It's not just the NFC East that is terrible

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fanfromvirginia, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Yes, the NFC East is terrible but, thus far at least, it's not just the East that is terrible. It's the entire NFC. Overall, NFC teams are 20-28 (.417). Eleven out of 16 teams have losing records. Three of the four divisions have only one team with a winning record. Six NFC teams have net point differentials of -23 and lower. There are only two in the AFC.
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    NFC looks to be a sloppy conference but the East is definitely leading the charge with Washington and New York being as ugly as it gets. Eli might have 30 interceptions this year.

    The East has 3 wins. Each other division has a team with 3 wins. The North and West have 6 wins, the South has 5. Definitely a good year to be in the East provided you play smart ball and take advantage of the garbage the other teams have shown so far.
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    Before the season started, I would have put easy money on the idea that the NFC was the powerhouse conference.

    That being said we're seeing some slumpage from prominent teams. It's still extremely early though and outside of Denver I wouldn't say they have any great teams.
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    That's part of what's so great about the NFL. It's a completely different league every year. It's hard to predict what team will be great or terrible.
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    I still think the NFC is way ahead of the AFC at this point.

    Denver is probably the best team in the league, but after that I'm going Seattle, Chicago, GB (yes, I know), and the Saints before another AFC team. Maybe Miami sneaks in there but I'm not completely sold on them yet.
  6. dexternjack

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    The AFC is 14-5 against the NFC so far. Things should balance out.
  7. links18

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    Why would they necessarily "balance out"?
  8. dexternjack

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    Because I believe the NFC is better overall. They should balance out once the better teams get things going. Of course, it might not, IDK.
  9. fanfromvirginia

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    It could be that the NFC is generally better at the top but worse otherwise, as appears to be the case after a limited number of games.

    I don't expect the percentage to remain so lopsided.
  10. Staubacher

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    NE will get better and better and they are 3-0
  11. Future

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    Possibly, but the reality is that they struggled against the Bills and the Jets, who are both terrible and handled the Bucs who have a completely anemic offense. They have the potential to be very good, especially if Gronk gets healthy, but they certainly aren't anywhere close to top 5 yet.

    Their upcoming game against ATL will be pretty telling I think.
  12. CATCH17

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    A lot of these teams, like the Falcons, remind me of the 06, 07, and 08 Cowboys.

    They show promise, then they have an excellent season, and then they just kinda buy into their own hype and underachieve.

    I hope we're past that and I hope they are still trying to figure out how to stay consistent.
  13. USMarineVet

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    A lot of it has to do with scheduling. It's quite possible that some of the more prominent AFC teams played some of the lesser NFC teams to start off the season. I suspect by season's end it will be more evenly balanced.
  14. Sarge

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    I don't know what conference is better but I'd sure like to know who is going to beat Peyton and the Broncos.
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