It was tough but I watched the game again...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Connection20, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Finally got around to it this morning. Here are some thoughts

    -We turned the ball over 5 times, our oline played about as poorly as possible, our safeties gave up big play after big play, until that last pass interference penalty at the end, the eagles had only one penalty, and yet we were there at the end. That says something, I still believe this is a very good team. If you put up the stats to that game and didnt watch it, there is no way you woudlnt believe we got blown out.

    -Im hoping Watkins just had a bad game and this wont be the norm for him, luckily most of the problems I saw were technique things, not physical limitations, so there is hope.

    -Roy was Roy...hes pretty good in man coverage but he is/was/probably always will be terrible at taking the proper angles in zone, not sure why that is.

    -JJ might have had the most meaningless 100 yard game in the history of the NFL. I dont understand it, the whole game I was screaming to run the ball more and quit getting so damn cute, then I look at the stats and we ran 38 times. Very similiar to the Texas, Ohio State game.

    -Bledsoe....the man is a statue, and he crumbles under pressure. Those is the only knocks I have on him. Thats it. Yes, he makes poor decisions, guess what, they all do. All NFL players...yes thats ALLLLLLLLL NFL players make poor decisions during the course of the game. The thing with Bledsoe is, yes, he takes sacks, and yes, his arm got hit multiple times, and yes he crumbles under the pass rush, but every bit of that is a product of his own actions, or non-actions as the case may be. I counted no less than 10 times where just a little slight movement in one direction would have changed the pass rushers angle and helped a beaten o-lineman regain the advantage. I see other QBs do this all the time. If he could learn that simple little move, it would solve 90% of his problem.

    -Lastly, Romo. We know what we get with Bledsoe. Yeah, we might go 10-6 or even 11-5 and we might make the playoffs under Bledsoe but as soon as we face a battle tested playoff caliber defense we are going to lose. There is no such thing as a "nice season" in the NFL, you either win the Super Bowl or you dont. So, it really comes down to the question "Are you willing to sacrifice this season to find out what we have in Romo, and if we need to draft a QB in the draft next year." I do not believe for a second that Bledsoe is gonna lead us to the Super Bowl, anything short of that is a waste of time, so I say its time to look at the kid. Take in this scenario.

    *We go 10-6 this year, get a wild card and lose in the divisional round.
    *Bledsoe is released and Romo named the starter.
    *Romo has a decent season but shows by the end of the season he isnt the answer
    *Now we have to draft a QB in the draft that we could have gotten the year before had we already known Romo wasnt the answer. The reason we didnt already know was because we wanted to have a 10-6 season? Makes no sense to me
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    "Take in this scenario" That is your scenario but it does not mean that is how this will go. Parcells is not going to bench Bledsoe and turn this into a training camp for Romo. What makes no sense is to think your scenario is the only one out there. Drew has gotten a team to the SB and he can get this one to the SB as well with help from others on this team, he is not going to do it by himself then again I have never seen a QB do it alone.
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    I dont remember saying anywhere in my post that my scenario is the only one out there. It was merely an example of what could happen. Hell, its not even what I think it will happen. But thanks for putting words in my mouth
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    I really like Romo. I'd love to see him play Houston if the team could ignore the media frenzy over it. Bledsoe could then take over against New York or if Romo blows it, but it would let us see what we have.
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    I'd rather watch a "Maude" marathon.
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    Did anyone other than me think that Witten was hit in the end zone by the LB on the last int? That was 7 yards off the ball (past the 5 yard limit) and should have been pass interference. It looked a lot worse than the offensive interference call against Witten in the Jax game.
  8. JohnsKey19

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    I agree we should've run more. But in no way were JJ's 100 yds "meaningless". In fact, if JJ doesn't run the ball as effectively as he did, Philly wins by 4 TDs easily.
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    JJ's yards were not MEANINGLESS. He's the only offensive player that consistently contributed in us being able to SUSTAIN drives down the field.

    We definitely COULD have run more.
    It certainly would have helped if we hadn't gone thru several drives in the 2nd half where we DIDN'T RUN AT ALL.

    I just can't get over the fact that we were MOVING THE BALL and sustaining drives by running in the first half... then, in the 2nd half, we seemed to think we were WAY behind and needed to PASS PASS PASS on nearly every play.

    I think someone did too much analyzing and thought "oh we need to pass more in the 2nd half so our run to pass ratio evens out for the game".
    If the defense is going to give up the run and is killing your passing game... what should you do? Worry about being "balanced" or RUN THE BALL until they prove they can stop you?
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    But Julius Jones also has to block in pass protection. When he doesn't do what he is supposed to do, bad things happen.
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    Not sure I agree with your percentages but it is this issue about Bledsoe that is driving me crazy. He seems to find a way to maximize the effectiveness of whatever level of pressure the other team can muster.

