It's gotta be coaching, can't figure it out otherwise.....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, Jan 1, 2007.

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    Every which way I look at it, the talent on this team just can't be worse than teams like New Orleans and Detroit. Why? Well both those teams beat us with multiple castoffs from our old teams.

    The difference. Those teams play to their player's strength while our team seems to try and fit square pegs into round holes all over the place. Our players attitudes and play reflect this. Our team lacks leadership on the field and on the sidelines. Parcells isn't motivating during games and he or Zimmer aren't teaching well enough prior. Not sure which one it is, but the stubborness is gonna cost us another season.

    How is it that Terrance Copper, Fujita, Shanle etc can thrive elsewhere and be bubble player dime a dozen guys in Dallas. How come Steven Petterman and the other 6 Detroit Oline guys that replaced their starters can beat our defense other than DWare so easily.

    How is it that our team can not effectively conceal blitzes or be creative in their design. Executiong and implementation is a whole other matter.

    I'm not sure if it is Parcells or Zimmer, but our defense was suppossed to be top 5 this year. We have tons of high round draft talent and lots of big money free agents.

    And don't blame the downfall on the loss of one guy like Ellis. We did that last year with Flo on offense and that was BS then and it would be BS to say that this year. Are you telling me that the most important player and leader on our defense is a guy that didn't want to play here and that completely switched a defensive position at age 30. Yeah we like him and he works hard and is effective on field, but he's not the key.

    Other teams have had 10 times the injury trouble we have faced this year and they adjust. We don't, can't, or won't.

    I was so excited about 3-4 because I thought it would be an aggressive turnover machine of a defense. Nope, we get the vanilla version. Why bother? I'm limited in my X and O knowledge but I've never seen a decent 3-4 defense that didn't attack. We don't have the right coach for our D, and now I'm not sure our headcoach has it anymore either.

    The biggest downfall of this team has been in not retaining or getting strong assistant coaches IMHO. I like Parcells but this control freak thing and not playing to strength of players seems to have caught up to our team once again. I refuse to believe the talent isn't there. Yes we lack leadership and are a bit soft and not consistently confident but the talent is there. The coaching isn't bringing it out.


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