i went into this game wondering where i'd find myself by halftime. GTA5, or still in this. it was disappointing to give up the lead so quickly but i can't say unexpected. manning is just manning and the tampa 2 D is something he's practiced against for a bulk of his career. but in answer to my own question - on the edge of my seat. i couldn't sit back and relax, i couldn't kick my feet up and chill, i was IN THIS man. this is the type of game that doesn't come along very often and we were going toe to toe with someone who many said was just gonna wipe us away.

    over 1000 yards combined offense. 99 points total scoring. if romo doesn't run into some bad luck and make the int, there's a good chance he'd have broken the single game passing record of 554 back in '51 by norm van brocklin. it would have been close but it was within reach.

    games like this is why i look to the NFL these days. yes the loss hurts, yes there's plenty of blame to go around and yes, it's frustrating and hard on my tattered stuffed animal collection i use to take out my aggression while keeping the ability to say "no animals were hurt during the venting from this game".

    my stance on romo is we're lucky to have him but our defense has let us down more than romo has. it really seems as soon as we get a lead our defense just gets torqued off and hands it right back, however giving romo a few seconds to do the impossible and we blame the last man standing, not the people who put him in a no-win situation cause they're a turnstyle defense.

    so i guess i could cover my bases with a dickens quote in that "it was the best of games, it was the worst of games" but i always considered that a cop out for the most part. make up your mind dude! wining this game would have been a fairy tale ending to be sure. losing it thickens up the fans skin and they moan and groan we'll never be great again, wrapping themselves up in negativity and putting up "jones must go" billboards and websites.

    these days i've taken a lot of the emotion out and just watch it for entertainment value. i want us to win as much as the next person but my life isn't wrapped around the cowboys. just my sunday afternoon. even if we won i'd still have my day to day problems to resolve, and my own life to live. better memories would be cool from a victory, but i watched an incredible game yesterday that kept me on the edge of my seat and gave me a ton of memories to help pad the pain of losing. it's not as if i need a whole lot of padding for that anymore.

    why we can go toe to toe with denver and fall on our face in san diego, well that's troubling also. that only means i have no idea how we'll do against washington this week as our own defense loves to give up passing yards like halloween candy. with this being october, i shudder. but it is a new system and will take the right players to come along and losing some who just can't do this along the way. only 5 games in isn't a fair assessment (unless you just want it to be) so i'll keep watching, waiting, and putting in a little bit of hope along the way.
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  2. Boyzmamacita

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    Great post. About sums up what we saw yesterday.
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    The division is ours to lose. I am very optimistic. We still have 5 games versus the NFC East we could easily win 3 of them, a winnable game versus Oakland, we have the Saints, Vikings, Bears and Lions whom I think we can beat perhaps 2 out of those 4. That's 6 more wins. 8-8 takes the division. In fact for me every game in winnable except New Orleans, but still I like our playoff chances.

    At least for our final two games (at Washington) vs. Philadelphia, we will be very aware of what e need out of those two games which are not very difficult games, so I like this season.
  4. BAT

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    More eloquent and much more entertaining that I could have put it. Thanks for summarizing what I have been trying (albeit less adroitly) to say in a million other threads. Ice, Ice, Baby!! :D
  5. McLovin

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    Well at least you had a glow last night..congrats! ;)

    Nice post
  6. Zman5

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    Next 3 games will tell us alot about what this team will do this year
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    Well said indeed Sir.
  8. dstovall5

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    Fixed it for you, you can't fool us! :D

    Great post btw.
  9. landroverking

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    I t
    I think we still go 10-6.
  10. iceberg

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    yea, it used to be like the olympics. thank god they moved that to every 2 years. :)
  11. bkight13

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    I would love to win the division, but a trip to Lambeau or Qwest Field would be brutal. They have to try to set the bar higher than 8-8.
  12. Doomsday

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    We have been looking for a stepping stone game for a while now. This seems like it could be one of those type games. I just hope they keep their foot on the peddle offensively as no lead will ever be safe with this defense.
  13. DWhite Fan

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    Great post!
    I see the Cowboys winning all their remaining division games (5), most certainly can win at least 3 (if not all 4) of the Bears, Vikings,Lions, and Oakland games...that would give Dallas an 8-3 mark for the rest of the season. 10-6 wins the division and would host a wildcard team. Like the saying goes, it doesn't matter how you get to the dance, just that you get there...
  14. Venger

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    Isn't it always? And we always find a way to come through and do just that.
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    If we can get the same type of production out of the offense similar to yesterday, and at least 2 TO's we might be tough to beat.

    Just throw it baby. Try to out score everybody, from the start. Fast. Downfield. Attack.
  16. TheXFactor

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    :DThat's absolutely classic
  17. iceberg

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    hey, i had to have fun writing it. :)
  18. dupree89

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    Arent stepping stone games, or games that turn a season around ..usually a win?

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