    He seems to be right in the middle of a ball pat, or a side-step when the passing lane opens. By the time he sets his feet or cocks his arm the lane has closed.

    I need to watch the game again to verify but it seems like if the O-line gives Bledsoe 3 seconds to throw that he wastes 2/3 of that with some sort of herky-jerky movement (hands and/or feet) that renders him unable to throw. And then when he wants to throw, the window has closed. It may open again a second later but again Bledsoe is in mid-herky jerky action.

    I don't ever remember watching a QB who seems so ill-prepared to deliver the ball when the opportunity arises. That perception is also fueled by the fact that he seems to always throw off his back foot and rarely step into his throws.

    Yeah, the O-line needs to protect but I think Bledsoe has a way this year (I don't remember it as much early last year) of taking reasonable protection and making it look horrible which then "lets him off the hook". :banghead:
  12. chinch

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    you're a glutton for punishment to rewatch that game! OUCH!

    agreed all around with the points you made.

  13. Bleu Star

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    Good thoughts. Thanks for the read.

    I agree. This team made many mistakes and were still right in there. I can't be as forgiving of what I continue to see from Bledslug though.

    Ok. Here's my thought about this. The guy is a 14 year vet. He should have already learned how to shift in the pocket to buy time. He processes reads slower than molasses and is a virtual "thinker" statue in the pocket. On top of that he doesn't know how to do what vets do and get out of the pocket to toss it out of bounds if nothing is there. 10 yard sack after sack is completely unacceptable. The guy looks like a scared rook when the pressure hits him.

    I don't see us going any higher than 9-7, getting a WC, and losing badly in the first round thanks to our inability to come through under pressure which originates from our current QB position.

    Starting Romo now makes perfect sense. As an organization the question of whether or not a QB needs to be drafted extremely high is answered this year. I would really hate to go into yet another draft not quite knowing what we have in Romo.

    The unknown about a QB that has shown a great attitude and the ability to motivate those around him is what excites me about Romo. (not to mention the fact he moves the ball downfield swiftly)
  14. 2much2soon

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    Bledsoe is the guy who looks like a shell-shocked rookie and needs another training camp to get ready.
    Drew can only get this team to a Super Bowl if everything goes perfect - the line never misses another block in pass protection, receivers run perfect routes every time and never drop a pass.
    Thats not gonna happen.
    SB winning QBs have to be able to handle varying degrees of adversity. I just don't think Drew can do that.
    He's a tough guy and puts on a good face, but he always seems to make critical errors at just the wrong times.
  15. chinch

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    sad but true.

    if we jumped out to a 14-pt lead in EVERY game, never had a turnover and ran MB3/JJ to death Bledsoe could reach the playoffs and even win the superbowl. but if it relies on him making plays and SMART DECISIONS we're cooked :(
  16. TEK2000

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    He does have a tendency to make much smarter decisions when he's not under heavy duress for much of the game.
  17. Beast_from_East

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    That is the problem with Bledslow, he has to have a clean pocket to make good throws. When you play blitz happy teams like the Eagles, you are going to be pressure the whole game.

    If we get to the playoffs, we are not going to be playing the titans and having 8 seconds in the pocket to look over the entire field. We are going to be playing teams like Eagles, Panthers, Bears, ect...

    Bledslow will be pressured the whole game and so far he has folded like a cheap suit when that happens. I dont see Bledslow getting any better after 14 yrs, so I have to vote to play Romo right now.:)
  18. InmanRoshi

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    The three big plays given up by our safeties, which gave the Eagles 21 points, changed the entire complexion of the game. With that time of possession, that number of first downs and that rushing attack, if we had even marginal safety play, specifically from free safety, we could (should) have been up by 2 TD's in the 4th quarter and shoving it right down their throat to wind down the clock. Instead we were in a track meet, which is exactly what Jim Johnson and Andy Reid wanted. That's their game. Our team is a team designed to win 21-16, not 34-31. Getting into a wild and crazy shoot-out with the NFL's best offense in their backyard, in what is essentially their Superbowl, is a losing proposition {no matter who the QB is). Anyone want to tell me one more time that we didn't even need to look at Dwight Smith?
  19. Bob Sacamano

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    :rolleyes: the Saints are doing fine w/o him
  20. InmanRoshi

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    Well, the success of the Saints certainly helps ease the sting of our free safety getting burned for 3 TD's in a game, except not really.

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